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Why do these jokers have to raise their fanny up in the air to receive serve?

Posted by tennisplanet on August 18, 2007

Why don’t they follow what Sam Querrey does? He just stands straight.

What are you achieving by bending over? Nadal, you don’t have to answer that. We know you have to ventilate the area for your unique issues, but what are you other clowns thinking? What is the rationale? Just because your forefathers jumped off the cliff, doesn’t mean…….. You eventually have to stand straight anyway.

And ladies, you know what we men, also called pigs, are thinking when you are bent over, don’t you? I just envy the tennis fans fifty years from now. They will have nothing else left to imagine.

For freaks not in the know how, ladies used to wear their whole evening dress to play tennis in the pre-historic days. With the speed,with which the clothes are flying off these ladies, it is not very far when women’s volleyball will not be the most attended sport in the world.

Just freaking stand at the baseline to receive serve and save your back. Ladies, you are doing fine. You don’t need to change anything, or maybe you do, but in another direction.

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