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Will Federer eventually marry Mirka?

Posted by tennisplanet on August 1, 2007

Does he even have a choice?

If he doesn’t, he will shatter his image not only among the fans, but will also take a hit with the sponsors. Mirka will receive a huge pool of sympathy vote from fans world wide.

You think he knows that? Are you freaking kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then why is he not taking the next step? After all, it is now eight years of friendship. It is not going to interfere with his game or anything.

I can understand, how having a child may throw a wrench, unless you are Davenport. But just the marriage? Specially when you have been shacking up for eight freaking years?

So there has to be some other reason to delay it? Or is it?

Could it be that he has already made the decision, that he is not going to marry her at all? But he cannot declare that for obvious reasons. Besides, where will you find such a dedicated and personal assistant, to perform all the administrative and ‘other’ functions, anywhere in the world on the hectic ATP tour?

Can you even imagine Canas’s new girl friend doing that?

Or he has decided never to marry at all? Looking around what has happened to other tennis players, old and new, it might not be a bad decision, after all.

Cannot think of any other reason not to marry, and still have the girl hanging around for eight freaking years.

So it boils down to two reasons:

-He has decided not to marry her, but his reputation and stature is on the line, if he announces that. And so he has to play the game, until he finds the opportune time to part without too much damage. OR

-He is never going to marry and is bent on following that saying ‘Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free or something like that’.

Is there any other reason?

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