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Will muscular Nadal’s rise ‘masculinise’ tennis?

Posted by tennisplanet on August 21, 2008

And will that ‘masculinisation’ attract more men to the sport?

With the ‘sissy’ label engraved so deep and for so long, Nadal will need help from more such clowns to upgrade the image high enough for some real men to even see it.

As Djokovic said in his interview @ Jay Leno “Tennis is a girly sport”, it stops many men to even consider the sport for the very same reason. Add the lousy pay grade, the constant travelling, pathetic media coverage in the big cat countries and it doesn’t even seem worth the trouble.

But if tough macho guys start to rule the sport consistently, it will definitely get the attention of the big mean and nasty boys, just like Isner and Querrey were after watching Karlovic.

Wouldn’t that be fun, instead of watching players like Federer with a left hand that looks like a toothpick, or weaklings like Davydenko, Ferrer and Rochus?

If you are a professional athlete, you first should be a physical specimen and then learn to adapt it to the sport of your choice, instead of using your laziness as an excuse for not working out. Any sport where a 5’6″ 150lb clown can even hit the top 100 rank is for the wimps. Nadal is proof now, that it’s not a disadvantage to have a muscular frame, for a tennis player.

If you look around, most tennis players today are far more muscular than their counterparts of past years. Every freaking joker now has a six pack. Can you even imagine any muscle on McEnroe, Borg, Connors or even Sampras and Agassi?

Maybe the next crop will be bigger and with lot more muscle mass than Djokovic etc. Djokovic works out just as much as Nadal. It’s just that his body is more like his mom. Mind too. Maybe more??????

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