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Davis Cup


Hi TP! Is it possible to include a permanent Davis Cup thread on the top bar? Those of us interested in the events don’t have to clutter up other threads. Ties begin in March. Many thanks, TP.

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  1. Jenny said

    Thank you, TP!

  2. Jenny said

    The Spanish Davis Cup Team to play Switzerland on clay in March have been named. This first tie will be played in the Plaza de Toros de La Ribera de Logroño.

    Juan Carlos Ferrero, David Ferrer, Tommy Robredo and Marcel Granollers.

  3. Jenny said

  4. Jenny said

    The Swiss Team have been named as follows:

    Stanislas Warwinka, Marco Chiudinelli, Michael Lammer, Yves Allegro.

    The tie will be played 5-7 March, 2010.

  5. Sol said

    Thanks Jenny. I didn’t even know Stan was playing. With Roger and Rafa out, it might be competitive after all. Makes things a bit more interesting.

    • Jenny said

      Hi Sol, We know the Spanish team can win a final, quarters and semis without Rafa. I’m sorry Sol, but just my opinion, I have to favour Spain in this tie.

  6. Jenny said

    Juan Carlos has a knee injury [so sorry JC] and will not play in the DC tie against Switzerland this weekend. Nicolas Almagro will play instead. Please hold it together Nico, and please stay healthy, David, we don’t want you falling to injury because of your big heart and guts.

  7. Jenny said

    Source: Fernando’s site.

    “The theme of the Davis Cup is complicated. On the one hand, it is uncomfortable to concentrate on the game if you know there are people suffering. Three nights ago I have not slept well and one never ceases to remind every time those terrible images of what happened in the south. It is very difficult to change a Davis Cup and make all return to play at another time, because no dates. On the other hand, I think if we beat Israel, we will be bringing a little happiness to all those people who have suffered so much in recent days.

    Thank you for your concern, it is time to help out all together, to give a hand to people in need. We must lift this country.”

    • Jenny said

      If you want to read his full message, go to Gonzaleztenisdotcom.

    • M said

      I’m crying now.

      Rough day, rough tennis day with all the injuries, and I know one needs “ultrathick skin” to be a regular here, but this just broke me, I think.

  8. Jenny said

    Source: Davis Cup Website.

    “The start of the Davis Cup by BNP Paribas World Group first round tie between Chile and Israel has been delayed by one day, so will now take place from Saturday to Monday (6-8 March).

    The tie was originally scheduled to begin on Friday. However, transportation issues in the region following the recent earthquake resulted in the late arrival of players and officials.

    Enjoy Tennis Center in Coquimbo, the venue for this weekend’s tie, has remained unaffected by the earthquake. Likewise, the local airport is also open.”

  9. Jenny said

    Vamos Fena and the Chilean Davis Cup Team! Go fly for Chile boys and bring some joy to your country, you can do it!

  10. Jenny said

    David Nalbandian flying to Sweden as part of the Argentins Team. Be careful David.

    • M said

      Jenny, is there an update on state of the healing?

      • Jenny said

        He is in Stockholm training along with the team. According to the Davis Cup site he isn’t due to play, but I don’t think the door is entirely closed or he wouldn’t be there, no? Maybe doubles?

      • M said

        Maybe. I think for morale’s sake (and continued fitness!) I’m glad he’s there training with the team.

        Thank you for the updates!

  11. Jenny said

    Spain lost the first rubber, Stan beat Nico A. Not altogether surprised really.

    Ferru 5-2 first set.

    • Jenny said

      1st set to David and Spain. 6-3.

    • M said

      Sounds like Stan has that “Olympic gold medalist fighting for his country” sheen on.

      Vamos, Nico! Next match give us some of what you threw out there against Jo Wil at the AO!

    • Sol said

      Hi ladies!

      As much as I love Ferru I have to cheer for Marco here. It would be great to see my swiss guys managing this without Fed. Also very happy for Stan considering he hasn’t played since the birth of his daughter. It might be the first time we won’t be cheering for the same

      Well, won’t be able to watch any matches tonight so would love to read your posts tomorrow.

  12. Jenny said

    Hi Sol. Stan deserved his win. Nico has a great game, but I’ve never been convinced of his ability to see it through. A pity for Spain JC wasn’t able to compete, we knew Rafa wasn’t playing.

  13. Jenny said

    David was DOWN 4-1 2nd set, he’s now 5-4 up and serving for the set.

    • Jenny said

      David failed to served it out, but won the second set in a tie break. LOL It’s been real tough play out there today, I’m exhausted! I need coffee, booze or both!

  14. Jenny said

    Sol, I didn’t think Marco would prevail in that rubber, but I have to give him credit too. He wasn’t intimidated by Ferru and he played a good match, he did not roll over. Marco was leading 4-1 in the second set, and was within reach of winning it. However, Ferru upped his game and was beginning to wear him down by catching him up, bless him he is a bit like a Hyena wearing down his prey, it’s quite cruel really, but he was hungry and provided it’s within the rules and without gamesmanship, one has to accept it. Ferru lost his own serve, but managed to get it to a tie break, Marco was double faulting with other errors and he looked very weary sitting on the chair. Before that Marco got frustrated and threw a racquet but it wasn’t bad enough for a warning, I was pleased about that. Btw, double faults didn’t show up on the official stats, but I can assure you they were there.

  15. Jenny said

    I gather Dr Ivo fired 36 aces to beat the 33yr old Nicolas Lapentti in a 4 set match on a hard court, urrgh!

  16. Jenny said

    I watched Spain vs Switzerland. I’ll catch up later. Watching Fena right now warming up with Harel Levy. Nico Massu beat Dudi Sela earlier. Fena’s fans are there, we can hear them!!

    • M said


      \O/ \O/ \O/

      • Jenny said

        LOL Seconded! Fena down 3-1 at the moment. The surrounding area outside the stadium looks intact and peaceful, very lovely, and I can see the sea!

      • Jenny said

        I think recent events have taken it’s toll, probably little sleep and no practice, Fena’s about to lose the first set.

      • M said

        I just got your last comment, and I’m sure you’re right. I thought “I hope he has enough mental and physical energy to focus. He must be exhausted.”

        (I heard that in his voice in his site message. 😦 )

  17. Jenny said

    It’s clear that to play at a level, a player needs to be fit, focused, fresh with preparation for a court battle. All due credit to Levy he has to capitalise. He’s looking better second set which is on serve. That dodgy knee is taped.

  18. Jenny said

    I mean at a high level.

  19. Jenny said

    lol While the umpire and Levy are in a heated discussion over a disputed call given to Fena, the Bomber is sitting down on the court practicing his serve! He’s 4-2 up second set. The point was replayed, only fair.

  20. Jenny said

    2nd set 6-3. Now receiving treatment on his right leg, seems fine.

  21. Jenny said

    Just to say, Sol and Swiss fans, commiserations. I guess you know by now Spain are through to the quarters. Stan was playing some great tennis and never gave up, huge respect to him. However, I question Luthi’s decision to play him in doubles also, and knowing he would face Ferru who has won all his rubbers last year and is a demon on clay. Infact the last time he beat Ferru was in 2006. He would have had more of a chance against Verdasco. Stan must have been knackered. Unfortuately, his frustration boiled over and he smashed a racquet to smithereens, penalty point and there was Senor green eyes at the other end taking it all in and smelling blood. Usually the other way round, it’s David who kills racquets!

    • Sol said

      Lol, thanks Jenny for your compassion. I don’t think anyone was expecting a different outcome. Although I started watching the match when Stan was leading 4-1 in the second and I thought maybe he could manage it after all. But he’s not consistent enough and he was exhausted, and Ferru is the better player overall on clay. But I gotta say, as much as I appreciate Ferru, I was a little surprised by his attitude on that penalty point. He insisted with the umpire that Stan get a warning for that racquet smashing cause he knew that would give him a penalty point and set up the set point. I’ve never seen a player do that. I thought that was a little meh coming from him.

      • Jenny said

        I agree re the penalty point, Sol. What can I say, he would not be deprived, he was ruthless which I haven’t seen for the longest time. I can’t remember, did Costa get involved? My stream did freeze several times. He’s the one who generally beats himself up and gets penalised for it. I know Cuevas deliberately smashed his racquet in Acapulco, got a penalty and Ferru instigated nothing there. I guess Davis Cup brings out the beast in players. Who will Switzerland play next tie?

      • banti said

        I have never seen that either. Sounds really bad, I forget is that “Ferru” Ferrer or Verdasco. I can’t see Verdasco doing something like that. Stan smashing a racket doesn’t surprise me, he comes across like he can lose it at anytime:)

      • Jenny said

        Verdasco really flipped his lid in Nice, was really nasty with verbal frustration, and he was not a happy bunny yesterday.

    • M said

      OMG – Stan smashed a racquet? Supercool Stan?!?

  22. Jenny said

    And David Nalbandian has yet again led Argentina to victory without Delpo and Monaco and against a hot Soderling in doubles. That was sheer determination, guts and ability. I hope he’s not feeling any ill effects. Into the quarters 3-2 they go. I’m really pleased for them.

  23. M said

    Match point, Chile-Israel.

    • M said



      *looks around*
      *sits down*

  24. Jenny said

    Tie: Spain vs France 11th July. Played in France on a hardcourt.

    Spanish Team:
    David Ferrer
    Nicolas Almagro
    Fernando Verdasco
    Feliciano Lopez

    I’ll post the French Team when I know.

    • M said

      Congratulations to the team members! Vamos!

      France seems to have some depth this year. I wonder who will be chosen.

      Jenny, do you know if they’re playing in that stadium in Bercy?

      • Jenny said

        Clermont-Ferrand, France.

      • Jenny said

        France does have depth, I agree. Tsonga? Benneteau? Simon, Llodra/Clement [doubs]? Will the Capt risk Gasquet? Richard won’t want to meet David that’s for sure – H2H 5-1 – four times on a hard court, once on clay.

      • M said

        “Richard won’t want to meet David that’s for sure – H2H 5-1 – four times on a hard court, once on clay.”

        Readind minds again, LOL. 🙂

        Tsonga and Simon for sure, I’m thinking — assuming Gilles’ tendinitis is in whatever passes for “remission” with the poor players these days — and Llodra/Clement for doubles. Makes sense to me.

  25. Jenny said

    Updated news. Source: Davis Cup site. Quarters World Group 9-11 July.
    Tsonga, Monfils, Benneteau, Llodra. I reckon Benn/Llodra doubs.
    Davydenko, Youzhny, Gabashvili, Kunitsyn.
    Zabellos, Schwank, Mayer, Nalbandian.
    Cilic, Ljubicic, Veic, Dodic
    Djokovic, Troicki, Tipsarevic, Zimonjic
    Massu, Aguilar, Capdeville, Saavedra
    Berdych, Hajek, Dlouhy, Cermak

    • M said

      None of these matches will be dull, I think!

      Thank you, Jenny!

      (Vamos, David! 😛 )

      • Jenny said

        The article says David leads the team, he is now officially the Spanish #3 behind Fer because of current ranking #9 and #11, although I think he’s unoffocially still thought of as the #2 behind Rafa as far as DC is concerned. It’s a bit like Nalby who is probably lower ranked than his comrades, and as Delpo isn’t playing, I would imagine, if Nalby is fit, he would be regarded as their unofficial leader.

      • M said

        “I would imagine, if Nalby is fit, he would be regarded as their unofficial leader.”

        I would definitely think that — especially given his hero’s showing in his last DC appearance for his team. 🙂

        (I hope Polito is doing well with his surgery and recovery schedule.)

    • Jenny said

      Update French Team: Gilles Simon will replace J-W Tsonga who is injured.

      • Jenny said

        Richard Gasquet was nominated as the 5th member but has pulled out with a back injury.

    • M said

      France is up 2-0??

    • M said

      Some unexpected results going on in DC so far this quarter

      http: // www. google. com/ hostednews /ap/ article /ALeqM5ijxbyDjw_QUjr9xAS9djcL0XxUPQD9GRPKAG0

      “Argentine star David Nalbandian, playing his first competitive match since mid-April, defeated No. 6-ranked Nikolay Davydenko 6-4, 7-6 (5), 7-6 (6), improving his Davis Cup record to 30-9.”
      \o/ \o/ \o/

      • banti said

        Wow go David! He plays with such heart with all that talent he has , when it counts for his country. Nice win.

      • Jenny said

        David’s barely played any tennis for over a year, has been plague with injuries since surgery, and he beats a great player like Davydenko! That is heart and talent as you say, Banti. I love watching this guy play.

      • M said

      • BANTI said

        M thanks for this, amazing highlights! Youzny played out of his mind, and still lost in 3! If only he could take this passion he has for Davis cup to the Open this year.

      • M said

        Banti, you’re quite welcome. It amazes me, the way these guys play in Davis Cup.

  26. Jenny said

    Thanks again, M! That was a quick find!

  27. Jenny said

    Juan Martin Del Potro will not be playing Davis Cup against France.

  28. Bettyjane said

    Roger Federer will skip Switzerland’s Davis Cup match in Kazakhstan

  29. Jenny said

    Novak Djokovic will be participating in the Davis Cup tie against the Czech Rep. I really admire him for this, I can’t remember the last time he didn’t play DC, he’s become a stalwart as with all the other players of both countries. 17-19 September, Surface: Hard/Indoors
    Serbia Czech Rep – Belgrade

    Djokovic Berdych
    Tipsarevic Stepanek
    Troicki Hajek
    Nenad Z. Minar

    Argentina France – Lyon

    Nalbandian Monfils
    Monaco Llodra
    Schwank Simon
    Zeballos Clement

  30. Jenny said

    Attention all Davis Cuppers! It’s being shown on ADTHE, I’m watching France/Argentina right now. Pico and Michael L first rubber, followed by D-Nal. One of my fav umpires, Carlos Ramos. 🙂

  31. Sol said

    Jenny, I caught a glimpse of France v. Argentina and just saw Guy Forget (the captain) get into a discussion with the ump. Do you know what happened?

    • Jenny said

      Hi Sol, I had to leave the room, the stream was still running and I just saw the end of it. No idea what started it.

      • Sol said

        Apparently the supporters from Argentina are getting too loud between points and they were complaining about it.

        Are you still watching Jenny? I’ve been watching for the last 15 min and it’s a great match. I’m not rooting for any country in particular but I found myself rooting for Llodra, he’s managed to pull some great shots, almost Federer-esque.

      • Jenny said

        Thnx, it is a great match. Llodra is wonderful, love his tennis. I like Pico for his fighting qualities too. I’m supporting Argentina for D-Nal’s sake. It looks like he might have a job on his hands, especially if Llodra and Clement team up for doubles!

      • Sol said

        BTW, Djoko pulled out of the DC. Don’t know why. But would guess he’s too tired to play.

      • Jenny said

        Understandable, I think this is the first time he has done so.

  32. Jenny said

    Hang on in there, Pico. He’s giving his all despite the odds.

  33. Jenny said

    Sol, just in case you haven’t been into your P-mail, I’ve left a message in your box.

  34. Jenny said

    France takes the first rubber. Next up D-Nal/Monfils. Looks towards the ‘tennis gods’! 🙂 Sorry France.

    Preparing dinner, Sol, lamb shanks slow cooked in a red wine gravy, rosemary and garlic, mashed potatoes with butter and chives, and veggies. I’ll forward some through cyberspace!

    • Sol said

      Lol, Jenny. Are you trying to make me salivate? cause it worked.
      I won’t get out of the office before at least 2 hours. But now you got me dreaming about lamb and mashed potatoes! Sheesh 🙂

      The Nalby/Monf match can be good. Monf the showman and Nalby the magician. I’ll try to watch it.

      Thanks for the Ferru info. I’ll check his site. I always forget to check my mailbox. What’s the P-mail, Jenny?

      • Jenny said

        he..he.. You can cook that, it’s real easy, stick the meat in the oven in a casserole dish and walk away. P-mail = Planet Mail 🙂

      • Jenny said

        I tend to seal the meat for a couple of minutes in a frying pan first, it enhances the flavour, but it’s not really necessary and I don’t always do it.

      • Sol said

        Don’t underestimate your cooking skills, Jenny. Your hubby/son can thank their good stars for having a wife/mother like you who cooks such great food. It’s not a given.
        My mom is a surgeon, working 50 hours a week and has always made a point of cooking home-made meals for us when we were kids. She’s like superwoman. Men don’t realize how much work that is. And we don’t either, until we’re old enough to understand. Thank god times have changed and men participate more nowadays.

      • Jenny said

        My dad was a great cook, food shopping too, he loved it. Dad was an evolved man in the home who always helped out with chores, despite working long hours. My mum was a good plain cook, tasty, nothing fancy. As a kid, I rarely got chips, lots of ‘peasant’ comfort food, fruit and veggies, and never fizzy drinks. We always got healthy home cooked meals when we were young kids and teens, deprived of nothing food-wise. I just carried on from there, we love good food. The only takeaways we have are fresh cooked fried fish and chips once a week, big fish which covers the plate, smaller chips.

      • Jenny said

        Veggies: Apart from the mash, fresh French green beans, roasted red onions, Brussel sprouts [frozen, I’m afraid] Desert: a bought apricot sorbet.

      • Sol said

        Ok, you gotta stop doing this to me, Jenny. I think I might just go home. I’m not getting any work done anyway. Fresh beans and roasted red onions sounds like heaven. The brussels sprouts….uhm…maybe I can imagine something else instead. And you even thought about desert? Wow. Do you usually do this much or is there some special occasion?

      • Jenny said

        Not such a big feast most nights, Sol, but I usually cook something, even if it’s a big English breakfast in the evening or even pasta! Don’t forget I’m only part time now. I’ve got marrow, cauliflower, savoy cabbage, pointed cabbage in the chiller drawer. I usually keep sorbet or ice cream in the freezer, so no big deal there, but we’ll be pretty full and probably won’t need it. Oh I forgot the French bread!

    • M said

      I think Gael has the edge in that H2H with D-Nal yes, Jenny? David will be looking to even that up, I’m thinking.

      Lamb shanks, rosemary/garlic/red wine, French green beans, red onions? Yum. What kind of bribe could I send to have a portion saved? 😛

      • Jenny said

        Hi M! The last time they met was 2008, pre surgery dodgy hip time, remember? I’ve ‘saved’ you and Sol a portion, gonna have to add two more shanks 🙂 The trick is long slow cooking, so the meat falls of the bone and melts in the mouth.

      • M said

        “The last time they met was 2008, pre surgery dodgy hip time, remember?”
        6-3, 6-4, 6-2 to the Monf, wasn’t it? Right here in NYC?

        “The trick is long slow cooking, so the meat falls of the bone and melts in the mouth.”
        I’m beginning to think you and the cooking ladies in my family are related!

        I would bring a big old red, but I wouldn’t want to clash with your cooking wine.
        Ladyfingers for sorbet, maybe?
        *dreams of rosemary and garlic*

      • Jenny said

        Never use plonk in cooking, ie wine you wouldn’t drink, disaster! 😈

      • M said

        LOL, oh I know! Instead of “big old red” I probably should have said “nice syrah”.

        Love service game. Vamos David!

      • Jenny said

        Just to say, ladies, I’m definitely not a food snob and we won’t pay over the top in trendy restaurants and nouvelle cuisine is out.

      • Sol said

        Lol, we know Jenny. Your home made meal sounds far better than any big shot gourmet restaurant. Although it can be nice sometimes to just sit back and enjoy fine food in a good restaurant. Nouvelle cuisine is just plain weird, especially molecular cuisine.

      • M said

        “Lol, we know Jenny. Your home made meal sounds far better than any big shot gourmet restaurant.”

        Exactly! 😀

        “Nouvelle cuisine is just plain weird, especially molecular cuisine.”

        Hee hee. Not a fan of Wiley Dufresne and his liquid nitrogen tableside service, Sol?

      • Jenny said

        We do eat out, but had to go through many disappointments to find the right eateries, we like good pub food which is far better than it used to be. Nouvelle cuisine, pretty on the plate, but we both object to paying big money, plus service, for a meal no bigger than what we would serve our dog, and then having to stop off at the local chippie or kebab bar on the way home just to fill up, and I don’t mean gorging!

      • Sol said

        Lol, M. The guy is even weirder than his food.

        Have you tried it?
        You might as well be fed through intravenous injections, it’s pretty much the same eating pleasure.

      • Jenny said

        Haven’t heard of him, tell me? We have Heston Blumenthal who does lots of weird stuff with food and different combinations, he is a top Michelin stars chef though.

        Source: Wiki. [Blumenthal] “is famous for his scientific approach and has been described as a culinary alchemist for his innovative style of cooking”

      • M said

        LOL, Sol!
        I haven’t had the Master’s food, he’s a little bleeding-edge for my taste, but I’ve had the food of a guy that counts him as a mentor.
        Apple caviar, boneless chicken wings, only the raspberries were “nitrogened”, as I recall.

        It wasn’t bad. An interesting experiment, but I’d rather have paella, for sure … 😛

      • Jenny said

        I cook paella, I’m sure nowhere near as good as David’s mother, but I get no complaints 😛

      • Jenny said

        Apple caviar?!! What was that?

      • M said

        LOL, Jenny! Rosemary and garlic lamb shanks, paella … we will never leave!

      • M said

        All I know is, they take the apples (lots of different ones, gaia, granny smith …) and make caviar out of them using a “spherification” technique.
        They wouldn’t tell me any more, no matter how many questions I asked.

        Chefs’ secrets prerogative, I guess. Like Roger’s “William Tell” Gillette trick shot!

      • Sol said

        Yum, paella. Please adopt me Jenny 😉
        Anything Mexican (not tex mex, but real Mexican food), Thai, and Middle eastern food is what I go for.

      • Jenny said

        LOL! I stick with the real thing, even if it is lumpfish!

      • Jenny said

        Love Moroccan with cous cous and real Mexican.

  35. Jenny said

    D-Nal looking very jovial and smiling pre match.

  36. Jill said

    Sorry unrelated to Davis Cup but does anyone know when Del Potro is supposed to be coming back?

  37. Sol said

    Ouch. Just saw he score. Come on David.

  38. Jenny said

    Sloppy David, his racquet has gone to where all the good smashed racquets go! 😈

  39. Sol said

    If Nalby loses his break advantage, I’m going to turn this off. DF at 30-All!! You kidding me?

  40. Sol said

    Oh, can you believe it? Nalby getting really really upset right now. He needs to re-focus.

  41. Jenny said

    C’mon David, settle down.

  42. Jenny said

    One has to credit Gael here, it’s like deja vu France/Spain.

  43. Jenny said

    Thanks for joining me, ladies. Not too much magic from David today. Well played Gael and Michael.

  44. Sol said

    Not looking good for Argentina. Switzerland isn’t doing better either. Lost the 2 rubbers today.
    Argh, Roger. Your help would’ve been really useful there.

    • Jenny said

      Delpo was needed too. Pico played his heart out, but Michael’s serve/volley game was a killer. D-Nal is a brilliant player, but too flaky in this rubber, he was getting so wound up. Sorry about Switzerland, Sol.

    • M said

      Thought both, didn’t want to say either. Lots of people missing whose help could have been important.
      I heard Nole also withdrew, and Radek gave the CR an early lead …?

      Do enjoy your evenings, ladies; it is Friday, after all. 🙂

  45. Jenny said

    Good Morning, Ladies and Gents 🙂

    Today is the doubles rubbers. Argentina have to win today or they are out of the Final, the reverse singles rubbers on Sunday will be played but irrelevant in terms of who wins, basically it will be dead rubbers. Doubles will be Schwank/Zeballos v Llodra/Clement. Far be it for me to add to el Rey David’s frustration, but I know who I’d be putting my money on, sorry David. As M said, the French team on are a mission. You never know, Llodra/Clement might fall apart, but as they are doubles slam champions and wily veterans, I doubt it. Nice to see Tsonga, Benneteau and I think Rishar, on the benches supporting their Team.

    Pico Monaco is relatively inexperienced in DC, he’s had injuries, but he never gave up yesterday, he is a gutsy warrior who can swing a mean racquet. He possibly would have fared better on clay, but is no slouch on a hard court. It was a big ask facing Michael Llodra who was playing superb tennis of the old fashioned kind, I loved it and as Sol pointed out, some of his shots were Federesque. The lefty Llodra of the big serve has to be the best serve/vollyer on the Tour today, far more consistent than ‘Felithiano’ Lopez.

    Forget the first set as far as D-Nal was concerned, but he’s good enough to turn it around, a player who has the ability to produce magical chess on a court, especially at Davis Cup which has been his passion for years. Monfils played great tennis, he still insists on sliding on a hard court which drives me crazy and I cringe in horror, this is not sensible, Gael! He deserved his victory, but I have to say, he had more than a little help from D-Nal who had so many chances.

    • Sergeant said

      Thanks for your report, Jenny, and all your comments and Sol’s and M’s on the Davis Cup thread. These days I’m swamped with work and family work, so no time for tennis matches (much less for my stats forays), so the thread is appreciated. Sorry about Argentina. Agree with your assessment on Llodra. Other finalist yet to be determined…

  46. Jenny said

    LOL Great, the Argentine doubs team have come out to play, 🙂 early days yet. Senor Nalbandian is on the benches with Pico supporting.

  47. Jenny said

    Third set France up 5-2.

    David looking grim, Pico with his hands over his face, not a happy pair, sorry guys

  48. Jenny said

    I’m watching a little of the dead rubber between Simon/Schwank. Actually it’s a good match. It’s nice to see David and Pico on the benches, smiling signing autographs. Not a happy, smiley David the other day. As Nina Simone would say, “It’s a new dawn, It’s a new day”

  49. Sol said

    So it’s Serbia-France in the finals. Should be good if France keeps playing at this level and if Djoko is in good shape.

  50. Jenny said

    I read Jim Courier is officially US DC captain. I wish him and the team well, I like and respect Jim 🙂 He’s a former FO champ too, so his clay nous will also add to the table. Talking clay, I would have thought Querrey might have done better on the dirt, he started off so well a couple of years ago.

    • M said

      I put that in Wanna Post, Jenny – but you are an early bird like that so you beat me to it. 😛

      A-Rod tweeted about the choice yesterday; he seems pleased.
      I’m happy and hope it helps the guys do great. USA! 😀

      • Jenny said

        Thx for posting on WP, M 🙂 I think Jim is a good choice, he’s been there as a pro, but we can only wait and see.

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