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Outside top 10

Space for your posts, comments, tidbits on players not in the top ten.

Courtesy: Jenny, Sarah and Adrian.

159 Responses to “Outside top 10”

  1. Jenny said

    You’re a STAR, TP! Thanks again!

  2. Jenny said

    Mikhail Youzhny – Great first win for ages, he’s just beaten Marin Cilic in Montreal. Love his game. Well done!

  3. Jenny said

    Outside the Top 10 – ranked 679 to be precise, 18yr old Milos Raonic from Canada, [sounds like Balkans ancestry], he has apparently been on the tour for a year. This tall, lanky baby faced assassin with the big brown eyes went through quallies beating fine players, and in the early hours [for me] he had a stunned Fernando Gonzalez pinned to the wall in Montreal. He strolled to the baseline whacking down aces at will, 20 in all, and other good stuff too. He was overpowering Gonz which isn’t easy [admittedly, I didn’t think Gonzo was at his fiery best] plus, he isn’t just power merchant and he has room for improvement. A few of us die hards on the live thread just couldn’t believe what was happening out there. The home crowd were loving it. Raonic took the first set 6-4 from a rather lacklustre Gonzo who seemed to be in a state of disbelief that this kid would even have the gall to take him on, at one point Gonzo managed to smile at one of his forehand shots. Take him on he did, big time, no fear, little emotion, cool as a cucumber, great demeanour. I was far from cool, I felt sick at one point and I’m pretty tough. Fortunately, Gonzo held himself together on this occasion, and squeaked out the second set on a tie break. I was seriously waiting for smashed racquets and a volcanic eruption, warnings. As Mike so rightly said, it was a great match where experience prevailed.

    If this kid can maintain consistency, work on his movement and fitness, I think we have a new young gun with serious potential in our midst. Well Done, Milos Raonic, even if you nearly did send one of my boys out of the tournament reeling.

    • Sol said

      Thanks Jenny. Didn’t watch it but sounds like it was a good match. How come Fena didn’t smash his racket, like you say (or wipe his butt on court)? And what happened eventually? Did Raonic break under the pressure or did Fena elevate his level of play?

      • Jenny said

        How he never smashed a racquet, I’ll never know, Sol! There were times he looked about ready! A year ago the lines people and front rows would have needed tin hats or hiding under their seats! Actually, I was proud of him last night, he showed guts and maturity with no histrionics. Raonic didn’t really crack as such, but Fena held firm and with his experience and a good serve in the 3rd set, he managed to prevail, and I thought, Raonic was starting to fade ever so slightly. I think that was the only time Fena broke him.

    • M said

      Rafa played him this past 2R in Tokyo, and said in his post-match interview “He’s very good.”

  4. Sol said

    Jenny, any matches by outside top 10 players coming up next that you’d recommend? I still can’t open the “Oder of play” pdf on the Rogers Cup site…Argh.

  5. Jenny said

    Ferrero [29]/Monfils
    Verdasco/Mayer – both big hitters
    Two potential classics to follow AT THE SAME TIME – night matches for us Sol!
    Nadal/Ferrer – You know David leads their head to head on a hard court. He just needs to keep his confidence and serve, he doesn’t fear Rafa.
    Haas/Gonzo – I think I might go for Haas, given the shock Gonzo had last night!

    I’m sure the other matches will favour the favourites.

    • Sol said

      Thanks Jenny.

      Although I’m curious to see Nadal back in action, I think I’ll watch Haas/Gonzo. Not only cause I like watching the “oldies” but also cause there will be a clash of styles. Gonzo the big hitter and Haas the volleyer. Should be good.
      BTW ladies, I saw a vid of a shirtless Haas: wowzee. These “oldies” are like wine, they get better with time.

      • Jenny said

        You’re welcome, Sol. I’m going to have two streams running at once, both faves playing. I like the ‘oldies’ too. One of our commentators remarked just before the Ferrero/Hewitt match, something like, go down to the wine cellar and if you find 2 bottles of vintage, why not. Very apt.

  6. Jenny said



    BN Court
    Del Potro/Hernych

    Court 9 second on after doubs

  7. Jenny said

    A roughly translated message from David Ferrer’s website. I think all tennis fans will be relieved to hear it’s nothing serious this time.

    Hello everyone. Good morning from canada. first thank all the messages of support after the scare in the knee. During the game I felt weird little hitches in the tendon of the knee. Ever noticed the more and decided not to continue, each support? was difficult and demands a match against rafa are maximum. Yesterday the doctors ruled out anything serious for now, but will have to walk carefully. Within a short time we are going to Cincinnati and I hope to play there. Thank you all again and I count it as such by the U.S.. Un saludo.

    • Sol said

      Jenny, I checked out Ferrer’s site and I was stunned to see he actually answers some messages himself (in the “diario” part). He’s such a sweetheart. Glad to know his injury is not serious.

      • Jenny said

        Sol, He’s been doing it for years, interacts, answers questions, he writes from everywhere, players lounge, hotel, at home. He’s a special human being with humility and a big heart.

    • M said

      *swoons @ Ferru answering his mail*

      Such a relief. So many injuries during hardcourt season. Can’t we campaign for, like, softcourt season or something?

      Thanks so much for the translation, Jenny!

  8. M said

    Anybody know where they’re hiding Dimitrov? Is Mr. Lundgren Frankensteining him somewhere?

    • Jenny said

      LOL M, I believe he played a challenger in Spain recently, Feli Lopez won the title, God knows what he’s doing playing challengers. The last time I saw Dimitrov, he had both knees taped, so young too.

  9. Jenny said

    PS Sol and M, Admitedly I understand basic Spanish, but sometimes David’s messages are beyond me, he only writes in Spanish. On this occasion I ran the message through Google Translator, it’s not perfect and it can be hilarious at times, but a very useful tool to get the rough drift.

    • Sol said

      Lol, Jenny, as long as he doesn’t write in catalan, I can help if you need a translation.

      • Jenny said

        Thanks, Sol – Catalan gets lost on me too, but his writing is articulate, imo he’s a bit of a hidden academic of the literary type. Have you registered on the Foro? David played a great match against Stan yesterday, drove him bonkers, [I like Stan very much btw, wonderful backhand and underrated as a player] discarded his bandage in the first set because it got loose. He’ll have a tough time with Cilic that’s for sure, but he did beat him the last time they met this year. Lol! David is going to have to be at his cruel clay court best, neutralise that serve, and move him. Juan Carlos just wasn’t strong enough yesterday.

      • Sol said

        I didn’t register Jenny. I love Ferrer, but I’m no fan of players’ websites. Some of the fans are too crazy for me. I might enter the site sometimes, to read some stuff, but not become a member.
        I’m off to watch him play Cilic. Hasta pronto!

      • Jenny said

        I’m not into all that fan chat stuff on the players sites either, I’m only registered on Roger and David’s sites, purely just to send support messages to the players and one can only do that if registered.

        Hey! What did you think of Ferru’s match? He did exactly what I thought he might do, break his opponent down, despite having the weaker serve, so not too many easy points, this is typical clay court mindset and MO.

  10. Jenny said

    Juan Carlos Ferrero.

    Former #1 and French Open Champ in 2003.

    Ranking 11.5.09 #115
    As of 17.8.09 #25

    Not bad for a 29yr old classy gent who didn’t give up!

    • M said

      Agreed. Enthusiastically.

      JCF is only a year older than Roger – he won that RG the year Roger won his first Wimbledon, yes?

      (I think Roger continuing to play is encouraging other “veterans” to do their best to return to form.)

      Jenny, do you think JCF will win today?

      • Jenny said

        He’s playing Cilic who is a tall power guy with a bomber of a serve, who does come into the net. JC is quicker, has guile and could kill a weak second serve with his returns. I think JC would be better in the heat. 50-50, edge to JC.

  11. Jenny said

    Ivo Minar, ranked #66 has tested positive for a banned substance.

  12. Jenny said

    I know, M, it’s tough, but I’m sure there must be a suitable alternative for congestion that isn’t on the banned substance list. I’m pretty sure Pseudoephedrine has stimulant properties though.

  13. Sergeant said

    Hi all. I didn’t know where exactly to write this comment. Since there are several players outside the top 10 in my comment, I chose here.

    The grand slams of 2009 are over. I ended up with this feeling that the Fernandos did just about as well as Murray and Djokovic as far as majors are concerned. Since I was not sure, I decided to add the points of all four majors for these and other players who reached the quarterfinal or better of at least one major.

    The 10 players who did better in grand slams this year are

    Player: Points
    Federer: 6400
    Del Potro: 3125
    Nadal: 2900
    Roddick: 2190
    Soderling: 1785
    Djokovic: 1530
    Verdasco, Murray: 1440
    Gonzalez: 1350
    Haas: 1080

  14. Jenny said

    Again, interesting stats, Sergeant, thank you. Yes, the two Fernandos have done rather well and Haas is in your line up too. However, I noted that Gonzo has dropped a rank place, and I’m still trying to figure it out!

    • Sergeant said

      Thanks Jenny. Also, I figured out why Gonzo dropped a rank place. It was because Soderling did bad at the US open 2008. He was defending 10 points, while Gonzo was defending 300 points. They both reached quarterfinals this year so they earned 360 points.

      Net gain for Soderling = 350 points,
      net gain for Gonzo = 60 points,

      which was enough for Soderling to overtake Gonzo.

  15. Sergeant said

    Don’t worry, Jenny. In a few weeks from today, you might like the ranking system much better.

    Davydenko, Soderling, Tsonga, and Simon all have a truck load of points to defend from October and November 2008. As things stand today, Roddick, Verdasco, and Gonzo (in that order) have the best chances to clinch the remaining three spots of the ATP world tour finals in London!

    • M said


    • Jenny said

      LOL Sergeant, I’m glad you’re keeping an eye on the situation for me, thanks. We like Roddick and Gonzo here. The Brits aren’t too familiar with Verdasco.

    • Sergeant said

      Jenny, M, anyone interested in the race to the ATP finals in London, I have an update.

      Davydenko and Tsonga have “defended” well their points thus far. Unfortunately for Gonzalez, this means that his lead over these two players in the race to London has evaporated.

      Roddick and Verdasco are still more likely to clinch the 6th and 7th berths. Gonzo, Davy, and Tsonga have about the same chance to clinch the 8th and last spot.

      Simon is far behind in the race, with Soderling, Cilic, and Monfils ahead of him.

      Keeping an eye in London, the key matches in Shanghai are

      Gonzo – Davy, 3rd round.
      Soderling – Tsonga, 3rd round.

      • Jenny said

        Hi Sergeant, Of course I’m interested, need you ask! Many thanks. As you know, I want a spot for my man Gonzalez, he could also be first alternate. lol it looks like I’ve got some serious rooting to do!

  16. Jenny said

    Former world #13 Andrei Pavel from Romania has just retired at 35yrs old.

  17. Sergeant said

    Update on Nalbandian’s ranking. His hip surgery and recovery period will finally take their toll on his ranking, which is currently 14.

    Date, Projected ranking (approx.)
    12 Oct, 19
    19 Oct, 22
    26 Oct, 28
    2 Nov, 96

    • Jenny said

      Oh dear!

      • Jenny said

        Doesn’t Nalbs get some sort of rank protection, Sergeant?

      • Sergeant said

        Don’t quote me on this, Jenny, but I believe his official rank would still be at the bottom of the top 100 in November. The protected rank will help him to be treated as a top 20 player when he gets back to play. That means he will be a seeded player at the Australian Open even if his official rank is outside the top 50.

        Can anyone confirm/correct my belief?

      • Joolz said

        He’ll get a protected ranking, which he’ll be able to use for 8 tournaments next season. The protected ranking will be based on his average ranking during the first three months of his injury pause if I remember correctly. So yeah, he’ll be treated and seeded like a Top 20 player when he makes use of it.

        In one of his recent interviews he talked about using a combination of protected ranking and wild cards (at smaller tournaments) to be able to play the tournaments he wants to play. Regardless of his actual ranking. Sounded like he has a plan… Well, I hope he does. And that he’ll be able to improve his ranking again soon.

        By the way, David will play 2 exhos in Argentina in December. The Copa San Juan Minero (12/13th) and a week later the Copa Argentina (17-20th). And he may play Sydney. Though that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

      • Jenny said

        Thank you Sergeant and Joolz. Goodness, we can’t have him meeting seeded nightmares or even having to qualify early on in 8 tourneys next year, David needs some support from the ATP. Those exhos sound like a good warm up and as to how he feels physically, post op.

      • Joolz said

        I’ve done some more reading about the protected ranking and now I’m confused. Because in the rules, it says that the protected ranking may not be “used for seeding purposes”. Without giving any further details. So I’m no longer sure whether he’ll be seeded or whether it just means he’ll get into the main draw.

      • Jenny said

        Thanks Joolz, let’s hope David understands it all. Very confusing, I give up!

      • Sergeant said

        Confusing indeed. I give up too. Thanks Joolz.

    • Sergeant said

      So far my calculations have been close to the actual rank. This week Nalbandian is ranked 27 and I said 28. However, I must have made a mistake in the end. I said 96 next week. I checked the numbers again and it seems it will be more like 69, perhaps even higher than that.

      Guys like Haas, Hewitt, and Ferrero started the year at the bottom of the top 100. Hewitt and Ferrero even fell off the top 100. Now the three of them are back to the top 20 (ok, top 22). I’m confident David will be back to the top 10 where he belongs next year.

  18. Sarah said

  19. Jenny said

  20. Joolz said

    David Nalbandian will make his official comeback at the Heineken Open in Auckland (January 12-17).

  21. Jenny said

    I found this quote by David Nalbandian since his surgery. Courtesy of General Forum. I’m sure Joolz will contribute further, but for now.


    Good for you David, and you know you can.

    • Joolz said

      That line really made it onto the General Forum, Jenny?
      But yeah, he said that. In reply to the question who he’d like to beat after his comeback. (In an interview about a week ago.)
      We’ll see… But it’s less than a month now until his first exho match.

    • Jenny said

      As I recall, it was a whole interview/article that was posted there, Joolz, so I knew it was authentic. lots of pics too. The one liner I pasted here was highlighted by several fans on

      • Joolz said

        I translated the whole thing for my blog… But lots of pics? Those must’ve come from somehwere else, there were no new pics with that interview. Maybe from another recent article that had a whole series of them. Anyway, interesting to hear about David’s interview being on the Federer forum. 🙂

      • Jenny said

        I visited your blog today, replayed the Paris 2008 Murray match, that was pretty stunning tennis against a top player and even more so given his physical condition at the time. Thank you for posting it.

      • Joolz said

        I’m glad you enjoyed it. And yeah, incredible match from David, given the circumstances…

      • Jenny said

        Joolz, Maybe after the Masters and into the quiet season, you would consider posting it here?

      • Jenny said

        LOL All of those matches! Just post on ‘wanna post’ if you choose to do so. I’ve been watching tennis for a long time and imo that man is one of the true ‘maestros’ in the game, he plays tennis chess and was out-foxing Murray in this match. How does he produce angles like that? I know Roger enjoys playing him. Tennis needs him.

      • Joolz said

        And I know David enjoys playing Federer. 🙂 Well, usually I only post David stuff on my blog. But maybe during the off-season. And it’s not like I couldn’t come up with about tons of clips… But yeah, tennis chess. That’s exactly the point. That is exactly why I love his game so much. And those angles…
        He keeps saying in his interviews that he’s confident about his future as he was in constant pain for such a long time and now, without the pain, things can only get better. But still, I’m not quite sure what to expect.

    • Jenny said

      We must remain cautiously optimistic, remember Hewitt hasn’t done so badly post op, and with all due respect to Lleyton, he doesn’t have as much game as David. He couldn’t have continued to play in pain like that, it wears one down eventually and would have exacerbated his condition, tough choice to elect for surgery, but the right one.

      • Joolz said

        True, there was no other choice. Though it took him a long time to accept that. And he’s very lucky that delaying surgery for so long didn’t make things worse.
        Seeing Hewitt do well did help. But with David and his game, so much depends on his feeling for the ball and I just cannot help but think that this is the kind of thing to go down the drain if you can’t play for months… But well, he seems confident enough.

      • Jenny said

        Imo Gonzalez is that way, he needs to ‘feel’ the ball, and as you know has had his own problems with tendinitis, no elective surgery just forced rest. The exos should get him going, know where he’s at, and there’s no ATP ranking pressure, who is he playing?

  22. Milos said

    Compared to Federer, clowns like Rafa, Murray and Djokovic are Outside Top 10. So discuss them here.

  23. Joolz said

    You mean at the exhos? At San Juan it’ll be Gaudio, Cañas or Massu for him. I’m hoping for Gaudio.
    At the Copa Argentina, David might get to play Gonzalez. Or Safin, for that matter. I mean, it’s really a great field they’ve managed to get for that one (full list: David, Monaco, Gonzalez, Safin, Moya & Baghdatis). Feña is one of the players I like best apart from David. And I agree, with him it’s also a matter of “feeling”.

    • Jenny said

      Very impressive field. Love to see them. Fena may be playing too, that should be fun! I’d pay to watch some of those match-ups. I was always a Coria fan too. Certainly quality competition for David, I’m presuming it’s on clay. Let me know how it all goes or point me in the direction of a stream if there is one.

      • Joolz said

        There have been streams for the Copa Argentina in the past, so I can’t really imagine that it’ll be different this year. And I’ll definitely link any stream that’s available on my blog. Same goes for San Juan, which will also be shown in full on Argentine TV (and hopefully streamed by someone). The Copa Argentina is played on hard court. Same stadium as the Copa Telmex but different surface. – I just wish I could’ve seen the doubles match David and Feña played together at L.A., I think it was in 2007… And I liked Coria too, by the way.

  24. Sol said

    Just heard Richard Gasquet won his case on appeal. Good for him. Happy that he’ll be back next year.

  25. Jenny said

    • M said

      Hi, Jenny –

      Thanks for this article. I’m in the midst of a rather untimely hard-drive’s refusal to boot. (Or slow boot. I’m attempting to be optimistic here.)

      See you all soon. Did anyone get to watch the Argentina tournament?


  26. Jenny said

    Agustin Calleri retires.

    Have a good and happy retirement, Agustin.

  27. Jenny said

    Source: Tennis X

    “I refuse to lose to that guy,” Querrey told the Houston Chronicle in reference to playing Odesnik who was busted just a few weeks ago for transporting HGH into Australia. And that was before he knew Odesnik would in fact be his opponent.

    Good for you, Sam!

  28. Jenny said

    Full Article Associated Press. Nicolas has been given a wildcard to Newport.

    “Mahut said the International Tennis Hall of Fame asked for a racket and shirt that he wore in the match; he will donate the well-worn equipment when he goes to the Newport, R.I., museum for next week’s Hall of Fame Championships.

    A 28-year-old grass-court specialist from west of Paris, Mahut grew up watching Pete Sampras dominate Wimbledon in the 1990s and is looking forward to seeing artifacts from his idol and other great tennis players at the hall. He never expected that anything of his would be among them.

    “It’s all the legends,” he said. “I didn’t do anything before this match.”

    Isner is also donating a signed racket from the match, hall spokeswoman Anne Marie McLaughlin said. Mahut will turn his over in a ceremony on Saturday, before the draw party for the only professional grass-court tournament in North America.

    One thing Mahut won’t have to worry about: Another marathon match in Newport.

    Matches in the tournament are three sets, with a tiebreaker.

    “Is John coming?” Mahut said with a laugh. “So, yeah, it’s going to be a short match, I guess.”

  29. Jenny said

    I understand Stan Wawrinka has split with his coach and hired Peter Lundgren.

    • M said

      *raises eyebrows*

      The man who took both Roger and Marat to new places in their careers? That ought to be interesting.
      Much good luck to Stan with that.

      (Do I remember that Peter was also supposed to be coaching Dmitrov …?)

      • Jenny said

        Well, Dimitrov has a new coach apparently, I don’t know whose decision it was and why.

      • M said

        I certainly look forward to seeing the outcome of the Peter/Stan combination. That ought to be exciting.

      • Jenny said

        Btw M, JC is playing Zeballos now, I don’t think I can stay with it. It’s a tie break first set and Zeballos is 3-0 ahead.

      • M said

        Ouch. Don’t like the sound of that.
        Zeballos was also a national hero this past weekend.

      • Jenny said

        Juan Carlos is through in 3 after play resumed today. 🙂

      • M said

        Thank you, Jenny! That’s excellent news!
        \o/ \o/ \o/

        (Wouldn’t have expected Simon to be knocked out — I guess this season isn’t done giving us surprises …)

      • Jenny said

        It is good news, M. I think it was a question of experience and guile on clay and the former clay court king, if fit, wasn’t about to let it go.

  30. Jenny said

    Simon was defeated by Gruel earlier.

  31. Jenny said


    Ferru, Tommy R through to the semis. Fernando V [not in good form lately] beaten by Tommy in straights.

    • Jenny said

      Soderling was very lucky to get through to the semis in 3, Seppi was serving for the match twice.

      Juan Carlos through in Stuttgart.

    • M said

      Congratulations to Ferru and to Tommy!
      (Will they play each other, Jenny, or are they on opposite sides of the draw? I’ve had a lot of necessary family travel in addition to the usual craze, and so I haven’t been following well.)

      “Fernando V [not in good form lately]”
      Yes, ever since Nice it’s been a little bananas. I’d wonder what’s going on, but part of me is afraid to guess.

      “Juan Carlos through in Stuttgart.”
      \o/ \o/ \o/

      • Jenny said

        David will play Soderling in the semis, he has won this title before. Fernando did rather lose it in Nice, he hasn’t been the same since, I hope he’s okay. Hopefully come the Open, he’ll be able to mount a serious challenge.

  32. Jenny said

    David outplaying Soderling and now he’s being treated for a rotten blister on his big toe, looking in discomfort, what a bummer.

    • Jenny said

      Sorry for that loss, David 😦 Too many doubles in the second and third set, he’ll make no excuses though and will credit Robin.

    • M said

      Noooooo! 😦

      • Jenny said

        Typical, playing great tennis, won the first set and then ‘el blister’ on the underside of his left big toe had to rear it’s ugly head. He was fine immediately after the iodine and dressing had been applied, but we both know it’s doesn’t last in a competitive match. Robin will now play Nico A in the final.

  33. Jenny said


    Excellent competitive tennis from Jarkko Nieminen and Juan Carlos F. It’s always a pleasure watching these two guys. David would have been a serious contender for the title had he been able to play, so I’ll be supporting Juan Carlos, [who has just won in 3] for the title. Vamos Juanqui!

    • M said

      Jenny, I read this this morning and then my day went all catawampus. Looking forward to seeing Juanquí do well in the semis. Do you think he’ll have a tough time against Mayer, with his “home court” advantage?

      • M said

        I meant “do well in the quarters and get *through* to the semis”.

        🙄 @ self

      • Jenny said

        Hi M! Obviously I don’t want to jinx Juan Carlos, but with his clay court pedigree, he should beat Mayer. He is a clay court master and with his experience he shouldn’t have any trouble handling a partisan crowd either. I don’t think I’ve ever seen JC get frazzled or lose his cool where he has lost a match.

      • Jenny said

        No guarantees in tennis, Florian Mayer has beaten Juan Carlos in three. Well done to him, clearly the better player on the day. Unfortunately, I could only see the first set, Mayer was playing good tennis and a boost for the home crowd.

      • M said


        Never discount the home crowd, I guess.
        Or who is playing better tennis on the day.

  34. Jenny said

    Andrey Golubev [KAZ] has won the Hamburg title beating an in form Jurgen Melzer. lst ATP title and outstanding tennis from him.

  35. M said

    Mardy Fish takes the title in Atlanta, outlasting John Isner after having defeated good friend and defending champion A-Rod in the semis.

    It’s his second U.S. title this season and his second consecutive title.

    Congratulations, Mardy!

    • Jenny said

      Seconded! I watched the match.

      • M said

        Jenny, you amaze me — you see everything.
        Are you sure there aren’t two of you? 😛

      • Jenny said

        There wasn’t anything else tennis-wise going on last night, M, [20.00 here, a sensible hour] my husband was watching regular TV, I had the Fish match going on a stream. If it had been in the middle of the night for us, I would not have watched it.:-) It was very warm and muggy here, but it looked like a furnace out there!

  36. Jenny said

    Nalbandian interview in Washington.

  37. Jenny said

    David Nalbandian was ranked #117 >#45 >#37 [16th August]. Keep going David.

  38. Jenny said

    For Sol and other Ferru fans.

    • Sol said

      Lol. Thanks Jenny. He has the sweetest smile.

      “romper une raqueta va cuando realmente estas enfadado”. No kidding!

      The presenter is funny: “Estas son malos son de los chinos”

      We want more Ferru vids, Jenny!! 😉

      • Jenny said

        Loved it too. This is part of a series, I saw the whole programme, he was lovely. I’ll go on the search.

  39. Jenny said

    Here you go, Sol. Same show.

    • Sol said

      Thank you, Jenny. These guys are insane. David looked kinda worried when they started the exploding ping pong balls experience.

  40. Jenny said

    Drat! Nalby is now #33 but has just missed being a seed #32 at the Open.

    • M said

      ‘With a bullet’ indeed.

      I’m sure the organizers are pestering him to accept a Wild Card as we speak.

      • Jenny said

        We don’t want Nalbs meeting too many seeds early on if he’s fit and firing those angled bullets or it might become uncomfortable for all concerned.

        I’m wondering where our Fena stands eg protected ranking or w/c. I understand priority for wildcards will be given to American players and former champs, fair dos.

      • M said

        Jenny, I haven’t had time to look on Feña’s site but I had a quick look through the news and I didn’t see anything that said his ranking *wouldn’t* be protected, but …

        *sigh* I hope they place him well. Countryman or no, he made it to the quarters last year; I understand, as you say, that countrymen and former champions would get first priority, but I’m hoping those who placed into the second week would get consideration as well.

    • Barbara said

      Jenny – Del Potro and Tsonga are not playing, so Nalbandian will definitely be seeded at the Open

  41. Jenny said

    Carlos Moya and his partner, Carolina Cerezuela, have a new baby daughter born 20th August. She is named Carla.

    • M said

      How nice! Congratulations, Carlos and Carolina!

      (Now all she needs is a partner, so she can play against the Federer girls. 😀 )

  42. Jenny said

    Source: BBC. Miles MacLagan [Murray’s ex] will now coach #31 Philipp Kohlschreiber [GER]. I like Philipp’s game, a shotmaker and another single hander. Good Luck to them.

  43. Jenny said

    Another wily veteran has struck again! Juan Ignacio Chela [31] has just taken the title in Bucharest! Congrats 🙂

  44. Jenny said

    Ferru buzzing in Beijing and into the semis, got into Soderling’s head and beat him 2 and 4.

    • Jenny said

      As the late, great Steve Irwin might say, ‘you little ripper’! 🙂

    • jett09 said

      Jenny I saw the match! Congrats to your boy! Won it in straight sets 😉

      I saw David put the ball again in his mouth 😆

      • Jenny said

        LOL I know, 🙂 this ball dummy thing is becoming David’s own little routine lately, he chomped down on a ball yesterday. lol Ball abuse!

  45. Jenny said

    Well played Luby! 🙂 Ivan’s taken out Murray 3 and 2, it was more a beatdown really, fine serves and volleys from the big man and his great single hander was working a treat, Murray was just lacklustre, couldn’t take a hold and was sloppy, imo. Ivan was as hard as nails and cool as a cucumber. Now we have two real warriors facing each other in the Beijing semi, Ljubicic v Ferrer.

    • M said

      That semi certainly sounds like a potential Clash of the Wily Titans. Congratulations Ivan. 🙂

      Vamos Ferru! Here’s hoping he makes those World Tour Finals.

      • Jenny said

        I don’t think too many would have predicted the result of both these quarters. Ferru was nipping about all over the place taking Robin out of his comfort zone and Ivan was as solid as a rock. LOL Never underestimate quality wily veterans 28 and 31. Btw M, this is Ferru’s 50th win this season.

  46. Jenny said

    What a thoroughly enjoyable match between Daveed and Ivan our two warriors, in this instance David and Goliath. Full of power, variety, finesse and ‘chess’ from both players, these two are deep thinkers, nothing boring about it – my kind of tennis. Sadly there can only be one winner in these types of encounters. Congrats Daveed and kudos to Ivan too 🙂

    Now we have the ‘gruesome twosome’ 😈 from Spain into the finals in Tokyo and Beijing.

    • M said

      Vaaaaamos Ferru!!
      That would be a nice cherry on top of 50 match wins this season, Jenny.
      Would a victory over Nole be enough to get him into those London finals?

      (I’m not obsessed. :P)

      Rafa had to save some match points. I hope he doesn’t tire himself out before Shanghai. He has a good record against Gael, but their matches are usually very athletic, and certainly not dullsville.

      I remember their 4R in 09 — I got tired just watching.

      • Jenny said

        I think we’re in for some very athletic finals this weekend, M. We want no exhaustion going into Shanghai, boys!

    • Jenny said

      It’s now his 51st win. He’s already 9 in the race, so he surely must be 8 now, this ranking system has become so complicated I give up. All the very best for Rafa tomorrow. I would imagine Nole goes in as favourite, but their H2H is 4-4.

      • banti said

        So cool how he interacts with fans on his site Jenny. He’s quite special for sure. He belongs in the top ten and no doubt he’ll make the WTF. He should have been in that quarter at the Open against Rafa!

      • Jenny said

        You visit his site, Banti? I think he’s pretty special too.

      • Jenny said

        “He should have been in that quarter at the Open against Rafa!”

        Yep, we were gutted about that. Can’t take anything away from Verdasco’s victory though.

      • banti said

        No I don’t usually but I did today just to check it out. Went to Murray’s for the first time also, trying to figure out what his problem is recently.

    • M said

      Jenny, I’m just gutted about this Beijing Final. Nole has a bye — but what do the ATP plan to do about David?

      • Jenny said

        Exactly M, my thoughts entirely! They should sort something out so he has a fair chance, he just missed out on the byes. David sounds philosophical about it all, rather him than me! LOL I can’t even blame anyone for an act of nature.

      • Jenny said

        They’ll probably say tough luck. More than anything, I won’t want any injuries going on here because of it, especially before his tourney in Valencia.

      • M said

        Evil, evil ATP.

        I know I’m not one to talk, since the BJK Center can’t seem to get it together to put on on Ashe, but … Ls and Gs, there’s lots and lots of money in tennis. Can a fan get a roof in Beijing?

        (I mean, they certainly managed it in Shanghai; Roger helped them open it in the ceremony …)

      • M said

  47. Jenny said

    Thanks for the clip, M.

    There is big money in China, they want popular ambassadors like Ferru, Djoko and others to promote the sport and are prepared to pay for them. The facilities are otherwise great, the players treated well, but it is a 500 event so even a basic retractable roof should be a necessity given climate change. Mind you, the stands in Beijing were near empty last week, so they’re not getting money from ticket sales. As some wit pointed out on another site, 23 in attendance! The winner here gets around $500.00 the runner up half, so that should ease some of their frustration, though I think they might be just as happy with half of that and a roof!

  48. Jenny said

    Juan Martin Del Potro is scheduled to play in the Valencia 500 Open beg 30th October. Andy Murray is the defending champion. Juan Carlos is not playing.

    • M said

      Vamos Polito! I hope he does well.
      Jenny, is the dapper Juan Carlos going to present at his tournament, even if he can’t play …?

      • Jenny said

        I’m sure he will be there in one capacity or another. He and David both presented the trophy last year.

      • M said

        I hope he knows there are so many of his fans who would love for him to play almost as much as he wants to.

        I don’t mean to go on and on about it, Jenny, but I can’t tell you how gutted I was when Melzer took JCF out before he was scheduled to play Roger in 4R.
        Of course it was lovely to watch Roger and of course he played wonderfully — but I was *so* looking forward to the possibility of watching them play each other …!

        *sighs again*

      • Jenny said

        I agree, M. There’s nothing like a bit of nostalgia, and I know Roger and Juan Carlos have huge respect for each other. Two gentlemen of the courts.

      • M said

        “Gentlemen of the Courts”.

        Hmm. That might make a nice book title.
        Someone should write that. 😛

      • Jenny said

        You will have heard of the book, ‘Made in Valencia’ which features Marat, David and Juan Carlos. I haven’t read it, but I would think Igor Andreev might feature somewhere in it?

  49. Jenny said

    Who would have thought the diminutive Al Montanes would beat Michael Llodra in France on hardcourt? Well he just did by playing superb tennis, single backhands, returns. Even Michael’s big serve and aces couldn’t save him.

    About to watch D-Nal v Simon, this has to be a cerebral match.

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