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Here are some crazy freaking photos!!!!!!!!!!!

The day is not far when you won’t be able to play tennis without getting pregnant.

Nalbandian and Cilic.

‘If I can’t see it, no one can see it’ syndrome.

In-morph mode?

Someone please hire me as a trainer, please. I am jumping like that donkey in Shrek to be selected right NOW.

Baghdatis attempting ‘mental institution’ therapy to improve his game.

Not-so-golden years.

Wrong tree?

I have been warning Mirka to go ‘missionary’ only. But she won’t listen.

Another reason to attribute to some inexplicable losses?

Nadal’s backside has more applications than you thought. Here’s how to entice young girls to become a ball girl.

Nadal’s growth has been phenomenal!!!

Billboard for recruiting more coaches.

Your suspicion is right. This is not a regular photo session.

Djokovic aiming for Federer?

Is this golf or tennis?

Is there any doubt what Federer is doing? You don’t get that look doing anything else.

Mirka, run for the hills, unless you’ve grown two more…

Was Steffi expecting / wanting more?

Hey, you cannot double it as a microphone!!!!!!!!!!


OK, I lied, it’s just four inches!!!!!

Nadal: Federer was more difficult to please, no?

These ladies look familiar!!!

Graf’s attempt to cure Agassi’s baldness misfires!!!


Nalbandian and family.


Davydenko and family.

Canas + Stepanek product.


Djokovic and the long face.


Patrick McEnroe.

Bartoli’s dad.


Spanish Nuria Llagostera Vives celebrates with her coach Miguel Margets Lobato after winning the match against Italian Francesca Schiavone during the first round of FED CUP quarter final match in Naples, 02 February 2008. Vives won 7-6, 3-6, 6-2.   AFP/MARIO LAPORTA (Photo credit should read MARIO LAPORTA/AFP/Getty Images)

I suddenly have this feeling out of nowhere, that I think I will be a very good coach!!!!!!

Mirka, Wawrinka and now this guy? I am hiding my goats!!!!

Are parents allowed to accompany the players now?

Is there a title for this position on your staff, Safin?

Oh, I just saw Wawrinka!!!!

Roddick, there needs to be a vagina involved somewhere in this process!!!!

Instant and public neutering!!!!

If you cannot beat them, join them?

Congratulations. Now call your foot doctor and your attorney.

I can feel the ball. It’s in there.

Got ears?

We are just having sex, that’s all. What’s the problem?

Oh, where did that leaf come from?

Guys, try to spot Federer, after you are ‘done’.

Those holes are taken, anaconda!!!!!!!!!!!

No, I can see it. It IS out.

Brad Gilbert, left, coached Andre Agassi to six...

Move over Sharapova, Ana will take it from here.

Great forehand. What? What are YOU looking at?

Federer’s dream snapshot?

WTF are you guys doing?

If only I had a thumb!!!!!!!! Then her ‘I have a headache’ crap won’t hurt that much.

WTF are you guys doing?

Are we there yet.

15 Responses to “Photos”

  1. Severina said

    LOL! It’s great to click through these at the end of a crappy day!

  2. chickey said

    Lamo!!!! its halariouse to just be searchen the web and find these funny pics!!!! i didn’t even search this in the first plae so see where the web can take you !!!!

  3. chickey said

    and maybe you should make this so kids cant look at this stiff just to make it safe !!!! word of advis

  4. Bess from Alabama said

    I hope the last photo wasn’t meant to be funny.
    It broke my heart.

  5. Jenny said

    Well said Bess. Too much animal abuse. I’ve attached a link to the Brooke Animal Hospital who care for working horses, donkeys etc in poor countries and may interest you.

  6. Smith said

    very funny…never think about tennis photo can bring fun to ppl.

  7. lusti said

    i like the pics.
    from where i can find the more.

  8. lusti said

    can somebody tell from where i can get the maximum photos like the picture between ”What’s going on here? Is someone gay? &
    here is picture of female tennis player
    Where is Nadal when you need him?

  9. Jef said

    For that photo titled “Roddick, there needs to be a vagina involved somewhere in this process!!!!”

    At least when Roddick loses, I would think the vagina was sitting in the umpires chair!

  10. rakesh said

    hey dats a good collection…

  11. federe said

    hi i am khaled
    __00_00_i love
    ____0_the end

  12. bluechyll said

    *pic #2*

    hmmm… remember at the Aus Open this year when Tsonga said he prefered men… maybe he was telling the truth 😀

  13. cafe0sua said

    those pixs are great! Thanks for your post!

  14. monique said


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