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  1. George Matthews said

    I don’t kow about anyone else, but Mary Carillo and Dick Enberg suck as commentators. They both just seem to worship Serena and Venus. I mean there are many good tennis players, but they mention these two even when they aren’t in a tournament. They never mention the fact that they both have cheated in the past when they would drop out just prior to each other playing in a match. They never mention the fat that they play the least amount of any other players. It seems Serena is alwyas holding her fist towards her opponent when she sreams. These two play in only 10 or 12 tournaments a year. When they are suppose to play in at least 18. The truth is they aren’t good for tennis. They cheat, play very little. It seems they don’t play much prior to slams and all of a sudden it’s like they’ve played for months. They are both a sham and it will be good for tennis when they are finished.

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