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147 Responses to “Question?”

  1. Jenny said

    Hi TP – would it be possible to have a permanent Casualty Watch on the Top Bar? All the tours can be under one thread. I’ll do my best to keep it alive, I’m sure others will too. What do you think?

  2. Gek said

    Hi TP,

    could you please post this link? I think it is enlightening! Make sure you emphasize that there are 3 pages worth of “stuff”. Cannot miss anything!

  3. rogerfanusa said

    Could someone explain how the Draw is determined. I understand the seeded spots, but then, is it randomly selected after that? Does it go by ranking, or is it computer generated, or do they physically draw the name out of a hat 🙂


  4. jom said

    could some one tell me what’s that guy doing behind the chair umpire? saw it during Phau vs Roddick game in this years us open tennis tournament.

  5. Super Mario said

    TP – no thoughts on Fabrice Santoro’s retirement?

    • Jenny said

      Sadness, the like of who we’ll never see again, I feel privileged, an amazing player – I hope the tourney director of his final match gives him a real big send off, champagne, cake and a trophy, maybe a joint ceremony with Marat.

  6. Dee said

    Hi TP, My comments on us chat is placed just above your comment on Chieko san’s b’day.Why?
    Last number is 78 or something but mine is placed as 72.Every time I check I thought hmmm no one is commenting.Now I know why.

  7. Bettyjane said

    Hi TP,
    What about placing the Recent comments directly below the Warning, or at least above the Crazy videos for easier access when scrolling???

  8. monique said

    Can you tell me where do I click to access my profile ? Cannot find it anymore….

    • Jenny said

      Monique, have you ever submitted your profile? If you haven’t, go to ‘Warning’ right corner, then Newbie, then follow TP’s clear instructions. Profiles will appear in mail boxes and TP sets those up.

  9. monique said

    I tried everything but to no avail…..I am stucked

    • Jenny said

      Add all your stuff on ‘About Me’ and submit the comment in the usual way. There shouldn’t be a problem, TP will create a Mailbox and link it. Try it and let me know.

  10. monique said

    Thanks, Jenny, you are very nice. I did what you suggested. Just waiting now.

  11. monique said

    Received confirmation but nothing is changed….giving up.

  12. Jenny said

    TP, What’s the problem here?

  13. Bettyjane said

    Quite some time ago I had posted a profile and it was definitely up (people responded to it.) I haven’t seen it in a long while and just assumed it was removed. Be interested to hear how Monique’s situation plays out.

  14. monique said

    I posted 2 comments and they are not showing up.

  15. Jenny said

    Can’t help there. I just tried to reply to you but it didn’t show, I’ve put this in a new comment, let’s see if it responds.


  16. Jenny said

    Monique, Bettyjane has kindly offered to help you. Go to her mailbox, accessed under mailboxes, left side and post a message in her box.

    No probs, Bettyjane.

  17. Bettyjane said

    TP, I think there’s some sort of glitch between Monique and I being able to communicate with each other. Both in Mailbox and public forum mode, I don’t think she’s seeing my replies at all.
    Is this unprecedented???

  18. Let me see if something can be done.

    • monique said

      TP, still cannot change the avatar. Posted my intro in “about you” 3 times and it does not show and how do you post a photo ? Thanks TP.

  19. monique said

    Where do I post a picture ? [IMG][/IMG]

  20. Claire said

    How about having a previous posts tool bar that lists articles and video’s from like the past 2 weeks? – I hate having to page through all the posts to find say a post just 2 weeks ago? Just another “lazy freak” trying to make life easy for herself!! 🙂 I know you have “Popular Entries” but that’s doesn’t have all recent posts.

    Look at the article in Wall Street Journal 9/23 – I think that bed would be great for you – the cave bed with flat screen t.v.- place to hold your liquor (for those stressful tennis matches) and some other luxuries. I thought of you when I saw bed!!!

  21. Jenny said

    TP? I don’t know whether the other guys are having problems posting today [Friday], but I’ve tried at least three times to post on different threads. Let’s see if this goes through.

  22. Somebody Else said

    TP, because so many of us enjoy taking part in top-ten lists, can there be a series of questions asking all us posters to rank our top tens? They’re fun and you can find out about people’s interests, compare and discuss, etc. I know there’s already a top-5-movies question, but there could be more and they could be about a variety of things such as:

    Top Ten:
    – tennis players
    – grand slam finals
    – albums
    – bands
    – cities
    – artists
    – actors/actresses
    – songs

    …you get the picture. Whaddaya think???

  23. Jenny said

    Hi TP – Shanghai has already started, please may we have a new live match thread, thanks!

  24. Anonymous said

    Getting fed up trying to post to no avail?????????????/

  25. Jenny said

    TP – A new live chat threat for Russia and Stockholm? Many thnx TP.

    • Sol said

      Yes, TP, may we have a new thread, please? Thank you in advance.

      I just saw that Dimitrov got a WC to play Stockholm and that Davy and Safin are playing each other in the first round in Moscow. Gonna be interesting….

  26. Claire said

    Why not a spot where we can post jokes (as if we don’t laugh enough on this site)?

    Why did they raise the drinking age to 26 in Alabama? They wanted to keep the drinking out of high school!
    (apologies to those from Alabama)
    Man goes to grocery store, sees his wife pushing a cart. Goes up to her, puts his arms around her, kisses her neck. The woman responds – “what are you doing dirty old man” – man replies – “you aren’t my wife but you sure sound like her”! 🙂

  27. Claire said

    forgot it was “what are you doing dirty old man, stay away from me”!!

  28. Milos said

    Hey, tennisplanet, since you like stirring up controversy, could you please do a post about Del Potro being a bad sporstman? You know, retirements, injury timeouts, trying to hit Murray,…

    • Sol said

      “trying to hit Murray” ??? seriously? he did that? You can do a post yourself Milos, and then post it in “wanna post”. I, for one, will be interested in reading that. And relax, Milos, we’re all pretty open here, no need to get angry.

      • Jenny said

        I saw the match, Sol. It’s true, Murray accused Delpo of aiming a ball at his head, he denied it, it happened so quick so I can’t be certain, then an argument ensued, the umpire had to intervene.. I did back Murray regarding remarks he made about his mother. Construct an article yourself Milos and post, we’re not so bad here, although you just have to be prepared for some differences of opinion.

      • Milos said

        I am not getting angry. It’s you who is doing that. And Del Potro is a bad sportsman, judging by standards applied to Djokovic (frequent retirements, injury timeouts, occasional staling). It’s a shame people don’t know that.

        How do I make my own post? And does tennisplanet ever answer questions?

    • Jenny said

      Milos, all you do is contruct your article, Tip: be sure of your facts to back up your argument, you need to be specific and with detail to back it up, or you will get bashed, also, be prepared to accept others may not share your opinion. Go to Wanna Post, top bar, enter your article in comments and submit, bear in mind any links to other sites will usually go into moderation. TP has the final choice as to whether Posts are shown on the main pages, however your original post will usually stay in Wanna Post, so folk will still get to see it and comment if they choose to.

      I’ve found TP will answer technical questions or anything advantageous to the site in general. He will not answer a question about a player or tourney.

  29. monique said

    TP, I was wondering how come the video of Monica Seles has my name on it. Or is it another Monique. I did not post that video. Thank you!!!!!!!

  30. monique said

    Or maybe I forgot about it. Is that an old post ?

  31. Milos said

    Seriously, does anyone wanna do some research about Del Potro’s sportsmanship/gamesmanship? If no one wants to, I can do it. But it’s not gonna be pretty.

  32. Milos said

    How old are you TP?

  33. Milos said

    Can you write an article about DelPo, TP? I’m really interested in what you have to say.

  34. TuckerP said

    I was wondering…I’ve been coming to this site for such a long time…If I were to make a new header (an image, not just words like it is now) what size would the image have to be?

  35. Jay said

    TP, why don’t you embed a Meebo chat room on this blog? You can put up a chat button on the top bar. A live chat room would be a nice way to interact with other tennis fans.

  36. Claire said

    How do you do the “click here” thing to take you straight to an article on another site – i.e newspaper,etc.???

  37. Steph said

    TP, I had to change my email addy due to some stalkerish circumstances. But, I still wish to post as “Steph”. I still use the old addy to post here since you have been kind enough to grant me instant comment ability. Do you wish to have my new email addy? Or, shall I just keep on keepin’ on?

    I’ll check back later for your response.

    Happy New Year!

  38. bluechyll said

    I’ve been trying to update my Mail Box bio in the ‘About You’ section as it’s about two years old now, but it keeps being swallowed. The post was fairly long, is it possible that this is why it went into the spam, and can I fix it by writing a shorter, modified version?

  39. bluechyll said

    Hey TP, I tried to post my photos from the AO and I think they went into the Spam filter. Could you please get them out?

  40. rogerfanusa said

    Hey TP,
    Can you play the awards ceremony speeches from the AO, didn’t get them on my recorder.


  41. tennisfan said

    First, a big fan of TP, thanks for the wonderful world you have created. My question is:

    QUESTION: Now the Federer has won the AO, has anyone calculated the minimum number of weeks he is assured to remain as No.1 before a tournament puts it on the line?

    He is getting close to Sampras’ record and I think he will easily surpass it, he just needs another 4-5 months.

  42. ymd said

    Can we have an olympics thread?

  43. DD said

    I wondered if any one heard if Roddick was fined for his cursing at the chair umpire at the AO ? They threw the book at Federer for saying “shit” at the US Open and it was a media frenzy. But what about Roddick? Didn’t he have a clash with a line judge, too?

  44. Jenny said

    Hi TP! Is it possible to include a permanent Davis Cup thread on the top bar? Those of us interested in the events don’t have to clutter up other threads. Ties begin in March. Many thanks, TP.

  45. Jenny said

    Hi TP, We’re ready for a new live chat thread for Marseille, Memphis, Buenos Aires. Thanks.

  46. Jenny said

    Hi TP! We now need a live match thread for Acapulco, Dubai, Delray Beach. Many thanks.

  47. Varun said

    Hi TP. What’s the best way to contact you? I really need your advice on something.

  48. Jenny said

    TP, May we have a live match thread for Monte Carlo? Many thanks.

  49. O said

    Anyone lives near the gulf?

  50. chieko said

    TP sama where is Gracie san. I have not seen her comments for a while. I hope she is ok. Do you know?? Thank you .

    • Chieko,

      Have no idea.

      • chieko said

        TP sama I thank you very much. I was a very timid person but now I have courage. If love and care give people courage than TP sama you gave me all those. Thank you so very much for now I hear from Gracie san. 😥 🙂 😥 🙂

    • Dee said

      May be she’s still here in disguise.I’ve sharpen my detective skills from DK.

    • Gracie said

      (TP please discard the other reply if possible, which probably posted in as Anonymous.)

      Hi Chieko san. Thank you for asking about me. I’ve been around, still watching tennis and trying to check in here. I have been upset and preoccupied because my sister was diagnosed with cancer again. She had breast cancer about ten years ago, but now it has come back – this time metastasized to her bones and liver. She is having chemotherapy again, but it’s just a way to hold off how fast or how much it will spread. The diagnosis is most likely terminal. If we’re lucky she might have a few years. It is very hard for me to digest, as she is my only sibling and we have always been very close. I cannot even imagine being left in this world without her. Both our parents are dead and I really don’t have any other family that’s close, and I guess I’m feeling a bit lost and helpless at the moment. When I’m not busy working I’m just trying to be there for her now, as the treatment is almost worse than the disease. I hope this answers for you why I have not been contributing much here lately, but it is still a nice distraction to catch up with everyone’s posts a few times during the week.

      • chieko said

        Oh my dearest Gracie san,

        I have been checking everyday to see your mail. And today I saw your name!! So I was very happy and try. Yes it is for me!! O I am so happy to know that you are ok in a way. 🙂

        I am so sorry that your sister is not well. I do not know exactly how you feel. But I can imagine how you feel . I am 20 years old now. And I also lost a very close friend last year. I remember how lost I was. And I lost my dearest pet cat alsol. I was so sad. I guess it is something like that but worse.

        Gracie san, I do not know how to help you be less unhappy. But I want you to know that you are a very important person in my life. I came here a few years ago when I was very down. I wanted to be a professional cello performer. I worked hard everyday since I was 4 years old. I gave up a lot of playtime and just focused on cello. But I injuried my shoulder muscle permanetly and I was told I could no longer able to peruse my dream. It was so bad and I was very depressed. And I came here to do something very different. For my English is not good so may be I would be distracted in a way. I am glad I did.

        Do you remember because I talked funny I have people who told here that they do not like the way I talk etc. And I was scared and left. But You my dearest Gracie call posted Calling Chieko…. I could not believe it. You love me so much to ask me back.

        Thank you so much Gracie san. I am back. And TP sama really treats me special.

        I have so many happy time here.

        Now I know I shall never be a professional performer. But I intend to pursue music. may be one day I can teach or something like that. I am branching out now learning singing also. I am enjoying it. I know I can never sing Mozart’s Magic flute : Queen of the Night …( dream on) but at least I can attack some other ariaz with ease!! How I wish I can sing for your sister right now.

        I am going to perform as Cho Cho san in my graduation performance. I shall sing Un Bel Di Vedremo an aria I liked since childhood. Mind you though Gracie san, I shall never fall in love with a man like that. TO me that is foolish. I shall love to marry to someone who is kind and loving.

        Gracie san, I know you have a lot on your mind. I know you are very unhappy and lost right now. But please please find time to come here. I shall you how to type in Smileys. All you have to do is just send a smiley to me Gracie san. I would be so happy to know you have not left us ..oh?? 😳

        I shall pray for you everyday. I am Budhist but I do believe we all believe in one Universe. I do believe the same positve force rule all of us. So may our God look after you and your sister.

        Please tell your sister. In my belief, the last feeling you feel on this earth is very very important. For that is the feeling you bring to your after life or re birth or whereever you are going. So please please tell her not to fear. Please tell her to have faith. Remember what Socrates say before he die, yes sometimes going away may not be worse than staying here especially when our physical body has failed us and pain sets all in even morphin cannot stop the pain. Please Gracie san do take care. Since I was 16 years old, I consider you my dear dear friend.

        Ich Liebe Die !! Love you very much Gracie san. I wish my English is better. But I do have faith you know you are very important here.

        See your smileys here soon Gracie san.

        Chieko with love and respect 😥 ( happy tears now sorry we Japanese cry a lot at all occasions men and women) 😥 😥 😥

      • Jenny said

        Hello Gracie
        My thoughts are with you at this time. Situations like this are so hard to deal with, a very similar thing happened to a very dear friend some years ago, she was like a second mother to me after my own mother passed suddenly with a ruptured aneurysm. Cancer is an evil curse, and I know the effects of the treatment can be devastating both mentally and physically. As you know I work in a hospital, but seeing it happen to a loved one is a whole different ball game, but try to remember you are never alone, even if it may feel that way at times. You will get through this, Gracie, just try to live in the present and take it a day at a time, that’s how I coped. Remember the great football anthem, You’ll Never Walk Alone, so I’m posting a clip to your mail box. I’m so glad you are still lurking here, I’ve missed you very much, it’s always been a pleasure reading your posts and I bet you are rolling your eyes at some of TP’s and our efforts. As you can see, TP is still rolling out his ‘specials’, those poor players and the goats and inflatables!

        In the meantime, take very good care, be good to yourself too, and I wish you both to find strength and courage.

        Lots of love and support from across the miles.


  51. Somebody Else said

    Teep, where is Screwdriverrrrr!!???!?!?!?!

  52. chieko said

    TP sama, would you also kindly give Blake san a get well card. I believe Blake san just in hospital with knee surgery. ( Please refer to Gracie san space of concern). Thank you in advance.

    • Jenny said

      Dear Cheiko san,
      You are one of the sweetest souls that I’ve had priviledge to ‘meet’. I like James and of course I’m sorry to hear of his woes and wish him a speedy recovery. To be fair, there are others ailing on tour, some having had surgery, so with respect, I personally don’t think it’s appropriate to single him out for a get well card. Maybe TP can issue a card on our behalf, naming all the players who are having real longstanding physical problems right now? What do you think? Between us we can all put a list of names together.

      Best Wishes.

      • Jenny said

        PS. I think your initial kind suggestion is a very good one, Cheiko san. Maybe TP could consider it.

      • Sol said

        Lol, Jenny. I think Chieko san meant “Blake”, our fellow TP blogger, not “James Blake” the tennis player.

      • Jenny said

        LOL LOL Sol, I think you’re right! I sent our Blake a message myself! Apologies, If I misunderstood, Cheiko san!

  53. chieko said

    TP sama , just read Jenny san’s response that Madrid Tennis has started. Please give us Live Chat also.

    Thank you in advance.

  54. Jenny said

    Does anyone have a contact e-mail for TennisTV? I signed up some years ago, don’t know why, a moment of madness, never used them because I have no need of their service in Europe, can’t remember any passwords so can’t unsubscribe to their mails! It’s silly and becoming irritating, there should be a separate contact address or an easier way to say, no thanks.

  55. Somebody Else said

    Maria Sharapova

    2004: Wimbledon
    2006: U.S. Open
    2008: Australian Open

    2010: could she get the French Open?

  56. Vr said

    Hi TP. How can I post a picture from FO on this site?

  57. Jenny said

    Hi TP, Some time ago, we had a regular poster on all things Nalbandian. For some strange reason, she seems unable to post here anymore. Her comments were always respectful and informative. I have left a message on her Vamos David site suggesting that maybe she use a different name, e-mail. Do you think that may solve the problem?

    Many thanks.

  58. Jenny said

    Hi TP – Queens and Halle live chat thread? Many thanks.

  59. ricky said

    Hi TP, what about a World Cup thread? There might be soccer addicts here and it could distract us while waiting for and during Wimbledon as this tennis season doesn’t spark with incredible achievements

  60. bluechyll said

    Does anyone know what the record for the highest score in a tie-break is? I’m just interested to know 🙂

  61. Somebody Else said

    What could these tennis fans be referring to? 😉

  62. Dee said

    I was going to write to Dude about our similar avatars and for some bazaar reason I right clicked on it and it said some thing gravatar and clicked it and every avatar disappeared. I have a love hate relationship with them so,I kinda miss them now. How do I get it back?

  63. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    What is the meaning of life?

  64. Claire said


    Why don’t you post pictures I find from the “gototennis” site???

  65. DMK said

    Why do so many of the (male) tennis players look like they haven’t shaved or combed thier hair for several days ? Do they just roll out of bed and go to the matches? Novak and Roger always look pretty good, but even Rafa looks scruffy part of the time. Mardy Fish would actually be sort of attractive if he shaved more often. Just wondered.

  66. Jenny said

    Can we have a live chat thread for Cincy? Thanks TP.

  67. Barbara said

    TP, I’m confused. When I replay to Another Wall… from 26 of August, I was the first one. That’s why Sarah commented on my post! Now Nelson Goodman is first – how is is it possible???????

  68. Somebody Else said

    As I understand it, the four Grand slam surfaces are as follows:

    AO – sandpaper
    RG – crushed brick
    WM – grassy dust
    USO – painted cement

    Is this correct?

  69. Somebody Else said

    I just wanted to be certain: Rick and Ricke are two different people posting here, right?

    • Somebody Else said


      • Somebody Else said

        … 8o

      • Somebody Else said

        they don’t work, I’m losing it.

      • M said

        SE, this isn’t directly germane to your question (though I think Jenny, as usual, is correct) but here is a list of WordPress smilies Bluechyll found for us all after my attempts at a “how-to” proved a bit of a dismal failure:

        http: // tennisplanet. wordpress. com/ 2010/04/12/ wordpress-list-of-smilies-from-bluechyll-thanks/

        (push the spaces together to get the link — I didn’t want you to have to wait for moderation)

      • Somebody Else said

        Thanks, M.
        I’ve never been too specific in sentiment to care about the smiley varieties, but I may dabble from time to time.

    • Jenny said

      Ricke is a Roddick fan and I think a lady. Rick, a gent? a Fed fan who is into language and has a thing about bizarre pronounciations [I share that one]. Am I right Ricke and Rick? Yep, two people.

  70. Somebody Else said

    Recent nicknames as I’ve come to understand them (add any I’ve missed):

    Gabashvili = Garbageville
    Istomin = Histamine
    Granollers = Granola Bar
    Rafa Nadal = Ralph Nadle (according to B.Gilbert)
    Petschner = Pet Detective
    Dabul = Kabul, Afghanistan
    Querrey = Queer Eye
    Verdasco = Hot Sauce
    Wawrinka = Paprika / Wart-Wrinkle
    Stepanek = Steponmyneck / popular favorite: “Neck Stepper”

    What else??

  71. Jessica said

    Hi TP,

    I would love to send an email to Bjornino. How do I get his mailadress or can you send this mail to him?
    I am soo thankfull for his post called: “Wilander story” posted September 19th 2010.
    How I have enjoyed the tv-show on Swedish television. To see my idol and his kids etc. It was fantastic and I could see all this only cause of Bjornino. He is just a hero to me (both Bjornino and Mats :))

    Puss och kram to him!!
    Tack Tack Tack!
    Jessica from Holland

  72. M said

    TP, I think I have a “2010 Slam/Masters Match of the Year” questionnaire lurking somewhere in moderation.
    (I’m not sure why, though; I didn’t include any links in it, I don’t think.)

    If you think it would be fun for everybody, would you dig it out?
    Thank you! 😀

  73. jett09 said

    Can someone please tell me when is the Mighty Fed playing next? We’re waiting….waiting….

  74. Ernie said


    Any truth to the rumour that, irrespective of the circumstances leading to her foot injury, Serena Williams did incur some foot injury which required some surgery, an appropriate recovery period and needed rehab time but that this isn’t the “true” reason her not participating in the US OPEN. I heard that there exists the possibility that included in the decision by the USTA to fine Serena for her dreadful behavior last year there was also a decision by the USTA to suspend her from participating in the 2010 US OPEN. Could this be true? This would mean that powers to be decided not to fully disclose the scope of the USTA’s decision and dupe the public. Could someone please investigate? Thanks.

  75. Jenny said

    Can we have a live match thread for Shanghai, TP? Thnx.

  76. xeres said

    TP ! what’s all this talk about some lawsuit that TMZ folks are talking about
    “A blockbuster lawsuit was just filed against the company that manages Roger Federer and Tiger Woods, alleging the owner of the company bet millions of dollars on sporting events, used inside information to wager on a Federer match and bet against his own client, Tiger Woods.And the suit goes on, alleging tennis star Roger Federer gave Forstmann inside information about a tennis match in which Federer competed. The suit claims in one case Forstmann raised his bet from $10,000 to $40,000 after receiving the inside info from Federer. We’re told the match in question was the 2006 French Open final. Ironically, Federer lost to Rafael Nadal”

    Investigate and report !

  77. chieko said

    Dear TP sama,

    Would you please be kind to tell me how many point Federer san and Nadal san has to defend next year to remain on top. What does Federer san has to do to become number 1 again??

    Thank you. 😀

  78. chieko said

    Sorry correction, I was in a hurry. let me try again.

    TP sama,

    Would you please tell us what points next year the top 2 ( Federer san and Nadal san mainly) have to defend. And what tournaments they HAVE to win to remain on top.

    Thank you 😀

    • Anonymous said

      And thank you for your question, Cheiko san. I would love to understand it also—in simple terms!

    • Barbara said

      Chieko, you have to go to ATP site. Next select RANKINGS. Select the player. Select the RANKING BREAKDOWN for the player. You will find the details for every player, with dates and number of points to defend.

      • chieko said

        Oh thank you Barbara san, I shall do this right away!!

        Another question maya be Barbara san you can answer me, how come Federer san only gets 160 points for winning Stockholm tournament. I thought he gets 250 points , no?? Where did the 90 points go. Or do they deduct points for entering the first time?? Thank you very much.

      • chieko said

        Wow Nadal san has a lot of points to defend next year!! Incredible 9000 points NO???!!

      • Jenny said

        Hi Cheiko san,

        I recently wrote to the ATP about the same thing regarding David Ferrer as he didn’t get all the points which I thought he was entitled. They were good enough to reply in great detail. I thought I had come to grips with it all, unfortunately not! It is complicated, but they were right, the rule applies to any player in the top 30. This is why many players outside the top 30 and who do well are able to climb up the ladder quickly or claw back like eg David Nalbandian and Juan Carlos Ferrero who had dropped into the 100’s. If you have time, check out the ATP rule book and the best of luck!! 🙂

      • chieko said

        I shall try Jenny san, I know it will be complicated but good learning for me. Thanks again.

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