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Maybe Quiz button on the top bar, TP and it won’t interfere with the Wall of Fame?? We can continue to have fun, no! What do you think Monique and SE?

498 Responses to “Quiz”

  1. monique said

    Hey Jenny we have our quizz button, yeyyyyyyyyy…

  2. monique said

    That was fast, thank you so much, TP.

  3. Jenny said

    Who among the current ATP players is known to have a law degree? I’m thinking of just one. There may be more, so feel free to add.

  4. monique said

    This one is too easy. What is the name of John McEnroe’s first wife ?

  5. monique said

    Who is the other Argentinian to make history in another sport this year ?

    • Jenny said

      This is pure guesswork. Diego Maradonna, Football manager?

    • Jenny said

      I’m still thinking about this one, Monique, I might have to give up. I don’t watch too much other sport. I know Argentina are big into football, so my last guess would be a footballer, Lionel Messi?

    • monique said

      Sorry Jenny, I should have sticked to tennis. It is Angel Cabrera, golf and I saw him when he won.

      • Jenny said

        LOL, always interested in this stuff. My husband’s a golfer, [it bores me to tears] but I doubt he would have known that one. He could have turned club pro years ago. Now it’s just a hobby. He travelled 600 miles to say ‘goodbye’ to his hero, Jack Nicklaus.

      • monique said

        I follow golf a little because I started playing in 1992, played a lot but now I try to play about 10 times in the summer. You like tennis and he likes golf. I hope you have 2 television sets. Serena was on Regis & Kelly a few minutes ago and she was all smiles like nothing happened. Off to play tennis soon.Find a good question.

  6. Jenny said

    A nice easy, light one: Flavia Pennetta was with a longterm boyfriend before they split, who was he, and what was his major achievement?

  7. monique said

    Carlos Moya and he won US Open, I think and she went out with Fernando Gonzalez. I don’t know if they are still together. She is my new favorite on the women’s side.

    • Jenny said

      Carlos Moya is right, he won the French Open, his only slam in 1998. It was Gisela Dulko who had a long term relationship with Gonzo. They have split, but I don’t think he’s with Dulko. Flavia is nice.

  8. monique said

    I almost wrote French Open and I changed my mind. Oh yes now I remember, Gisela Dulko was with Gonzo. I am not thinking clearly….lol. I like Gisela, too bad she was bageled.

  9. Sergeant said

    Which male professional tennis player is son of one of the GOATs of athletics?

  10. Jenny said

    Most players are renowned for their good work for children, but who is also known to support two of the four legged kind at his country’s zoo?

  11. Stella said

    easy one. Which ex tennis player is now a nun.

  12. Stella said

    and for an additional bonus point — which ex tennis player is now a church minister

  13. monique said

    Which designer dressed Maria Kirilenko with her tennis outfits but switched to Caroline Wozniaki when Kirilenko was not winning enough ?

  14. monique said

    Which tennis player sold his trophys because he was short on money and who told him he was crazy to do that ?

  15. monique said

    oh error…..trophies not trophys.

  16. Stella said

    and for an additional bonus point — which ex tennis player is now a church minister

  17. monique said

    A little hint…pleaseeeeeeee

  18. monique said

    Which former tennis player made the Forbes list for being one of the 10 most hated athletes ?

  19. Jenny said

    Nicola Pietrangeli?

  20. monique said

    What is the name of Del Potro’s coach ? BTW..he is gorgeous!!!
    The coach I mean.

  21. monique said

    Nalbaldian is an Argentinian but of what descent ?

  22. monique said

    I am baking bread right now, can you smell it wherever you live? LOL

  23. Jenny said

    Talking of el Rey David, what football team does he support? I believe at one time he wore their shirt colours.

  24. monique said


    • Jenny said

      LOL Yes!

      • monique said

        Actually, I did not know it but I looked it up. I see you are a fan of all clay court players.

      • Sol said

        I looked it up too and couldn’t find it. I did find this article about how Nalby blew a match against Verdasco at Wimbly 2006 because he wanted to watch an Argentina-Germany football match. And they say he’s not motivated by tennis. Lol.

      • Jenny said

        David isn’t really a clay court player as such, despite doing well on that surface. He was brought up on a hard court and likes indoor, this is where he beats Roger. Basically he’s all court.

      • Joolz said

        He asked for his match against Verdasco to be postponed because of the Argentina/Germany World Cup semifinal. That he ended up losing it (just like Argentina lost that football match) is a different matter…

        As for who he’s supporting in terms of football, here’s a little extra question: he’s a River Plate fan but always picks a different team when he plays football on the Playstation, i.e. his other favourite – which one?

      • Jenny said

        I haven’t a clue Joolz, welcome to our Quiz btw.

      • Jenny said

        Who is it Joolz?

      • Joolz said

        Thanks. – I just realized that I know way too much about David and not enough about other players…

        Anyway, his other favourite football team is FC Barcelona.

      • Jenny said

        Thx. That’s really interesting, but I’m sure he must hang out with the Spanish boys, lol and that brings me to another question!

  25. Jenny said

    This is a Roger question, Sol?

    When Roger won the Wimbledon title in 2003, who was his opponent in that final and who was his coach at the time?

  26. Somebody Else said

    Who is the only World No.1 player to never win a clay tournament?

  27. monique said

    Fed’scoach was Peter Lungstrum

  28. Stella said

    you guys are good.
    Next — which tennis player got married last October to another tennis player?

  29. monique said

    Lleyton Hewitt ?

  30. monique said

    Bettany Matteck

  31. Sol said

    Ooh I have one for you: Which tennis player married Agassi’s sister?

  32. Stella said

    who were the 4 Musketeeers ( in tennis that is)

  33. monique said

    There is another tennis player who got married in July of this year. Who is it ?

  34. Stella said

    got to go. supper time CU L8R

  35. Jenny said

    Spurred on by Joolz, name other Argentine players who are known to partner Rafa on Playstation?

  36. Joolz said

    Other than David – Juan Monaco, perhaps? Just guessing.

  37. Somebody Else said

    Which three tennis players have asteroids named after them?

  38. monique said

    Agassi and Sampras lol

  39. monique said

    Nadal’s father has 2 business. What are they ?

  40. Somebody Else said


  41. monique said

    Aranxa Sanchez and Navratilova

  42. monique said

    What is the name of the cow Federer received as a gift ?

  43. Stella said

    I’m back. dinner was good.
    Here’s another but Jenny isn’t allowed to answer this ( she knows everything but is probably in bed anyway)
    Iff you see a sign saying “southfields station” where are you heading to. ?

  44. Stella said

    which player had a father who was a car salesman?

  45. monique said

    You say had, active or retired ? As for Wimbledon, I took a guess.haha

  46. monique said

    Stefi Graf’s father

  47. monique said

    Which tennis player’s wife slapped an umpire when her husband left the court and did not finish the match ?

  48. monique said

    Bruno Rebeuh

  49. Gracie said

    What was unusual about Virginia Wade’s opponent in her opening match of the 1977 US Open?

  50. monique said

    Which player had to concede a match when he said, “I broke all my racquets and I have nothing to play with” ?

  51. Jenny said

    Could that be Tursunov?

  52. Sergeant said

    Q: Who was the last man to win a Slam without defeating Federer?

    Correct answer: Federer!

  53. Sergeant said

    Other than Federer… Roddick maybe?

  54. monique said

    Which former player is 3 months pregnant right now ?

  55. Somebody Else said

    I remember now: Nathalie Dechy

    She’s lovely.

  56. Somebody Else said

    Ashley Harkleroad ?

  57. Sergeant said

    How about a question which instead of knowledge requires thinking? Would that be ok?

    We all know that players sometimes lose matches having won more points than the winner. For example, in the US open, Haas lost to Verdasco having won 11 points more than him.

    Q: How many points more than the other player could possibly a player win and still lose a match of the men’s singles main draw of the US open?

  58. Somebody Else said



  59. Jenny said

    Which player lost all his belongings in a fire which broke out in his hotel in 2008?

  60. Sergeant said

    I remember I read that when it was news, Jenny, but I can’t remember his name. It was definitely not a top 20 player, maybe not even top 50.

  61. monique said

    Who was the #1 Junior in the world in 2000 ?

  62. Somebody Elae said

    the A-Rod

  63. Stella said

    can I recap?

    Who is 3 months pregnant? No title, surely not kournikova.
    Who lost his belongings? I had a feeling Roddick was involved there.

  64. Jenny said

    Stella, lost belongings Schwank, point to Monique.

  65. Stella said

    Monique— more hints please — who is pregnant?

  66. Gracie said

    Oh. My. Gawd. You overachieving freaks have gone completely mental over this new Quiz tab!

    It’s almost as bad as trying to keep up with as the live chat. Miss a day and there’s 300 posts here!
    You guys are driven!

  67. Jenny said

    I was thinking we might have to ask TP to refresh it when it hits a certain number of comments, [as with live chat]. Hope you’re enjoying it, Gracie.

  68. monique said

    Who started the trend of wearing longer shorts, I am not talking about Rafa’s pants ?

  69. Stella said

    I remember Sampras coming out with longer shorts. When he did that he changed and had the second ball thrown to him after he missed a first derve ( before that he had it in his pockt) The commentators said it was because he was afraid it would fall out of the pocket of these baggy shorts. So Pete perhaps

  70. Jenny said

    What was the longest singles match [ATP] in modern history, and who were the contestants?

  71. monique said

    Which player’s father was banned from attending the tournaments ? Do not give the year, it is going to be too easy.

  72. monique said

    After winning his 1st title in 2008, what did Del Potro give his sister Julieta ?

  73. MIKE_ said

    In what city was the first tennis court built and tennis club established? And for extra credit, in what year?

    • Somebody Else said

      Hampton Court Palace.

      “Tennis has been played at Hampton Court for almost as long as the Palace has stood there. Present knowledge suggests the first tennis court, or tenys playe as they were called in Tudor times, was built by Cardinal Wolsey between 1526 and 1529. It was the first of three constructed at the Palace.”

      Hampton Court Palace is located next to the River Thames to the south west of London.

      Hampton Court Palace
      East Molesey
      KT8 9AU

    • Stella said

      in 1873 in Wales Major Walter Wingfield launched a new sport called SPHAIRISTIKE which is considered to be the origin of outdoor (lawn ) tennis as we know it today

    • Jenny said

      Leamington Spa, UK? 1884?

      • MIKE_ said

        Nope. Valencia, Spain in 1298.

        According to TTC’s documentary “Origins of the Game” —

        “The first known purpose-built tennis court in Europe was created by King James II of Aragon in Valencia, Spain in the year 1298. [King] James II learned about tennis from local Christian monks and became so enamoured with the game that he converted a castle courtyard into a proper tennis court by removing all the shrubbery, leveling the ground, and installing a wooden floor.”

        “Probably his court was the first tennis club.”

      • MIKE_ said

        … “Other nobles across Europe followed suit, modifying castle courtyards and spreading “tennis-fever” throughout the upper-classes of Italy, France, Spain, and England.”

      • Jenny said

        Gracias Mike, very interesting.

  74. Jenny said

    What makes Feliciano Lopez different to his Spanish compatriots?

  75. monique said

    Who won the US Open in 1997 ? It was his 1st slam.

  76. monique said

    Which female tennis player took to the runway for a fashion show this week ?

  77. monique said

    Is the quizz”button” broken ?

  78. monique said

    Which player was a natural lefty and was trained to play right handed ?

  79. Jenny said

    Carlos Moya.

  80. monique said

    I don’t know about Moya but he is not the one I am talking about.

  81. Joolz said

    In which Shakespeare play do tennis balls play certain role?

  82. Jenny said

    Rafa has the bull logo, Roger has RF, what logo is Fernando ‘Hott Sauce’ Verdasco considering having on fan caps?

  83. Sergeant said

    How about a “Who is this?” question?

    Medium level: Who is LHAO next to Djokovic?
    Hard: Who is recording and commentating?

    • Somebody Else said

      The player laughing next to Djokovic looks to be Potito Starace.
      The person recording and speaking does sound Argentinian, so maybe it really is Del Potro. Do you know?

    • Jenny said

      Have you changed your avatar, Sergeant? – see right column?

      • Sergeant said

        Yes, I did, Jenny. Same Sergeant, different avatar.

        So, do you second my guess? Sergio Roitman? Voices are much harder to identify than faces though.

      • Jenny said

        Lol Sergeant, forgive me, I need the maggy glass, who is your new avatar? I must confess, I haven’t heard Roitman speak. When creating an avatar, I am a bit of a luddite, excuse my ignorance, so advice needed, eg. if I put in my e-mail address to register, and then to my pics for choice, is all that stuff safe? Does that make sense?

      • Sergeant said

        I understand your concern, Jenny, I’m a bit of a luddite myself. What I do is I don’t use my regular e-mail address. I have another e-mail account that I use almost exclusively for Tennis Planet and Gravatar.

        Re: maggy glass. LOL, I wouldn’t have known either. It is John Newcombe. I chose him after reading Monique’s story below, but I have never seen him play. Now I’ll have to check him out on youtube some day.

      • Jenny said

        Thank you for responding Sergeant. I see what you mean about creating another e-account, I’ll think about it.

        When I first saw your pic, I thought it was Goran. I’ve never seen Newcome play either.

  84. monique said

    It’s actually what I consider legalised cheating because one of the great senses that you have on a tennis court is your ability to hear the ball come off your opponent’s strings (on Sharapova grunting). Who is responsible for that quote??????

  85. monique said

    Tommy Haas’s girlfriend has a famous father, who is he ????

  86. monique said

    As of 2005, how many tennis racquets, has Safin broken ?????????

  87. Stella said

    why do witches wear name tags?

    • Jenny said

      Hi Stella! I have no idea – To see which one it is?!…sorry!

      • Stella said

        so they know which witch is which.

        Sorry but had to get back into the swing of things with an easy one.

        Really enjoyed the beatiful weather in England in October. Now back home its dull, wet and cold

    • Jenny said

      LOL! I’m not so good on jokey questions, but I guess I nearly got it right!

      Glad you enjoyed your time in England, Stella. The weather hasn’t been so bad here, not cold, it’s rainy now though and the falling leaves on our path and garden are a pain in the neck, I’ve spent days picking up the wretched things, and they’re still falling. Thank goodness the council takes them away for free, provided we use the special bags provided.

  88. monique said

    Quote from a tennis player; All this selling himself as a gentleman is not true. He is the worst rubbish there is (on Tim Henman). Which tennis player said that ?????????

    • Jenny said

      LOL LOL The irrepressible David Nalbandian, most of us Brits thought it was very amusing at the time, including Tim. This was after Tim wouldn’t confirm whether one of David’s balls was in or out, he wasn’t sure himself..

  89. Jenny said

    Federer, Nadal, Roddick, Gonzalez, Davydenko have one thing in common, what is it?

  90. Somebody Else said

    Who was the first professional sports figure to sign an endorsement contract with Nike?

    -he is a former tennis player

  91. monique said

    Which player did Agassi meet on his last match at the US Open ??

  92. Dee said

    Please look at the math below:
    They say only people with an IQ with 120 and over are able to figure this out.

    2 + 3 = 10
    7 + 2 = 63
    6 + 5 = 66
    8 + 4 = 96


    > 9 + 7 = ????

  93. Jenny said

    TP has kindly posted a basic map of Spain, where on the map do the top Spaniards hail from, extra marks if you can name the birthplace of some and where they live now?

    • M said

      *raises hand*

      Rafael Nadal
      From: Manacor, Mallorca
      Lives: Mallorca (also Punta Cana, DR)

      David Ferrer
      From: Xàbia, Alicante, Valencia
      Lives: Valencia

      Juan Carlos Ferrero
      From: Onteniente, Valencia
      Lives: Valencia

      Fernando Verdasco
      From: Madrid
      Lives: Madrid

      Feliciano Lopez
      From: Toledo
      Lives: Madrid

    • Liz said

      Jenny that was too easy for M. She should also have to tell us how they like their eggs in the morning and what their shoe size is.

      • M said

        LOL, Liz, no fair!

        Jenny put that quiz together exactly the way she wanted it and this is the first one I ever got the answers first for.

        And after all, Rafa wears a different size shoe on court than his street shoe size, to accommodate his supports. So it would get complicated and people wouldn’t read the answers. 🙂

      • Liz said

        I was kidding of course M, it would freak me out a little if you knew all the answers.
        Congrats on “this is the first one I ever got the answers first for” 😀

        And I know you didn’t cheat by looking up the answers on Google cause it’s clearly malfunctioning right now. I just typed in “Andy Murray is” and the first suggestion that comes up is “Andy Murray is hot”

      • M said

        You are wrong as two left shoes.

        *tries to stifle gigglefit*

  94. Jenny said

    Congrats, M 😛 lol Couldn’t fool you!

    Liz, There was an important ommission. You may be able to clean up before M swoops down. 😈

    Moving on from the first question. There were three players featured in the book, Made in Valencia, two are obvious, but who was the third? Hint: Liz and others, He isn’t Spanish but speaks the language.

  95. M said

    In honor of Jenny’s Barcelona quiz from last week (which was much harder than this will be) –

    Who are the four players that received WCs to the 2010 Rome Masters, and where are they from?

    • Jenny said

      Apologies, M. I just spotted your question. The answer: Lotenzi, Volandri, Starace, Bolelli – all from Italia.

      • Jenny said

        Typo – Lorenzi

      • M said

        It’s fine, Jenny! TP put up a personal quiz question in regular post rotation that same week, I think, so a lot of people didn’t come over here.

        So congratulations for producing the right answer so long after the close of clay season!

  96. Jenny said

    There are two Spanish players who wear relatively unknown court attire, who are they and what is the brand?

  97. Sergeant said

    Russian Nikolay Davydenko became the eighth active player on the ATP World Tour circuit to win 400 matches in his career (400-243) on Wednesday (6 Oct. 2010).

    Who are the other seven?

    As a side note, I predict Robredo will be the ninth one to reach this milestone, and Ljubicic, the 10th.

    • Jenny said

      Oh dear, 🙂 I’m going to have to research this, Sergeant! This question is a stinker but a good one!

      Federer has to be one?

      Going along with Robredo and Luby

    • M said

      Mustn’t Nole be one?
      Jenny beat me to the other five I would have guessed. (Roger has won over 700 matches – isn’t that amazing?)
      Even Radek only has 248. This is haaaaard! 😛

      • Jenny said

        I knew the two R’s had passed the 400 and JC and probably Roddick. It is a toughie. Nole has 308, so he’s not there and not likely to be yet. I think we’re looking at the consistent over 25’s?

      • M said

        Juanquí is indeed one, Jenny.

        Is Carlitos Moya still active? He would be one if he is.

        (I know he’s not playing a lot because of the injuries, but I don’t know anything about an official retirement announcement …)

      • Jenny said

        I think Sergeant is looking for those within reach of the 400. Sergeant? So I think Juanqui is out of contention, he’s over the mark. I haven’t checked Moya, but I would think he’s over too.

      • M said

        Carlitos is over 500 wins. That’s a lot of matchplay.

      • Sergeant said

        Jenny, the original question was who are the eight active players over the 400 match win mark.

        The ATP website just said Davydenko is the eighth player, but they didn’t say who are the other seven, so our final answer would be open to debate. I go along with M, though, and believe that the ATP considers a player as active as long as he has not officially announced his retirement.

        So we have so far Davydenko, Federer, Nadal, Roddick, Moya, and Ferrero. The other two I’m thinking of have 542 and 462 wins.

      • M said

        Tommy Haas and Lleyton Hewitt?

      • Jenny said

        Yes, Tommy 462, and Lleyton 542. Moya is still officially active. 🙂

      • M said

        That was hard!

      • Sergeant said

        Correct! Thanks for participating, Jenny and M!

  98. Jenny said

    Give me time….I know where to look now! Back later…..
    Quite a few in the 300’s, urrgh Fena on 364, if fit he could have been one.

  99. RafaFan said

    Birthday Mathematics!

    Now that the tennis season is almost over (right now it’s so boring!) let’s do some funny Math!
    Follow the instructions below. Post the result and I’ll tell you your Birthday. 😉
    This will help TP to update the Birthday Calendar of his freaking fans! LOL.

    1: Multiply your month by 5, i.e. July=7
    2: Add the result to 7, and multiply the answer by 4.
    3: Sum the result with 13 and multiply the answer by 5
    4: Add your day to the result got, and subtract 205 from it
    5: Post the three digit number! (my # is 215)
    6: I’ll tell you your Birthday

    • Sol said

      Ok, here goes: 921

      (My ex-boyfriend’s b-day is the same day as you, RafaFan)

      • RafaFan said

        (My ex-boyfriend’s b-day is the same day as you, RafaFan) 😳 Believe me! I’m different!!! LOL – And thanks for posting YOUR number! Now I know your B-day! If you agree I’ll “reveal” it together with other numbers later on.

      • Sol said

        Go for it. But now that you know when my b-day is, I’ll be expecting a gift next year 😉

      • RafaFan said

        For sure! 🙂 What a pity I just missed it this year! 😦 At least I have enough time to find the most charming gift for you! 🙂

    • banti said

      Rafafan this math is too complex for me, if I give you my Bday can you just tell me if it works? 🙂

      • RafaFan said

        Banti believe me this math works for all b-days! Even for non b-days! LOL. Come on you can do it! If you can link your avatar to your twitter account than this little math is a walk in the park for you. 🙂 Go Banti Go!

  100. D.S.G. said

    Mine is 205.

    OMG! I am trusting that you don’t now know my social security number or bank account!

    • RafaFan said

      Thanks DSG! Hey we can almost celebrate b-day together! “I am trusting that you don’t now know my social security number or bank account! I’m getting closer! :mrgreen:

      • D.S.G. said

        I luuuuuuv your evil green face!

        “We can almost celebrate…” When is your birthday then I’ll tell you if you are right.

      • RafaFan said

        D.S.G. you will celebrate your birthday in sixteen days, right? If so then your calculated number is wrong. 😦 My birthday is in February! Fed’s GS record – 1.

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