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Chile on world map.

Posted by tennisplanet on February 28, 2010


6 Responses to “Chile on world map.”

  1. Jenny said

    Thanks TP. Chile looks even longer and narrower on those maps! I hear it is very beautiful and the Andes, on my ‘must visit’ list.

  2. M said

    TP, I neglected to mention how awesome these maps are, and how awesome you are for posting them for us.
    Thank you. 🙂

  3. M said

    http:// news. yahoo. com/ video/world-15749633/22433941;_ylt=AouZETahGjAi_seqtMn6sXT6SpZ4

    (push spaces together for ABC-TV coverage of world leaders in Chile)

  4. Jenny said

    Best and most heartwarming story of these past days – The miners are all SAFE! Talk about guts, discipline, strength and the will to survive, those guys really had it all organised down there. The Chilean President remained throughout, what a lovely man and of course all the rescue workers and engineers who have been so magnificent. Our own Prime Minister rang him earlier. We are so happy for Chile and Camp Hope.

    In the early hours, the rescue worker and last man was brought to safety. It’s over!! I wonder if the Phoenix capsule will be made a permanent reminder of this amazing rescue and the first of it’s kind.

    I know when I first saw Fena play all those years ago, there were times I perceived an inner spiritual radiance to him with his warm smile, I have rarely seen that in anyone, but I saw a lot of it in the Chilean people and the President in Camp Hope once that rescue got under way.

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