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Nadal vs Federer: Joining forces for the sake of children. From M. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 26, 2010


Rafa and Roger’s charity match in Spain for Rafa’s foundation to take place the day after the one in Zurich for Roger’s foundation

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13 Responses to “Nadal vs Federer: Joining forces for the sake of children. From M. Thanks.”

  1. Bettyjane said

    Isn’t this fabulous. And that photo—-talk about genuinely enjoying each others company!! Makes me think we’re all barking up the wrong tree in thinking Fed gives a rats ass about half the stuff we talk about here regarding Rafa. Thanks M!

    • M said

      You’re so welcome, Bettyjane! I think it’s wonderful they support each other’s goals for charity. 😀

      “And that photo—-talk about genuinely enjoying each others company!!”

      I love that shot. If I’m not mistaken, it was taken when the Dynamic Duo did the Battle of the Surfaces – one side grass, one side clay – in 2007.

      I’ve thought about that too WRT these matches; I know they’re just exhos, but isn’t Hallenstadion hard court? And isn’t the surface at Caja Magica clay now? I know they’re two of the greatest athletes on earth, but I wonder about playing two different surfaces on back-to-back days … *frets a little*

  2. sperry said

    Can’t say enough about the people who give their time to help others. And it’s not like these two aren’t doing tons of other stuff.

  3. chieko said

    It is so wonderful to see them together. thank you. 😀

  4. jett09 said

    You guys rock!!! Love you both!! ♥♥♥

    Thanks M 😉

  5. Dee said

    Can’t wait. Zurich match is on 21st Dec so other one would be on the 22nd? woooo,just enough time to get back home for that Christmas pudding

  6. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Africa is so passe. Athletes and rockstars have been performing for Africa for decades now. How about playing for USA or UK? Those countries need all the financial stimulus they can get. Greece too. Also France and Spain.

  7. Jenny said

    Any public employees here?

    Me! I must say though, I do agree with many of the cut-backs, and about time too, imo. However, the government are leaving the senior citizens alone as far as extra benefits are concerned, and so they should, many already struggle, especially during cold winters [the cost of heating] and that’s not right.

  8. ClayBuster said

    So awesome, indeed. Have we ever before been two main rivals, absolute tops in their sport (it looks like we may well be in for the fifth successive year where Fedal ends up occupying the #1 and #2 ranking spots), GIGGLING together, like they are?

    Jewels for the sport, the both of them. Even better as they apparently still find time to do exho’s for charity in their times off from the tour.

    I’m one of the lucky ones… I’ll be there in Zürich.

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