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I have moved………..

Posted by tennisplanet on November 2, 2010

To ensure stability, have decided to freaking BUY the real estate, instead of RENTING it. Here’s the NEW place:

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Happy Birthday to Ricky: October 29.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 29, 2010


By the way TP it’s my birthday (big one) on thursday the 29th, could you post me a nice picture of Roger and his lovely hair?

Thanks xxxxxx Ricky

Hi TP, for my birthday on oct 29, could I ask which YOU consider being the best match of the year 2010 so far, my choice could have been Ferrer-Federer in Madrid, I forgot, was it that good?
maybe not… But which is yours?
Thanks in advance!


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Courier picked to replace P. McEnroe as Davis Cup coach. From M. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 28, 2010


Courier picked to replace P. McEnroe as Davis Cup coach


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Jamie Murray gets married – Congratulations! From Jenny. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 28, 2010


Jamie Murray gets married – Congratulations!


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Happy birthday to Zihwye – October 28.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 28, 2010

i dont want Murray & Gasquet pics this year. =) I want Safina & Rafa. (:

I want Rafa/Murray/Gasquet pics for my birthday.

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“I got him when it mattered”.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 27, 2010

Sampras vs Agassi:


8-3 Sampras.




4-2 Sampras.

Overall H2H:

20-14 Sampras.

What’s going on with Federer and Nadal?

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You cannot come close to greatness without ego. But how long before it stifles the march beyond?

Posted by tennisplanet on October 27, 2010

You have heard this, haven’t you?

‘Palm trees are the last ones to uproot amidst strong winds’ – because of their ability to bend. Nadal appears to have struck a seemingly healthy balance by always leaving a door open for when things go south – even when at the peak of his game / career. That makes it harder for you to become a target – within reason – as you have already laid the foundation to admit your deficiency / fall without sounding defensive and combative. It also makes it a lot easier to change course from the initial plan – despite it being a massive billboard of your open admission of being incorrect or incapable of handling the task at hand.

That’s the most efficient use of ego to ensure you are always moving forward while clearing the brush at your feet instead of bulldozing through it for fear of seeming weak and incapable. This quality is almost impossible to possess at 24. Heck there are clowns at age 60 still flailing for it. Heard of Donald Trump? So how come Nadal’s in possession? It is the most far-reaching and ground shattering influence of his team headed by Tony.  It’s kind of like a bedrock Nadal’s life and career has been built on making him virtually immune to life’s fickleness to where returning to where you were dropped from is just a matter of time – and nothing else.

The most stark contrast to this BS in tennisdom has to be Borg. Borg retired largely because he was not willing to bend to the possibility of not being the center of attention any longer – among other minor factors. That’s also the main reason he failed to return to even watch Wimbledon for five freaking years before the stupidity of it all dawned on him producing the desperate phase of his career to return to glory with failed attempts.

For most the realization is forced upon by conditions beyond their control with no option but to bend. But to carry the quality from the get go of your career is a hallmark of someone you cannot defeat – win or lose. It gives power to the word ‘relentless’.

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Is there a reason lower body wasn’t pictured?

Posted by tennisplanet on October 27, 2010

Russia's Vera Zvonareva Drinks Water As She Holds An Ice Bag On Top Of Her Head In A Match With Serbia's Jelena

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Posted by tennisplanet on October 27, 2010

Denmark's Caroline Wozniacki Reacts

Tennis Player Samantha Stosur Of Australia Returns

Tennis Player Caroline Wozniacki Of Denmark Plays

Two-time Davis Cup Champion Jim Courier, Who Signed A Multi-year Agreement To Lead The U.S. Davis Cup Team, Speaks To

Two-time Davis Cup Champion Jim Courier, Who Signed A Multi-year Agreement To Lead The U.S. Davis Cup Team, Holds His

Two-time Davis Cup Champion Jim Courier, Who Signed A Multi-year Agreement To Lead The U.S. Davis Cup Team, Speaks To

Two-time Davis Cup Champion Jim Courier, Who Signed A Multi-year Agreement To Lead The U.S. Davis Cup Team, Is Shown

Tennis Player Kim Clijsters Of Belgium Returns

Tennis Player Kim Clijsters Of Belgium Serves


Tennis Player Victoria Azarenka Of Belarus Eyes

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Federer’s “sore loser” remarks. From Wuiches. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 27, 2010


I found this text on internet, for policy reasons can’t say where but I just want to make clear that these are not my words, and may not completely agree with them but I consider that it’s worth it to read it.

“Roger Federer’s “sore loser” remarks, as well as his left-handed compliments to Nadal describing him as a great clay courter, have been well-documented and decried. Now, we have his latest innuendos about slowing down of surfaces.

Before the US Open, Federer remarked that the fast courts at Flushing Meadows might prove to be a challenge for Rafa. He hinted that the courts were faster than the grass courts of Wimbledon, a remark not supported by Nadal or Murray.

After Nadal won, the refrain now is that all the surfaces have been slowed down.

At Stockholm recently, Roger Federer claimed that the Grand Slam was achievable because all the surfaces have been slowed down. In another interview in Stockholm, he acknowledged that he too might have benefited from the slower courts, but “it is getting a little bit too extreme” and “I am sure it helps Rafa.”

Are the surfaces being continuously slowed down?

Wimbledon had changed to rye grass in 2001, resulting in some slower pace. There is no record of any other Grand Slam surface being altered since 2003.

So, what is Roger talking about? Clearly, he is trying to discount Nadal’s achievements on the faster surfaces.

I don’t know what Roger hopes to achieve by these petty remarks. Does he seriously think that history is going to place an asterisk against Nadal’s achievements based on his allegations of surfaces being slowed down? No. He is only harming his image; the gracious image he had built up during his winning years.

Federer’s remarks are all the more difficult to stomach considering that his great rival never fails to call him the “greatest.”

As Federer’s remarks are being made in public, Nadal must be aware of them.

Sooner or later, the moment will come when Nadal will do a Voltaire. If you don’t know what I am talking about, let me tell you the story of the famous Voltaire repartee.

Voltaire was talking to a visitor who mentioned having met Albrecht von Haller, a Swiss (ah, the Swiss connection!) poet and physiologist. Voltaire immediately expressed a lot of praise for Haller, describing him as a great poet, a man of great knowledge, etc. The visitor told Voltaire that his praise was to be commended all the more as Haller always spoke disparagingly of Voltaire and his works.

Then Voltaire made his famous remark, “Perhaps we are both mistaken!””


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What makes on-court rivalries spill over past retirement?

Posted by tennisplanet on October 26, 2010

There are just a handful of sports rivalries that captured worldwide attention even amongst clowns who could barely spell ‘sports’. Which ones come to mind instantly? Ali-Frazier, Magic-Bird, Borg-McEnroe, Sampras-Agassi, Federer-Nadal, Magic-Jordan……..Did I miss any?

Amongst the above listed couples, it appears just ONE duet has taken it past the sports field to keep the rivalry alive, possibly providing a clue as to what triggers that pattern in contrast to the ones that fail to ignite after retirement.

And that will be the Magic-Jordan one, don’t you think? I feel Magic’s five championships motivated Jordan more than any other factor to get to six championships and then fade away. It may also be the main reason Jordan ran around with six fingers around the court after getting there. Wonder why he didn’t produce the act at No. 5.

Magic has his own statue in Los Angeles. Jordan made sure he had his in Chicago. Magic had a late night show that failed allowing Jordan to pass on it. Magic owned 5% of the team he played all his career – the Lakers. Jordan had no such option so he decided to trump Magic and buy the whole freaking team. Magic languished in the prestige of owing a team like Lakers to convince him of being ahead of Jordan but that finally wore down to where he is now looking to buy the Detroit Pistons AFTER relinquishing Laker ownership.

Magic has also established himself as a shrewd and successful businessman owning theaters, gyms, real estate etc. but Jordan owning a team pushed him to follow Jordan and wrest that ‘title’ back – without doubt.

For rock people, most sports pundits rate Jordan as No. 1 (a) and Magic as No. 1 (b) as the most talented to ever play the sport of basketball. When you are as ultra competitive as the two of them, being shrugged behind ANYONE is beyond painful – even by a hair – possibly revealing the secret of extending the fight beyond the field and into the parking lot.

Could it be the proximity of the two rivals on the totem pole vis-a-vis each other? I mean, once the incumbent has established ample credentials to leave no doubt as to who is boss, the need to extend it any further and possibly risk it being overturned or even debated, is ridiculous. All this while it also provides the punching bag little motivation if he is unable to engage the tormentor making the effort scream even louder of the ‘real’ reason for it.

Are you freaking getting this BS?

Bottom line: As things stand today, there appears a very strong possibility that Nadal-Federer rivalry WILL spill over unless Nadal can establish an indisputable lead to thwart Federer from even making an effort for fear of being looked upon as being oozing with inferiority complex.

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Posted by tennisplanet on October 26, 2010

Russia's Vera Zvonareva Drinks Water As She Holds An Ice Bag On Top Of Her Head In A Match With Serbia's Jelena

Tennis Player Caroline Wozniacki Of Denmark Celebrates

 Austrian Thomas Muster Returns

  John Isner Of USA Plays

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Age or Prime years? The relevant comparison for projecting career totals. From Nelson Goodman. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 26, 2010


Age or Prime years? The relevant comparison for projecting career totals.

It’s a commonly repeated fact that at the same age Rafa is now (24), Roger had 6 slams to Rafa’s current 9. The implication, of course, is that Rafa is on course to surpass whatever career total Roger achieves. But what this misses is that age is arguably much less relevant than another category: years into one’s prime. And on that measure, Rafa is in fact quite “behind” Roger’s pace and unlikely to equal his total, given the basic pattern in the Open-era of 7 years prime for a top player.

Below is a list of the great Open-era players and their prime years, as book-ended by the first and last slam wins.

Players with primes of 7 years or less:

Borg: 1975-81
McEnroe: 1979-84
Wilander: 1982-88
Lendl: 1984-90
Edberg: 1986-92 (actually, December 1985 when the Australian was still held at the end of the year)

With two other players, Becker and Sampras, the prime seems a bit longer if we measure it by first and last slams, but it becomes 7 or less if we take a more realistic assessment of the years where slam wins were most concentrated, and treat early or late single-slam years as outliers:

Becker: 5 out of 6 slams in the years 1985-91, with the sixth picked up in 1996.

Sampras: 12 out of 14 won between 1993-2000, with one in 1990 and another in 2002.

So, thus far, the pattern seems pretty strong: top players win most or all of their slams within a stretch of seven years start to finish, which we can call their prime.

There are only two real exceptions to this: Connors and Agassi.

Connors: 5 out of 8 won b/t 1974-1978, then another 3 b/t 1982-83.

Agassi: 3 out of 8 won b/t 1992-95, then another 4 b/t 1999 and 2003.

So even Connors won all his slams in 7 years – they were just separated by a 3-year hiatus marked by Borg/McEnroe dominance. This leaves Agassi as the one true exception: winning slams over two concentrated periods coming to 9 years in total. And he seems precisely the sort of exception that proves the rule: his distinctive life trajectory, personality and talent explain both the long interruption and late-blossoming second prime.

Where does that leave Roger and Rafa? First, the basic measures:

Federer: 14 out of 16 slams won b/t 2004-09, with 1 in 2003 and 1 in 2010.

Nadal: 9 slams won b/t 2005-10.

So, one question is whether Roger’s prime longer than the Open-era average of 7 years, or is his prime 2003-2009, with 2010 as a last-stand slam akin to Becker’s and Sampras’? No matter how you phrase, seems to me that if anyone is a candidate to have longer period of slam-winning years, its Federer given his the comparative toll his game takes physically. So although the pattern predicts Fed is done for slams, I’m comfortable predicting one or two more still, for a grand total of 18 (tying Nicklaus’s golf mark), based partly on the intangible of his sheer talent and the physical factor.

As for Rafa, based on the pattern, he has one only more prime slam-winning year left. Of course one might counter that by saying 2005 at least is an “outlier” year and that his prime really begin in 2006. Or, alternatively, that he will be either an exception or at least win one or two French’s in outlier years beyond his prime. It seems to me that if anyone is not a good candidate for the exception, it’s Rafa given the toll his game takes. But there’s no denying either his clay court prowess (although it should be noted that it’s much harder to win a late-slam on one’s favorite surface when that is clay like Rafa than grass like it was for Sampras) or the intangible of his sheer competitiveness. In any case, though, to forecast more than 14 slams in total for Rafa (i.e., 2-3 next year and then 1-2 in outliers) is really to fly in the face of a very strong historical pattern.

So even though I think Roger and Rafa’s greatness requires factoring in some “intangible” to exceed the usual pattern, it seems clear that the common idea that Rafa is “on track” to equal Fed’s numbers is way off (and this apart from the injury factor).


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Nadal vs Federer: Joining forces for the sake of children. From M. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 26, 2010


Rafa and Roger’s charity match in Spain for Rafa’s foundation to take place the day after the one in Zurich for Roger’s foundation

Click here.

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Federer vs Mayer stockholm (if open 2010) final 1/5.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 24, 2010

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Federer matches yet another Sampras record @ Stockholm.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 24, 2010

Incidentally Sampras also lost an exhibition match today to Greg Rusedski who mocked him big time at the last Slam Sampras won. Sampras reportedly came home to an empty home. His entire family and pet had already moved to safer land. They did however leave a blow up doll of someone bald and short.

Federer, on the other hand, has finally managed to squeeze in another title for the season, pulling next to Sampras as fourth on the all-time title list. Psychologically, this latest win should appear to suggest that the tide is turning for Federer. Past Wimbledon, he has now won a Masters event, reclaimed the No. 2 rank and has reached another milestone. Not too shabby given where the train was headed just few short months ago.

Of course, no one in the right mind can make too much of it all. With Basel next – place where he was born and was a ball boy – with home crowd advantage, it can only get better, unless Djokovic refuses the bribe Soderling fell for here.

“You never know when it’s your last one. That’s why you want to savor every tournament victory.” Is that some kind of reality setting in deep enough to receive such articulation – something completely denied in the past? The run he has been on this season, particularly in the light of the last seven years, WILL evoke the thought with much more authenticity than any casual reference to it as a matter of fact.

Next title stop is 77 owned by McEnroe – that’s 13 titles away. Unless Federer starts visiting more 250 events hosted by a planted man from now on, that number is not getting eclipsed at current rate of three titles per season. I remember hearing of some cricket fast bowlers wanting to reach a record by going after the tail end line up of their opposing team. Same concept. After all, who talks about the quality at this platform. It’s all quantity, isn’t it? For rock people, Connors heads the list with 109.

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Total points to defend next year. From Claire. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 24, 2010


I know I’m jumping the gun but here are the total points to defend next year(I assumed they would have the same results at remaining tournaments)

Nadal – 11,640
Federer – 7,185
Djokovic – 6,765
Murray – 6,125

But then Nadal will go into next season with what 3,000+ points ahead of the pack!


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Federer Stockholm Interview 2000. From Dee. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 24, 2010


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Battling the Earbud Blues.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 24, 2010

Click here.

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Posted by tennisplanet on October 24, 2010

TOPSHOTS (L-R) Denmark's Caroline Wozniacki, Russia's Vera Zvonareva, Belgium's Kim Clijsters, Italy's Francesca

And why is a man included?

Serbia's Jelena Jankovic, Among The Guests As Tennis Players Gather For The Draw Ahead Of The Upcoming WTA

Belgium's Kim Clijsters, Among The Guests As Tennis Players Gather For The Draw Ahead Of The Upcoming WTA Championships,

What kind of BS hairstyle is that? Or is it 11:59 already?

Tennis Players Gather For The Draw Ahead Of The Upcoming WTA Championships, In Doha, Qatar, On Sunday Oct. 24, 2010,

That’s Stosur? Geeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(L-R) Tennis Players

Tennis Player Elena Dementieva Of Russia Attends

Tennis Player Jelena Jankovic Of Serbia Attends

Tennis Player Caroline Wozniacki Of Denmark Smiles

(L-R) Caroline Wozniacki Of Denmark, Vera Zvonareva Of Russia And Kim Clijsters Of Belgium Attend The Draw For The WTA

(L-R) Tennis Players

Russian Tennis

Russian tennis player Mikhail Yuzhny (2nd R) takes part in an everyday 12.00’s shot in central Saint-Petersburg on October 24, 2010, as the International tennis tournament Saint Petersburg Open 2010 started today. (Photo by Kirill Kudryavtsev /AFP/Getty Images)

Switzerland's Tennis

Swedish Crown Princess Victoria (L) And Her Husband Prince Daniel  (R) Arrive At The Final Of The 2010 ATP Stockholm

Swedish Crown Princess Victoria (L) and her husband Prince Daniel (R) arrive at the final of the 2010 ATP Stockholm Open tennis tournament between Switzerland tennis player Roger Federer and German’s Florian Mayerstarts in Stockholm, Sweden on October 24, 2010. Roger Federer beat Florian Mayer 6-4, 6-3. (Photo by Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP/Getty Images)


That’s a Prince? Give me a freaking break. My computer tech guy looks better. Geeeezzzz!!!!!

Swedish Crown Princess Victoria And Her Husband Prince Daniel Attend The Final Of The 2010 ATP Stockholm Open Tennis

Roger Federer Of Switzerland Holds

Roger Federer Of Switzerland (champion), Right, Holds His Trophy As Florian Mayer Of Germany (second Place) Stands Next

Roger Federer (R) Of Switzerland Holds

Italy's Roberta Vinci Shows

This is so freaking creative and smart and original. What the………….?

Roger Federer (R) Of Switzerland Holds

 Viktor Troicki Of Serbia Poses

Swedish Crown Princess Victoria (L) Claps

Princess eying the trophy she is missing from that computer repair man?

Winner Roger Federer Of Switzerland (R) Holds

Don’t you think the Turkey necks could have made this match a little more competitive if they had informed that the loser will be standing with hands in his pocket – without even able to get to something worthwhile – before the match?

Former British Number One Greg Rusedski (L) Poses

Former British Number One Greg Rusedski (L) poses with a Giant Panda mascot, after defeating Pete Sampras, a 14-time Grand Slam Champion and seven-time winner of the Wimbledon singles crown, in the final of the Chengdu Open, a senior event of ATP Champions Tour, in Chengdu, southwest China’s Sichuan province on October 24, 2010. Rusedski beat Sampras 6-4, 6-2. CHINA OUT AFP PHOTO

Former British Number One Greg Rusedski Poses

 Victoria Azarenka Of Belaru  Poses

Russian Maria Kirilenko (L) Congratulates

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Happy birthday to Roddick’s Girl (aka Fatma’s) sister: October 24.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 24, 2010

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Happy Birthday to DSG: October 24.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 24, 2010


Hey Bluechyll–May I have a birthday notice for October 24?
And may I please have pretty photos of Nadal, Federer, and Edberg. Many thanks!

And Gilles Simon?


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Federer now better win Stockholm or else………….

Posted by tennisplanet on October 23, 2010

Wawrinka played his part of shaming the encounter perfectly putting the Williams sisters to shame. Then Soderling produced another of his crude showing to hand Federer the trophy on a platter. Losing to some tomato can specially someone who just beat Soderling will NOT only look bad it will make Soderling look good.

And all the butt smooching that Bjorkman clown has been upto will amount to nothing – at least on the court!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This title should bring Federer to a fairly decent number for the season (3) even if it was all planned by Bjorkman. This is also an opportunity for Federer to make some kind of statement too specially after being extended to a tie break by hospice patient Ljubicic. Bagels and breadsticks should rule, don’t you think?

After all the guy is ranked 47, is 27 years old and has won Jack in nine years as pro. He has been playing challenger events most of the season, for crying out loud.

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Did you know?

Posted by tennisplanet on October 23, 2010

……………….that if you are a cheapo working on a PC instead of a Mac, your computer comes with the ‘Malicious removal tool’? Go to the start menu and type in ‘MRT’ and the program will scan and remove viruses for FREE.

Click here for more.

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Is tennis the only sport where nationality takes a back seat – comparatively?

Posted by tennisplanet on October 23, 2010

It seems the individual talent, skill and demeanor of a player transcends national colors unless you are NOT from the big cat countries AND are from some ‘breaking in for the first time’ nations, don’t you think? Did anyone get that? No, you didn’t!!!!!!!

I mean Roddick is from the US and has his share of fans within the borders who root largely based on his nationality but most US tennis fans don’t give a rat’s ass where you are from as long as you able to deliver and perform. Of course, Federer and Nadal are extreme examples to insert here for obvious reasons but even with them the argument still holds its own despite the heavy bias.

Contrast that for players coming from forsaken countries like Serbia or Cyprus where the local country sees only their other player on the horizon worthy of their acclaim. Granted the media plays its own role to hype things up but all they are reaching are casual fans who are more likely to get caught up in that blizzard than the knowledgeable ones. Exhibit A with total shamelessness: Murray?

By and large, tennis players are themselves amazed on the width and variety of their fan base more so when the rooting countries have their own representative doing fairly well on his own.

Is that the reflection of certain characteristics specific to tennis fans like higher income / education / commonsense / impartiality bone / hunger for superlative showing……….. or are they just plain fed up with the system at home – from tennis to health care to jobs to Vaseline shortage……?

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Sharapova has found the right ‘guy’ for marriage – not a man.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 23, 2010

The two are a perfect match. Sharapova is aggressive on and off the court in about the right proportion that Wuss is submissive, girly, pathetic at his chosen sport and aimless making it a perfect match – until that boy grows up one day to demand his rightful place in the marriage, that is.

Haven’t you witnessed unions where the break up largely is the case of one clown finally growing up from being an immature juvenile all their freaking life? Sure you have!!!!

Additionally, I think Sharapova did finally beat Serena. Why? Because Serena has been hunting the same ‘preserve’ called the NBA for just this kind of animal – in utter vain. She has flaunted / offered all her attributes from ALL sides to trap such a tame clown with no gain – and lot of pain.

But the Wuss did do one thing right. He proposed at the perfect time. Why? Because this year WILL be his last season not just with the Lakers but with a ball called Basketball at ANY arena. The guy is a joke and a slap in the face of current and former NBA players. He cannot do ANYTHING worthy of NBA standing. He will go into complete oblivion in just a few months from now, popping up only when someone yells out Mr. Sharapova. For him this is more a business deal as he was already drawing milk on rental property. For Sharapova, she may not find another such species to boss around, before her knees become invisible from the sagging of some body parts.

Translation: Win – Win – with a bird to Serena.

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Posted by tennisplanet on October 23, 2010

Switzerland's Tennis

Roger Federer Of Switzerland Changes

Croatia's Ivan Ljubicic Returns

Elder abuse.

Switzerland Tennis

Switzerland Tennis

With camera nearly down your throat, how can anything you say or do be natural?

Finland's Jarkko Nieminen Falls

German's Florian Mayer Returns

That’s the guy headed for the slaughter house @ Stockholm? Is it to get slaughtered or slaughter?

Finland's Jarkko Nieminen Reacts

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Top immediate priority for the big cats today.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 22, 2010


AO title? That’s ahead of WTF, Paris or whatever else. Why? Because it shoots up the percentage of him earning a calendar Slam next year exponentially. And that one shot catapults him past Federer once and for all for whatever title – even if he fails to win another Slam for the rest of his career. It’s even worth relinquishing the top rank to Federer if certain tournaments are passed over in pursuit of it.


Winning a title? Duh!!!!! If he begins to look past this simple goal every tournament will produce more pain progressively.


Regain No. 2 rank by defending his title successfully at both Basel AND Paris.


Never mind.


Beat up someone at a bar to release the disappointment of losing to a loser at home?

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Which hits from Nadal will haunt Federer forever?

Posted by tennisplanet on October 22, 2010

Stopped Federer from tying all-time Sampras’s record of 286 weeks at No. 1 by just seven freaking days. Considering how sacred anything associated with No. 1 rank seems to be for Federer this one should be up there – for sometime to come.

Held Federer back from beating Borg’s record of five straight Wimbledon titles and possibly tying Sampras’s record of most Wimbledon titles (7) in open era.

Snapped Federer’s 65 match winning streak on grass courts by beating him in his own backyard – in five sets (Federer’s domain).

Clouded Federer’s clear path to GOATness with wrenches that seem endless and relentless.

Denied Federer from reaching 22 Slams as of today by beating him @ 6 Slam finals – on all three surfaces.

Dampened the ‘wonder’ at Federer earning just the second career Slam in open era by not just following one of his own the very next season but even initiate a debate questioning the one Federer earned by literally rampaging through the clay season this year.

Beating Federer @ Roland Garros finals in straight sets – with a bagel and a breadstick – in just 108 minutes.


Hitting on Diana Federer.

Manipulating Mirka to go for the ‘hit’ – with poked condoms.

Praising Djokovic’s ability to not cry like a girl after beating him @ US Open finals with ‘it’s good for the kids’.

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Posted by tennisplanet on October 22, 2010

Swiss Roger Federer (R) Shakes

Switzerland's Tennis

Tennis Player Roger Federer From Switzerland Returns The Ball With A Shot Between His Legs To Switzerland's Stanislas

Stanislas Wawrinka Of Switzerland Prepares

Florian Mayer (R) Of Germany Shakes

Robin Soderling Of Sweden Lies

Czech Radek Stepanek Returns

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Federer vs Wawrinka stockholm (if open) 2010 quarterfinal 1/9.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 22, 2010

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Federer vs Dent @ Stockholm. From Dee. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 22, 2010

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Shaq turns into a statue @ Harvard.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 22, 2010

Click to see more photos of hoops star Shaquille O'Neal


“I was watching the royal British guards. If you know anything about those guys they have tremendous discipline. The other idea is I always wanted to tell people I went to Harvard.”

Click here for more.

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Top 10 Worst Bosses.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 21, 2010

Click here.

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Maria Sharapova & Sasha Vujacic — Engaged.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 21, 2010

Click here.

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