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I have moved………..

Posted by tennisplanet on November 2, 2010

To ensure stability, have decided to freaking BUY the real estate, instead of RENTING it. Here’s the NEW place:

12 Responses to “I have moved………..”

  1. Jenny said

    I left one and it works!

  2. chieko said

    I shall support whatever move you make!!

    • Dee said

      😆 Hope you know what you’re asking! any way I wanted to try my smiley again that I miss so much. I should try it on our latest planet. it might work!

      • chieko said

        😆 I miss the smileys too Dee san , here we go 😳 😆 😀 👿 😕 !!

        I know I know, but for a while I was sooooooooo worried that He may give up on us and… since and because he is a very busy man,,,so on and so forth…. losing him and this site would be worse than the risk I am taking by pledging the above I think 😆 😆

      • chieko said

        😳 the green man did not work !! :mrgreen: try again

      • chieko said

        Ha Ha 😆 it works it works. Oh how I wish we can have smileys back for I love them. 😳 :mrgreen: 👿 😆 😕 😀 that is all Dee san that I can remember for now!! :sigh:

        Thank you M san and Bluechyll san for teaching me about smileys.

        Thank you Dee san for reminding me to be spiritual.

        Thank you TP sama for teaching me to be a freak. A budding Japanese freak woman. 😆

      • D.S.G. said

        Cheiko san, you are the MASTER of smiley faces. I love the blushing one, particularly.

  3. Mausi said

    Thanks TP. It is better and looks greater. I was going to ask you yesterday and today you changed! Fantastic.

  4. D.S.G. said

    Dear TP: I REALLY screwed my blog approval whatever up royally. So for the past couple of days there was NO way I could get to your site. I had even bookmarked it as one fine reader suggested then *POOF* it was gone. I was trying to figure out HOW ON EARTH to get in touch whebn I went to Google today and typd in TEnnis Planet and there you were.

    I really appreciate your efforts

  5. Xeres said

    TP what’s wrong with your new space..the typepad blog I mean. I am not able to access it 😦
    Is something wrong with the server ? Please fix whatever is wrong

  6. Alex said

    Was Ana Ivanovic wearing heels when you saw her, 6’1″? What in the F, I said I like your website, not I want to bring it down. Geez.
    Go ahead, ban me. Namby Pamby.

  7. Alex said

    Jim Courier, alias, you cunt. Ban me cause I know your real identity. Haha! You twat.

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