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16 Responses to “Non-tennis BS”

  1. Somebody Else said

    regarding the Sampras website:

    Hey, Pete. Ja Rule called. He wants his oblivion restored. pfft!


  2. monique said

    Oh those shoes are ugly!!!!!!

  3. Jenny said

    Hola Mike, Is this what you’re looking for? The following were/are some British football stars, I’m sure there were more, eg the Charltons, Bobby Moore etc., but don’t have time to research their details.

    George Best – b. 1946. 1963[17]-1974 137 goals. Career total end 1984 = 204 goals. RIP.
    Paul Gascoinge – b. 1967. 1985[18]-1988 – 21 goals. Career total end 2003 = 83 goals.
    Gary Lineker – b. 1960. 1978[18]-1995 – 95 goals.
    Michael Owen [my fave with Best] – b. 1979. 1996[17]-2004 118 goals. Still playing.
    David Beckham -b. 1975. 1993[18]-2003 62 goals. Still playing.

    • Jenny said

      Best: Manchester United. Gascoigne: Man U, Spurs, Everton, Burnley, England. Lineker: Leicester, Spurs, FC Barcelona, England. Owen: Man U, Liverpool, Real Madrid, England. Beckham: Man U, Spurs, Real Madrid, England.

      With all due respect to Becks, I think you guys in the States would have been better off with Owen who was never into the type and marketing, and imo a better player. Had dreadful knee injuries.

    • MIKE_ said

      I’m not familiar with soccer but is that the rule rather than the exception? They usually become elite, complete players that early?

      In America, the MVP winner is usually the best all-around player (the “total package”) with several factors taken into account, not just offense.

      • Jenny said

        To be fair, I’m not that familiar with footie either, we do watch big matches, but I knew the names off these guys off the top of my head, but had to Google the results. The majority of Brits and the footie world knew them. Obviously I know all the premier British clubs. Most of the well known stars are usually in their late teens when they start to shine, but most have been with the Club before that. We have Wayne Rooney too. Arguably Georgie Best was the most gifted of them all, but high living and the booze took it’s toll with tragic results. Gascoigne has booze and other probs, but is still with us on earth. These guys play in a certain positions, but the big clubs and England want goal scorers, despite it being a team sport.

        We have famous Goalies that are lauded too, eg Gordon Banks. David Seaman, who played for England but was an Arsenal FC goalie.

  4. gmoz said

    Does 2009 winner of Nobel literature prize, Herta Muller, resembles Federer’s mom?

  5. monique said

    WOW….how did they do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. bluechyll said

    When you can’t stop laughing… 😀

  7. Tish said

    Dearest TP,

    Living in a moldy atmosphere must wreak havoc with your computer. You may be interested in this tool to help out:

  8. SE said

    SE = Somebody Else

    (comment awaiting moderation, yeah, yeah)

  9. Dee said

    This is very interesting
    it’s about finding your personality by name, by month, by date

  10. Jenny said

    Fernando Alonso [Esp – Asturias] has won the German FI Grand Prix for Ferrari. Nice to see one of my old favourites, Michael Schumaker, back in action, a once ruthless demon on the track, but so charming off it.

  11. Jenny said

    I just cannot imagine what this must be like for these guys – it’s going to take MONTHS to get them out.

  12. Jenny said

    Best and most heartwarming story of these past days – The miners are all SAFE! 🙂 Talk about guts, discipline, strength and the will to survive, those guys really had it organised down there. The Chilean President is still there, what a lovely man and of course all the rescue workers and engineers who have been so magnificent. Our own Prime Minister rang him earlier. We are so happy for Chile and Camp Hope. 🙂

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