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Suggestion Box.

Posted by tennisplanet on January 25, 2008


Here’s your chance to make a difference.

-What would you like to see more of / less of, on this site?

-Your ideas on how to make this site better.

50 Responses to “Suggestion Box.”

  1. john said

    more federer!

  2. Katie said

    Free kleenex if Federer loses. Free darts if Djoker wins. Free drinks!

  3. Jenny said

    Hey TP – what about a montage competition showing various [decent] parts of players’ bodies, ie eyes, legs, hair, mouth etc. etc. so we can guess the player?

  4. Dee said

    How about posting a random picture and asking us to put our own spin on it? You can call it ‘Vent your brain’ or ‘guts’ or (vent your basement?) some thing.
    May be some thing like this?

  5. Dee said

    Now, This is a really really good suggestion. When you pick any of the articles to post in your main posts don’t post it under what ever it is they were posted as well. There is no point. We are going to read it in the main column. Because Some of us are too lazy to scroll down and post our things under any, really. Some times it might have nothing to do with the original post and take up too much room. What do you think?

  6. Katie said

    Hey TP, would it be possible to expand the “Recent Comments” to include all of them for the day instead of just 15 like you do now?

  7. Katie,

    That’s the most ‘wordpress’ will allow on that widget.

  8. Katie said

    Thanks anyway, TP.

  9. Louise said

    right i was thinking.. if we have a bet or a competion or make prediction on who you think will make it to the finals or win. TP keeps the table on who has guessed right, i guess we will have to think who will win rather than who we want to win. thought it would add a little spice to the site 😀
    then who wins over all gets a…? maybe someone could think something up for that? what you think?

  10. Adrian said

    TP, I have no idea how hard is to put together a site like this or implement any of these suggestions, so don’t kill me if I’m asking for the moon and the stars… but would it be feasible to add a chat feature? It would be awesome to be able to logon and chat with you, Jenny, Katie, and all of the people who contribute to this great site, esp. while an important match is on! Sometimes I’m watching a match and I’d like to comment on it and share my comments as the match progresses… and my friends like tennis but they are not huge tennis fans like I am… so they don’t always want to watch a match, even if it’s a final of a “small” tournament like Indian Wells or Dubai! So it’d be awesome to chat with other TPers… but again, I don’t know if this is even feasible…

  11. Adrian,

    This platform -Wordpress- does not allow that yet. Maybe it might happen in the future. Good suggestion.

  12. Brooke said

    Adrian, we could all make screen names on a program like aim, then go into a chat room during a match.

  13. aj said

    Some great photos recently but would it be possible to separate some of them from the articles? Just for ease of finding the written word.

  14. Aj

    I don’t get it. Please elaborate.

  15. Dee said

    Hi Tp, just an observation. recent comments look a bit bolly woody, with all those tiles. If you must, Can we have something that we relate to, instead? Please, Please, Please!!!!!

  16. Dee said

    Can we have a section for complains? I have a complain about these tiles you add with our comments. I really cannot explain why but they are really annoying . It’s bit like Djokovic’s mum. Even before AO finals for some reason I couldn’t stand her. Now I go to recent comments and think “oh! NO!”

  17. Dee said

    Now That’s ideal! I can’t win with you can I !

  18. Dee said

    What’s up? another change? were there more complains? what are those creepy things any way? You better get out of that basement, have some sun shine and get some vit D for YOURSELF.

  19. Deep South Girl said

    I appreciate EVERYTHING you do to bring us this KILLER website.
    I don’t understand some of the suggestions above as I am not very computer-literate. Whatever.
    BTW, I love my tile. Especially my wavy arms and my chic hairstyle.

  20. Brooke said


    Is there any way we can get a post counter? I’d be interested to know how many times I’ve posted on this site.

  21. Brooke,

    Type your name in the search box. That will give you some idea.

  22. Brooke said

    I meant how many times I commented, but that was close enough. Thanks : )

  23. Dee said

    Tp, I know you are not that thrilled about Olympics, but visit the site, check their house rules and useful info. It would be fun. Tell us what you think. Every thing seems very strict. They have some thing like –
    –in case of an emergency be calm—–( I know that’s the common say but when you read all the rules it sounds like)
    so if you panic, you are breaking the rules, so authorities might take you out of the site at once???????

  24. Anand_101 said

    Hi TP, can you pls do a quick cleanup and delete the old stuff on wanna-post page so we don’t have to download all the old junk every time, and wait forever for the thing to scroll? Maybe just leave 1-3 months of stuff.

  25. Jim said

    I don’t know if it would be too much to ask or if anyone has suggested it before, but is there anyway we could have a poll to see who people think will win or make the semis, quarters etc. at GS and MS while they are going on or before the tournament starts?

  26. Rollin said

    Hey TP. While in Germany recently, i ran into Federer at the dentistry office as my girlfriend got her teeth fixed. He works there now.

    Actually he doesn’t, it’s just some german guy who looks exactly like him. Here’s the link to the pictures.

  27. Mordecai said

    I see the resemblance ROLLIN, but far from “looks exactly like him”.

  28. Mordecai said

    Hey TP…not sure if this is a good idea…how about an “Improve your Tennis” section for freaks that actually play the game not just wish it.

    I know from time to time you share slowmo videos of pro players hitting a ball, good stuff, besides that folks can share articles, links, videos, etcetera that have helped them improve.

  29. Deep South Girl said

    Please let’s do Jenny’s idea—the montage thing–that would be FUN

  30. Deep South Girl said

    Mordecai–I must be sleepy or something because I really like your idea–esp the slow motion.

  31. Cf said

    hey tp
    just a quick suggestion..
    u should put a “whos among us” thing on this website.
    i think it will be interesting to see how many ppl visit this site per day,per hour plus a map…it may be more effective then the “Snapshot of where you lazy freaks are coming from, to this site”
    this is the website…

  32. Claire said

    Those pictures take up too much room. Have to go to “previous page” to read recent posts! Maybe a separate area to view pictures?

    PS But those photo’s are awesome! 🙂 🙂 Thank you TP for all the work you do to keep this site so cool!

  33. Claire said

    Can easily go to recent post by going to left side of this site – sorry TP for not researching before I open my “big” mouth! 🙂

  34. Claire said

    Thanks for the section “Top Posts – last 2-3 days”! That makes my life a lot easier! 🙂 🙂

  35. Claire said

    Maybe the above has been there a long time but at least I finally noticed it! 🙂

  36. Abdullah said

    check out Grigor Dimitrov. Really. check the guy’s game out.

  37. Tennis Freak said

    If you let comments appear automatically as soon as they are submitted, I guarantee you will have hundreds of more posters, and that will definitely enable a lively discussion in real time. A lot of my friends want to be permanent residents of your site, but they turn away simply because submissions are not posted in real time as it is discouraging for back-and-forth dialogs (conversation takes place only when you get a sense that there is a presence of a real person, and that sense is achieved when you allow automatic posting).

    By looking at the past behavior pattern , you can devise a method to categorize civil and worthy against rude, unworthy, obscene and allow at least those ranking worthy appear / posted right away if they do not contain links (those with links can wait for your moderation). As far as I can see, several of the current posters qualify for safe category. You can start by, say, 20 safe posters, and gradually increase the number as you deem fit accordingly. There are inexpensive software that can filter out posts containing certain words, links, and suspicious IP addresses. As you know it is not a rocket science.

    Well, unless you are intentionally putting a check on the flow of posts and dislike massive number of posts, you should do something about it. You will grow big time. Make us reliable regulars happy, please. Thanks.

  38. Tennis Freak said

    Maybe, TP should adopt the mainstream media style that gives headlines, 4-5 lines content, and More (a link to open the full article) so that you will fit in more on your front page. As far as pictures go, they should remain the same as usual. Overall result will be a mixture of TP style + mainstream style.
    Or, you should keep everything as it is, but at the bottom of the front page, give headlines and links to the articles of the last 7 days or last 10-20 entries or something like that. This serves Previous Entries better in the sense that they remain active, and conversation in those topics can continue. You still should keep the Previous Entries link as it is, but as once these articles go there, they should shrink to Headlines, of course except the pictures. If archived pictures in the Previous Entries could reduce in size but can be enlarged when clicked, that would be better.

    Don’t freak out.
    I am afraid you will find me annoying with this new suggestion. This is just a suggestion, something to think about in your free time.

    • Thanks. Have increased number of ‘front page’ posts from about 10 to 25. Lets see how that works. Sometimes too many pics slows down stuff with too many front page posts.

  39. Tennis Freak said

    Here is site to pick Federer’s childhood and junior days’ pictures. It is worth visiting and posting some here at different right times.
    For my today’s article, I’d pick the one that has Fed and his sister, imagining the twins would look a little like them when they grow up. Forget about my choice, you pick one for me.

  40. Tennis Freak said

    Oops, I forgot to post the link.

  41. Sol said

    TP, I don’t want to be a drag since I absolutely love this site and I’m scared s***less that you’re gonna ban me for being so annoying, but could you give us some sort of update about what’s happening with DSG? Just tell us if you’re looking into the problem or if you don’t have time for us freaks or something. something. please. thank you in advance.

  42. Anonymous said

    you should never sleep and post 24h./7days.
    As a gift I offer you this nice take on a new french group: Les Housses de raquettes (meaning the Racket Covers).
    Love and admiration from Ricky

  43. bluechyll said

    TP, I was thinking maybe we could have a section devoted solely to videos, so we can post them there and find them more easily.
    Just a suggestion :]

  44. DMK said

    How about more of David Ferrer? He doesn’t get NEARLY enough media attention. How about some recent photos and interviews? He’s #11 in the world right now and just kicked Thomas Berdych’s *** in Malaysia. He’s really great, we want to see more of him.

    • Jenny said

      Thank you DMK.:-) I admit I’m totally biased, I just watched his magnificent performance against Berdy, super net play with finesse, he got into Berdy’s head and the crowd loved him. Actually, I think David is happy to fly beneath the media radar, he’s quiet and unassuming and doesn’t court publicity. I’ll go along with photos though!

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