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Place for photos of your pets. From Bettyjane. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 8, 2010


Hi Claire,
I went to bed early last night and missed the rest of the thread about the dogs. I LOVE your idea of sharing. Tell me all about Molly. (I prefer pets that have human names. I had a golden named Emma for 14 years.)These mixed breeds are the rage now aren’t they! Mixi-poo? Enlighten me, lol!
Setters like Henry are pretty crazy, but the English are the least so of the three types. I’ve never posted a photo to this site, but I think if we asked TP to get a section for out pets up and running he’d say the site has gone to the dogs.



Okay, folks…..
while waiting for the US Open draw to come out, I thought I’d finally get around to posting a picture of the lovely pups.

This is Kaiser (Shepherd) and Russell (Yellow Lab)

Kaiser (initially named Monty, but that only lasted one day!) was rescued from a junkyard, where he was no longer wanted because he was just too darned nice! He is about 15 months old, and is just full of love- and energy.

Russell was dumped in the country by his previous owners, who had clearly never taken him for walks or given him toys. He was over 120 pounds, and was unable to run. For the past five years he has been the best dog one could ever wish for, and is proving to be an excellent older brother for Kaiser.

Thanks for providing this thread, TP- it’s awesome!

Clifford’s Kaiser and Russell:

Not the best photo, but it captures their temperaments beautifully.

RussellandKaiser.jpg Kaiser and Russell picture by jbudsdog


// Bjornino’s ‘piglet’ Akita: “She will be 13 years old this fall but is still going strong”.



Bluechyll’s Nina:

Bluechyll’s Nina, Genevieve and Ginger.

Stella’s Fluff:

IMG_1634.jpg picture by stellajim

161 Responses to “Place for photos of your pets. From Bettyjane. Thanks.”

  1. Raj said

    I have a dog named Molly Sue that looks very much like the black one in the photo. I will post a photo when I figure out how to do it.

  2. Stella said

    do I have to put her photo on Photobucket or similar to post it?

  3. Stella said

    here’s the Photobucket address ( I think) for a photo of Fluffs. She’s not with us any longer but will always be in my heart.

    She’s why Tweedle Dum referred to me as Fluffs Mom.

    • Bettyjane said

      Not a cat person but Man, that’s a stunner. Lovely.

    • DK said

      I am a cat person and boy, this Fluff is really one cool cat!

      • Stella said

        DK — you’re my kind of person. Yes, Fluffs ( full name Fluffitt — called so because every time you spoke to her she’d hold her tail up proudly and fluff it all out — and there was a lot of it) was a very special cat . Always sat with her paws crossed and she shed fur every minute of every day !!

  4. Claire said

    That was I was thinking – how do you post pictures!

    Molly is part Maltese and part poodle! She can jump amazingly high -especially for a treat! Poodles are known for their jumping ability; I didn’t know that until after I got here. Actually shes’ my son’s dog – Christmas present that arrived in my son’s Christmas stocking! Of course, guess who takes care of her???

    I would love to see everyone’s dogs on this thread.

    We don’t want to leave TP out, so how about a picture of your goats! Oh, there is one on your “About Me” thread. How about an update- have there been baby goats?? 🙂

  5. Stella said

    I know I’m being picky but could you put the picture on so that the cropping leaves more cat and her tail and less chair on the left hand side. Thanks

  6. bluechyll said

    We used to also have a Golden retriever called Genevieve, and an orange cat called Ginger, but they died last year.

    Here’s a photo of Nina, Genevieve and Ginger. They got on really well, and used to like sleeping in the sun together.


    • Blake said

      Very cute pics of Gen n Ging 🙂 I usually don’t like big dogs too much but i’ll make an exception in Gen’s case!!

      • bluechyll said

        I pretty sure you would have liked Genna, she was so naughty, it was hilarious! One time she snuck over to the neighbour’s house while they were having a party and snagged herself a bowl of custard.
        But they were always good about her, she even made a few friends in the neighbourhood who secretly gave her treats, and then we couldn’t figure out why she was getting fat 😆

    • banti said

      Wow she was bigger than a normal G.retriever i’m thinking:) Love that fluffy white fur. Can’t blame those neighbors for spoiling her!

    • Bettyjane said

      Wow—how terrific. Gen is so much whiter than my golden was. But I know that’s true of Goldens in the U.K. Is that also true in Australia, or was Gen unusual.

      • bluechyll said

        Bettyjane, most Golden Retriever’s in Australia that I have seen are a lot darker and more golden than Genna was.
        Gen was very white and fluffy, although she enjoyed rolling in the mud just a little too much I think. This photo is of her on one of her more cleaner days 😆

        Banti – I actually think she was a bit smaller than most Goldens. She probably looks bigger due to the angle the photo was taken at, and because she’s next to Nina who’s pretty small :]

  7. Jenny said

    What a nice idea, Bettyjane and Claire 🙂 I don’t have the tech to post pics but I have a blue merle Smooth Collie [cousins to the ‘Lassie’ Collies but with s short coat] called Robert and a white cat called Star [a boy]. Thanks for the photos, so sweet.

    • Claire said

      I’ve always loved collie’s. I’ve so wanted a “Lassie” since I was a little girl and (of course) watched Lassie 🙂 Does Robert look pretty much like Lassie?? Don’t they shed a ton?

      Too bad you can’t post your picture! I don’t know how to do it but will try to follow Stella’s instructions!
      I want to post a picture of how high my Molly can jump – pretty amazing! 🙂

      • Jenny said

        Hi Claire, the Rough [Lassie], and the Smooths are cousins but classified as separate breeds, one with the long flowing coat, the other with a shortish coat, but the same colours. They have the same features, eg the long pointed face, flipped ears, and small almond shaped eyes and tall on the leg. Both shed, they have undercoats. The Roughs need lots of grooming, and Collies are inclined to be noisy. They do require basic training, because Collies will snap if they get bored or allowed to become unruly because they are intelligent working dogs who enjoy being occupied. They’re not so hyper as some of the pet Border Collies I’ve known! LOL We don’t even own a camera now apart from on our phone!

  8. clifford said

    Hey everyone-
    I’ve been travelling and working very hard on the left coast of the US for the past week or so, and I’ve clearly missed a ton of stuff….
    I haven’t even looked at any of the Wimbledon poetry that must have been posted- will have to get to that when I have a day off. Missed the end of the tournamanet, too, but I was okay with that this year, since Fed was gone.

    So on returning to Tennis Planet, what do I see but dog pictures!?! Wonderful!
    I am a huge dog lover- that is, I love them hugely and I have dogs that are huge!
    Russell is 104 pounds of cuddly fun- Yellow Lab- of the “Dudley” variety, which means that he doesn’t have a black nose or black eye-liner- just pink.
    Sophie was a 13-year-old shepherd that we lost just over two weeks ago. A good, long, life- but at the end it doesn’t matter. It’s still incredibly sad. She is missed.
    But when I leave the frigid coast (San Francisco) for the oven up north (Southern Ontario) my first order of business is finding a friend for Russell. has hundreds of middle-aged shepherds that need homes, and one of them will soon be at mine! Will explore the photobucket site later to post pictures.

    • Blake said

      Welcome back Cliffy 🙂

    • Jenny said

      Hi Clifford, a Labrador and dog lover like me! I had black Labradors, and used to show one of them, he was just over 14 when he passed – horrible day. I have handled GSD’s too, my friend has four, she rescues the stroppy ones who are difficult and near impossible to home safely, she knows what she’s doing, so they allow her to adopt, some I wouldn’t have trusted with a barge pole, lol she likes those with ‘spit in their eye’ and they are required to guard ss well as be pets. Having said that, they were loyal and totally trustworthy with her family. I’m so sorry to hear about Sophie, we can all relate to it. Dudley sounds wonderful, a big butterball! Good luck in your search, one lucky GSD coming up, I always had a soft spot for grey sables. I love black Newfoundlands too and we’re considering a puppy!

    • banti said

      Had a chocolate Lab. Lost him when he was 11, the year I graduated high school. Cried like Fed the day I lost him. Haven’t had a dog since.

    • Bettyjane said

      My heartfelt condolences Clifford. My sister-in-law lost their beloved 13 year old black lab two weeks to this very day. Nothing is harder.

    • Stella said

      welcome back, wondered where you’d gone. Sorry about Sophie. I’m definitely not a dog person but I know what it feels like when they go . Ever since I was bitten by a neighbours dog when I was a kid I’ve been scared of them . Terrified of big ones actually. I’m a 200% cat person — both in liking cats and in being catty in the mornings.

      Clifford you missed lots of verses. I was shattered in the brain when it ended. But I don’t know where they went as they seem to have disappeared from TP. I have them all saved ( and everyone elses too )

    • clifford said

      You guys are awesome.

  9. Jenny said

    Lovely photos of you, Blake – you are a handsome guy, and what a cutie pie dog you have 🙂

  10. dee said

    Tennis planet is more interesting when Tennis not being played.

    • Stella said

      maybe because we’ve a lovely collection of very different and interesting friends here who have time to chat once the panic of a tourney is done

  11. Ricke said

    Adorable pets! Thank-You for sharing. How do you post a picture? I can follow directions, but don’t know how to do it myself. Would anyone have the time to post directions? I would love to share a photo of my two Golden Retrievers: Mazie and Kuma!

    • Tweedle-Dum said

      I would love to know how to post pix of my furry faced friends too. I have a mac if that makes it easier for anyone to help me with instructions…. I guess if I read the %#$&^**@ booklet I could teach myself but I’ve never enjoyed reading instruction booklets.”Too many notes.” (as the Emperor said in “Amadeus.”

      My very sincere condolences to those of you who have lost part of your heart…it is such a terrible pain.

      I LOVE seeing Nina, dainty Fluff, and Blake’s dog but those are the only ones I can see—are there others? I’m going now to try to figure out how to put my pix on.

      See ya!

      • Stella said

        I opened a Photobucket album. Downloaded the picture from my photo folders to the Photobucket one. Then I copied and paster the address of the Photobucket file into this reply box ( the address in your top browser window when you have your pet photo on screen)

      • D.S.G. said

        You lost me at “Copy and paste,” Stella


      • Stella said

        1. open Photobucket account.
        2. start an album with them.
        3. transfer the photo you want to use on this siter from your computer file to the Photobucket album.
        4. whwn you look at the photo once it is on the Photobucket site you will see its address in your top browser — it’s the http thing.
        5. click on that address.
        then right click on the address so you get a message box — one of the things in that box is copy.
        6 click on copy.
        7. come to the TP site. write your message in the leave a reply box.
        8when the message is written get your curser to the line below your writing. do a right click. you will get a box where one of the options is paste.
        8 paste.
        9 submit comment.

        it will go to moderation so keep your fingers crossed !!!

      • D.S.G. said

        Thank you so much, F.’s M. I am copying all you wrote and then I’ll try. I really appreciate your taking the time to instruct.

  12. Somebody Else said

    These little rascals are just too adorable!

  13. Jenny said

    Hi Bettyjane and Henry, I suddenly thought, there are four varieties of Setter, the Irish Red and White is the fourth and classified as a breed. Heavier set than the more common ‘red’ Setter.

    • Bettyjane said

      You know you’re absolutely right Jen! And stupid me should know better. We actually met one of these ever so delightful setters during a walk with our boy. One of the rare times someone actually knew what kind of dog our Henry is.

      • Jenny said

        I know what you mean, Bettyjane! Rob has been described by some as half GSD or Wolf, I know Smooths are rare…but!

  14. Stella said

    that cat Ginger and my fluffs show why I want to come back in the next tife as a cat. Dogs always look alert , cats just are just so darned relaxed and comfortable

  15. Stella said

    oops, typo, life

  16. clifford said

    ….And so are your dogs!

    Oh, yes….and cats too- I’m talking to you, Stella!
    Could we get TP to post all of your Wimbledon poems in the “Tennis Poems” section

  17. D.S.G. said

    Thank you, Tee! You’re a peach! (that’s a compliment)

  18. M said

    Awwwww! They all want to make me maks “zhuzh-zhuzh baby dog” noises.

  19. Claire said


    I’m not a cat person but I love your cat – he/she is beautiful. She kinda looks like the cat that sat outside my dogs window, she would lay outside on the lawn and drove my dogs crazy! What a tease she was!!

  20. Kitty said

    Nice photos everyone.
    To all you good souls out there, I don’t mean to spoil the mood of the room but I would like to question you abt something I haven’t found an answer yet from anyone I asked…
    How do you guys justify people(u?)eating slaughtered poor animals like chicken,cow,goat,sheep,pig but love cats and dogs? Aren’t all animals created equal? Is it because the meat of the latter doesn’t taste good? or is it because the former set are not pets? I mean humans have evolved and sex/racism are being slowly eradicated but why not in this matter? those poor animals can’t speak.

    • Jenny said

      I can only speak for myself and house, Kitty. I don’t want to get into a moral debate or spoil the gentle mood of the room either. I am not a vegetarian, actually we eat very little meat compared to some folks, again it’s a matter of choice. Morally I can’t justify it, I’m not going to try, the only thing I will say, we buy meat which which has come from an accepted, compassion in farming source in Britain, and is labelled as such, where the animal has lived a good life outside and treated with respect prior to slaughter. We only eat free range eggs/chicken and haven’t eaten veal for many years. In other words, any animal which has been factory farmed or in a crate is a no.. no as far as we’re concerned. Actually, I think people here in the UK are becoming more socially aware of such things these days, much more than when I was a kid, so slowly but surely.

      • Kitty said

        “where the animal has lived a good life outside and treated with respect prior to slaughter”
        Jenny, they are still killed.

      • bluechyll said

        Me and my family only eat free-range organic eggs and chicken, and like Jenny, we try where possible to buy meat where we know the animal has lived a good life.

        Having said this, you are right in saying the these animals ‘are still killed’. But, I’m afraid that’s just how the food chain works. Can you morally justify a lion killing a deer for food?

        I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being a vegetarian, in fact, we probably eat less meat than your average family. But there are some benefits in eating meat; meat is very easily broken down by the human digestive system, and is also a source if iron.

        I’m not trying to say that everyone should eat meat, I’m simply saying that there are benefits to being both a vegetarian and an omnivore, and that killing animals for food is just part the system.

    • Stella said

      actually I am vegetarian

    • Kitty said

      I feel every person should be a Vegetarian, there is absolutely no moral justification for eating any kind of poor animal. Showing such love for pets and eating meat is very hypocritical in my opinion.

      • Stella said

        but if an animal lives an OK live and is slaughtered humanely it doesn’t know that it is going to happen and it doesn’t hurt.How is that any worse than what we do to humans — often keeping them alive long after any quality of life has gone. My friend’s Dad begged to die as everything had failed and yet he was kept on pain meds , laying in a bed, for weeks when there was nothing left and day after day he said ” just let me go”. When my cat fluffs was at the end we killed her . It’s not called that , it’s ” putting her to sleep ” or” euthhanasia “. I was told that as a responsible pet owner I had to do it as she could not help herself but now, 18 months later, I still feel that I took a life .

      • Kitty said

        Sorry to hear about your cat.
        “but if an animal lives an OK life and is slaughtered humanely it doesn’t know that it is going to happen and it doesn’t hurt”
        May be it is the explanation we humans tend to come up with having to justify the slaughter. Does a human eat meat after the animal dies natural death? No – so its for their own gain. So the animal doesn’t know what is going to happen? Its like killing a human with sleeping pills, he doesn’t know that his death is coming and dies peacefully. Are animals allowed to live all their lives and slaughtered at the end of their lives? No, that’s hypocrisy in my view the explanations don’t justify me. Regarding lion comparision, they are not herbiverous whereas humans can live healthy and happy eating vegetarian and god gave them the rational thinking which separates us from other animals.

  21. Dominic Anderson said

    Nice pics.
    I like to see pets in photos but I can’t stand one beside me.

  22. Jenny said

    It’s all a difference of opinion. Humans use animals to their advantage all the time, not just farm animals bred for food, it’s a global issue and covers a very broad spectrum. Cats have to eat meat for their health, where does that come from? I think dogs can live without meat.

  23. DK said

    We are getting a dog at the end of August, went to see the puppy today – the thing is 10 days old, barely larger then a mouse. I’d rather have another cat (ours died years ago), but the kids want a dog. Oh well, maybe a cat in a year or two.

    Stella, if I start saying in a few months that dogs are cooler than cats – don’t believe me, I would just probably be typing away in the doggie’s line of sight, and would not want to upset her.

    For now… Dogs drool, CATS RULE!!!

    • Jenny said

      Good luck with your new family addition, DK. What breed, the drooling variety? I’ve always loved cats and dogs, but it’s usually the cats who have been the real bosses in our house!

      • DK said

        Thanks Jenny, it’s going to be a papillon (at least papillons are cats in dog’s clothing… – or so I’ve heard :)). Now we need to come up with a name.

      • Jenny said

        Sweet dogs, I doubt they drool. A French name?

      • DK said

        Nah, the drooling bit is just paraphrasing what I’ve heard from my daughters: “Girls rule, boys drool”…

    • Stella said

      duh– there’s no rule that says you can’t have a cat and the kids have a dog. You don’t have to walk a cat. you just feed the cat, scoop its litter, feed it something different because the food that was it’s absolute favourite the week before that you now have 2 cases of as it was on special, it no longer likes. It will sit and purr and you pet it — and the kidss can be off walking the dog

      • DK said

        Gosh, I still remember how, 25 or so yrs ago, my cat went on the table to check out what we humans we eating. Imagine his anger, when he discovered we dared eat something that was more appealing to him, than the food offered to the cat himself. He screamed and knocked the plate off the table.

        A dog would have never dared get on the table in the first place, but, if caught wind of the master’s yummier food, would probably think to themselves: “well, sure, he is the master, he gets all the good stuff. No probs…”

      • Jenny said


        “feed it something different because the food that was it’s absolute favourite the week before that you now have 2 cases of as it was on special, it no longer likes”

        😆 I’ve been there! I wouldn’t even say my cat is really fussy, unlike some, but he only likes one brand. I’ve had more conversations with frustrated people by the cat food shelves in the supermarket than any during the whole shop!

      • Stella said

        actually that was our cat Dawn. Fluffs was given a particular dry catfood the first day we got her and for 18 1/2 years that is the one she would always go to first. The problem was that when she was about 17 they came out with a “new and improved recipe’ and she didn’t like new or improved so we had to search high and low for stores that still had bags of the old stuff gathering dust somewhere

      • Jenny said

        ‘new and improved recipe’ – lol I’ve been there too with the canned variety, whenever I see those words on the label my heart sinks. I don’t know why the manufacturers don’t leave well alone.

    • D.S.G. said

      Name him “Mousie.”

      Papillons are so adorable. You’re going to fall in love.

      I love him already…

    • D.S.G. said

      I should have replied to this post,dk, instead of the one below.

    • Stella said

      if your dog is a papillon that means butterfly in french so you could call it Butter or Fly or Admiral or Monarch or any of the things that come from monarch like Queenie, Elizabeth,

    • DK said

      Thank you for all the great name suggestions!
      Now, we will brainstorm, and then the wife and the kids will decide on the name 🙂

  24. Bjornino said

    Where was the thread about dogs that you mentioned in your post? I have been working a lot the last week so haven’t been able to read all comments on TP… I seem to have missed that.

  25. Dee said

    I feel so left out here. Can I wrote about my imaginary pet?

  26. Dee said

    I meant- can I write about my imaginary pet?

  27. clifford said

    Gosh, I miss a few days, and it takes ages to catch up- and I haven’t even looked at the tennis posts!

    DK- congratulations on the new addition. Enjoy!
    Kitty- I do understand where you’re coming from. I feel the same way, but I didn’t really understand my own position on eating meat until I had done without it for quite some time. My convictions about it now are very strong, but I understand that others, like I did, have to “get there” on their own time, and in my experience, judgement isn’t helpful, so it’s just a matter of leading by example.

    Stella- so sad about fluffs. I know you’ve mentioned this before, but I understand how hard it is. I think about Sophie all the time, and the comments on this site were really kind. So I’m returning the favour, to tell you that I’m sure you did the right thing. When we took Sophie in, the vet told us that it was time, and we were doing what was best for her, and I’m so glad she said that.

    And now for some good news, which I don’t mind sharing, since this is the official “pets” thread…..

    Here in San Francisco I’ve been missing our other dog Russell, the yellow lab. Updates from my partner have been encouraging….he’s doing okay, but misses me- especially with me leaving so soon after Sophie’s passing. But yesterday my better half spilled the beans about a ‘surprise’ when I get home, and after a lot of email pressure, he finally relented and sent me some photos of Monty, a new German Shepherd!!!
    I have no details yet, and I guess he’s not going to tell, so I’ll just have to wait until Tuesday to find out any more info, but the pictures are beautiful. Photobucket account soon! Jenny, you’re going to love them!

    • Jenny said

      I’m sure I will, Clifford. I love Shepherds. Monty, a good name! I’ve known some great pets, and fabulous police dogs, many awarded commendations for bravery, [all lived long, happy retirements with their handlers and families, a trained police dog here isn’t homed to the public when they retire]. In fact a friend had three of his retired dogs at the same time, all at different stages of retirement, plus a dog who failed the course because he was too nervy and likely to bite indiscriminately,

    • D.S.G. said

      Oh, Clifford I am so happy for you. German Shepherds (aren’t they called Alsatians across the pond?) are so MAGNIFICENT. A friend of mine recently adopted a German Shepherd sort-of-puppy . He is so smart and fluffy. Why do the breeders always pose them in that weird pose , though?

      I know y’all will love him forever and I love him too. Please post a picture when you can. I’m still trying to do the photobucket thing so y’all can see my three wonderful dogs.

      • Jenny said

        GSD’s used to be called Alsatians here, D.S.G. Some folks still call them that, but not many, mostly the older generation. I’m not too sure why, but I think it may have had something to do with Hitler and his love for them. Again, I could be wrong, but maybe from the Alcace region of france.

      • Jenny said

        PS: D.S.G. The UK Kennel Club officially list them as German Shepherd Dogs [Alsatian]. They list the varieties of Belgian Shepherds in this way as they do with all the Retrievers. Shepherds used to be in the Working Group, that was changed some years ago because it got too big with all the various and rarer breeds being recognised, so the herders are now the Pastoral Group.

      • D.S.G. said

        Thanks, Jenny—Yeah, I thinkI had read that they were originally from the Alsace region. I didn’t know about the Hitler thing, but sounds right to me. “Pastoral” group sounds so dear! I like it better than “Herding” (which is my favorite group to watch at Westminster. maybe that’s because I think Border Collies are the most wonderful dogs in the world. Well, that is until I see the next dog… I think they’re pretty amazing. I bought some DVDs from the UK about “Mist” the border Collie. It was filmed on a sheep farm and narrated by Derek Jacobi. I loved it. Have you seen the series? I also loved “One Man and His Dog.” I’m SURE you’ve seen that. Once when I was in London, the show was on t.v. and I was so amazed that you Brits cared enough to make a series about dogs and sheep, etc. You can probably guess that we don’t have that here. We did have “Flipper” but it was contrived and “Lassie” who was always getting Timmy out of the well. I saw on loldogs once a picture of a rough collie like Lassie. Lassie had a VERY suspicious look on her face and the caption was,” I’m getting suspicious. Timmy keeps falling in the well. Are you pushing him.” Go to and then click on loldogs. You’ll love it!

        I was so proud of Crufts now being televised last year due to public concern about intensive breeding leading to malformations of certain dog parts which made things difficult for the dogs—smushed snouts, hip displaysia, etc.

      • Jenny said

        Thanks for the info, D.S.G. – I look forward to watching the clips you mention. Yes, I did watch ‘One Man and His Dog’, but it isn’t broacast now. I admire the working Border Collies, but not my favourites of the Collie variety for many reasons.

        The BBC brought all that stuff to light about defects in pedigree dogs and irresponsible breeders. I was all quite dreadful, so sad and something many of us were aware of in certain breeds. Hip Dysplasia in big breeds has always been around, most have a degree of it, eg Labs, GSD’s, it’s not always down to bad breeding. It’s a very complex issue which would take ages to explain. Let’s say we have the BVA/KC hip scoring scheme [Each hip is scored by X-Ray examination, not young puppies] which you may be interested in looking up to get the jist of it. Let’s put it this way, you wouldn’t know a dog had it unless they’re obviously crippled at the rear end at a young age and subequently diagnosed. There are so many genetic conditions in pedigree dogs of all breeds, it would do your head in. Most responsible breeders will test for any known genetic conditions in their breeding stock first, and make sure a visiting ‘partner’ has been tested too with veterinary evidence to prove it on both sides, or they darn well should do in an ideal world.

    • Stella said

      Alsatians look very grand and very strong. I’d be scared sh**less if one came up to me . however you are a “dog” person and will love it to bits

  28. Bjornino said

    How can I post a picture of my dog here?

    • RafaFan said

      Bjornino AFAIR you can send TP a mail to Since he doesn’t check his freaking mailbox daily drop him a message in this freaking blog.

      • Bjornino said

        I did send a pic to TPs email 10 days ago. Maybe he thinks my dog is ugly ^^

      • Jenny said

        Look forward to seeing your doggy pic, Bjornino – all dogs are lovely. Is it a Staffie you have?

      • RafaFan said

        @Bjornino: LOL. Maybe he fell in love with him and wants to keep the secret! LOL

      • Bjornino said

        Jenny, yes, I have a staff. Her name is Akita and she’s the sweetest thing on Earth 🙂
        RafaFan, yes possible. But she’s a girl-dog. And she’s not a goat, so… ^^

  29. Bjornino said

    Seems like there is a link to my dog picture at the top of the page now, but it’s not working.. How did u all manage to put the pictures up without links? Or did TP do it for you?

    • STELLA

      1. open Photobucket account.
      2. start an album with them.
      3. transfer the photo you want to use on this siter from your computer file to the Photobucket album.
      4. whwn you look at the photo once it is on the Photobucket site you will see its address in your top browser — it’s the http thing.
      5. click on that address.
      then right click on the address so you get a message box — one of the things in that box is copy.
      6 click on copy.
      7. come to the TP site. write your message in the leave a reply box.
      8when the message is written get your curser to the line below your writing. do a right click. you will get a box where one of the options is paste.
      8 paste.
      9 submit comment.

      it will go to moderation so keep your fingers crossed !!!

  30. jett09 said

    My they are all super super gorgeous 😉

    Blake’s Molly is adorable!! Gorgeous!!
    Bluechyll your dog lying on his back is super funny and also when they were all sunbathing!! how cute!! 😆
    Stella I used to have a similar cat. She was very moody. When she was in the mood she was all over me but when she was in a grumpy mood…she just totally ignored me. I still miss her though.

    I look forward for more photos. I might post mine too…one day.

  31. claire said

    Guess this is the place to go for advice?

    My Molly has the run of the house and choses to do her “duty” (1 & 2) right in front of the toilet??? She has done this several times! Part of the problem is she doesn’t stay outside very long. Our FiFi is buried in back yard and we think Molly doesn’t like to be out there alone?

    Question is what should I do about where she potties?
    1. should I punish her.
    2. ” ” praise her.
    3. should I get a big plastic tub and she if she uses that as her potty?

    We think it’s amazing she does her “duty” where we do our “duty”. I’ve heard poodles (she’s half) are very smart. I need to get a picture of here on this site – she’s so cute.
    Another interesting thing about her – she sleeps on the top of the couch! Maybe some cat in her?

    • Jenny said

      Hi Claire

      You have to decide where YOU want Molly to do her duty, the obvious place being outside in your secure garden. You have to break her of this habit and think of her as a big dog where going in the house would not be acceptable, lol can you imagine a thumping big Labrador or Shepherd emptying right outside your toilet? I would imagine you would be horrified! How old is she now? I would suggest you take her outside about half hour after feeding and STAY WITH HER until she does her duty, lol it may take some time, so you will need to be patient and that includes in all weathers! LOL I’ll be thinking of you standing there with your umbrella and wellies…sorry!The thing is to make it a fun experience for her and not a punishment. Treat her like a young toddler.

      Does she go on paper? If she does, take her paper outside. You can’t punish her at this stage, because she doesn’t think she’s done wrong, in many ways she hasn’t unless she’s going all over the house.

      When she’s outside and does her duty, you have to praise her BIG TIME with treats, lol your neighbours will probably think you’ve lost it, but it doesn’t matter. Hopefully this will work, if it does, develop it into a routine where she actually enjoys and asks to go outside.

      Hopefully Bettyjane and some of our other friends with dogs will respond too.

      Good Luck! 🙂

  32. clifford said

    Okay, folks…..
    while waiting for the US Open draw to come out, I thought I’d finally get around to posting a picture of the lovely pups.

    This is Kaiser (Shepherd) and Russell (Yellow Lab)

    Kaiser (initially named Monty, but that only lasted one day!) was rescued from a junkyard, where he was no longer wanted because he was just too darned nice! He is about 15 months old, and is just full of love- and energy.

    Russell was dumped in the country by his previous owners, who had clearly never taken him for walks or given him toys. He was over 120 pounds, and was unable to run. For the past five years he has been the best dog one could ever wish for, and is proving to be an excellent older brother for Kaiser.

    Thanks for providing this thread, TP- it’s awesome!

    • Jenny said

      Hi Clifford,

      What a handsome pair! Poor Russell, a Lab over 120 lbs, albeit a naturally heavy set old fashioned boy, dear oh dear!! Thank goodness they found you. I like your choice of names. Thanks for posting.

    • Bettyjane said

      How on earth did I miss this posting Clifford!! I love rescue stories with happy endings and this is a double victory! I know how easily labs can gain weight. (My sister-in-law’s late black lab regularly went swimming and on long hikes and it was still a battle) > Kaiser eh. Probably the best name you could imagine. love it.

      • Jenny said

        I heard of a great comparison between Labradors and Pigeons – They never know when to stop eating! Sorry Clifford, but being a Labby lover lady myself, I couldn’t resist!

        lol GSD Kaisers and Rommels, love it.:-)

      • Bettyjane said

        Hi Jen,
        My late black lab “nephew” “Riley”, actually consumed an entire baking tray of fudge brownies, fresh out of the oven. None the worse for wear. A canine garbage disposal! Love and miss him. When you hugged him,he practically hugged you back.

      • Jenny said

        Hi Bettyjane,

        One of the rescue Labs a choc boy called Bumper, got his nose and chops into a bag of complete dog food in an open cupboard under the stairs, while his owner was on the phone. His owner was horrified to see him staggering out into the garden looking like pot bellied pig or a barrel on legs. She rang the vet immediately who suggested letting him get rid of it naturally, he did, it went for an hour! He had a very lucky escape. My black Rudy was a hug dog, he loved it, we loved him.

      • Jenny said

        Another Lab greed story. Imagine a charity jumble sale in aid of Guide Dogs for the Blind, elderly ladies displaying their lovely home made cakes on their stall. Enter the blind guest before opening with smiley Watson, his big black guide dog. Said guest was sitting comfortably, dog harness off, he was clever enough to know he was off duty. Let him off the lead said I, he’ll be fine, he can’t get out…. 😳 He headed straight for the cake stall without a second glance, he was so quick I couldn’t stop him. It was like a slobber chops vacuum cleaner, fondant icing, cream, paper lining and all, elderly ladies in a state of shock!

        LOL Riley and the brownies 🙂

      • Bettyjane said

        My husband loved hearing this story as did I, and thought that Brits always said “Hoover” and not vacuum? (Is that true, lol). Jenny, there’s a book in you, of great dog and cat anecdotes I would imagine. Keep them coming, you tell them well!

      • Jenny said

        It was hilarious at the time, I really did try to placate the ladies, trying hard not to burst out laughing! I got them mugs of tea, chairs and a fresh table cover, others toddled off to the local cake shop! I thought, please boy, don’t go near the china and glass stall with that waggy tail, he was loving all the chaos. Stuff like that tickles me, I can’t help it :lol:. LOL I usually say, ‘Hoover’ when speaking, most of us here do. I have lots of funny dog and cat stories, including ringcraft class musical chairs, a GSD and her not so bright owner who managed to lose himself looking for a loo in a big psychiatric hospital during a charity dog show, a friend who accidently got stuck with her 4 noisy, hysterical Shepherds foaming at the mouth looking out the back window, behind a slow moving hearse and in front of the rest of the cortege and mourners, all true.

      • clifford said

        Thanks for the stories, Bettyjane and Jenny-

        We’re collecting a few of our own with Kaiser these days. No more food on the countertop- of any kind!!! Even Russell (no stranger to countertop scavenging himself) is appalled at the young upstart’s behaviour. Really!

      • Jenny said

        LOL Clifford, what has young Kaiser done, I’m curious?! Or is it too embarrassing to tell?! 🙂 One of these days I will relate a story about my late Rudy, it was truly embarrassing and hilarious at the time, he had a room of visitors in tears of laughter and spluttering over their after dinner drinks, the more we laughed, the more he played to the gallery. That dog knew exactly what he was doing!

    • Bettyjane said

      Yeah, details, Clifford, details! My Henry is great about not taking food off the counter, but we were at my brothers house and a cheese platter was placed on the coffee table. We were in the other room and you can guess what happened. Hey it was a canine-level table and beyond tempting but I had to admonish him nonetheless. He is very “sensitive” to scoldings and started “talking back” in that pathetic setter way and all was forgiven.

      • Jenny said

        LOL Bettyjane, foodie dogs just love cheese, and crackers with butter!! We don’t have coffee tables here anymore!

      • clifford said

        Well….since you ask….

        Russell has always been a bit of a food thief. Countless pizzas, whole loaves of bread (a midnight trip to the emergency clinic once because the bread cooling on the counter still had a blade from the bread machine in it, and was nowhere to be found….many dollars and x-rays later, it was discovered under the piano!). However, he has really tried to be the responsible older brother since we got Kaiser. The young one is fond of bananas (flattened peels all over the corner of the dining room carpet) dessicated coconut (1-lb bag- gone)and once we came home to the whole compost bag spread out on the bed- thanks, Kaiser!

        Our most recent mystery was the complete disappearance of several apples and pears. The only clues at the crime scene were six completely cleaned-off cobs of corn in the kitchen and dining room. We scolded Kaiser rather than Russell, but the next day at the dog park I was shown fairly “solid” evidence that it was indeed a joint effort!

        But their playing is so cute, all is forgiven in about three minutes. I will upload a video soon of the two of them playing together…

        gosh, where do my interests truly lie? This may be my longest post on TennisPlanet ever!

      • Jenny said

        LOL Clifford, loved it, Thanks! Great stories for us [not so for you at the time], that missing blade could have been dodgy. Compost on the bed! Promise, T tried not to laugh :-). Compliments to Russell and Kaiser 😛

      • Bettyjane said

        Everything is funny in retrospect eh Clifford! Great stories.Wow that is a serious theft issue you have over there! I’ve heard an interesting way to stop it—the “voice of God method” You have to hide out while you know the dog is near the food and then make some loud airhorn-like sound the identical second they go onto the counter. Seems sort of mean though.

      • Jenny said

        LOL Bettyjane, good idea! Or a lock up with bread and water.

      • Jenny said

        Here’s one for you, I’m beyond the embarrassment stage, this wasn’t food theft, actually Rudy wasn’t so bad on that score, you could say ‘no’ to him.

        Picture the scene: Around six of us plus my mum, two dogs and cats having a soiree in the lounge. Rudy toddles off and manages to shut himself in the bathroom. Woof, woof ‘let me out’. Swaggers into the lounge, wagging his tail, grumbling away but with dark eyes twinkling in all directions, jaws bulging like Brando in the Godfather and displaying to each individual guest, daring them, he was not going to give up his prize to strangers without a fight, not that they were going to try! Obviously he was carrying something like all self respecting labs, he usually had his own soft carry cushion made by my mother. My husband investigated and prized his jaw open – explosion! He had stolen an unused ladies pad from a packet, the thing burst like a snow storm, there were bits of it stuck to his tongue and hanging from his teeth! You would think that was enough, but the showman was on a roll, he then promptly marched into my mother’s room and brought out her still neatly folded up nightie and deposited it on the carpet!!

  33. xeres said

    Since this is the place for pets I guess I’ll say this of my dogs is really sick..fever, vomiting and not eating or drinking for a week..
    the vet says her uterus is badly infected and its very risky to operate now.. so we have to take her to the vet daily for the next week or so until she gets better.

    So from one dog crazy female to other dog crazy people out here :
    Everybody please pray for her..Julie.

    • Bettyjane said

      Oh Julie,
      My best wishes. I went through so much with dogs and health and will absolutely keep her in my prayers. How old is she???

    • Jenny said

      I’m so sorry, Xeres. I understand Julie’s condition, keep us informed. My best wishes for her and you. I know what you must be going through, I lost my beloved cat to cancer in August, nothing could be done.

      • Jenny said

        Sorry, Xeres – are you Julie? What is your dog’s name?

      • xeres said

        My dog’s name is Julie, she is 5 years old. Thanks for all your prayers.
        Her fever has come down,eyes aint bloodshot anymore..but she refuses to eat/drink so I’ve to keep taking her to the vet for a week and till
        she heals internally completely. I cant bear to see her cry and howl when she is in pain..I take her in my arms n cry and pray that she gets well soon.

        I thought my name was evident from my username Xeres = Jerez = yeah my parents named me after that wine : Sherry.

      • Jenny said

        I’m so glad the vet has Julie’s fever under control. Try her with some tinned cat food, I’ve never known a dog refuse it, mine used to steal it from the cat’s bowl given half the chance!

        Jerez, LOL I should have known better!

    • D.S.G. said

      Xeres, please know that I will pray for your precious dog.

      Love from this dog crazy female, DSG

    • Bettyjane said

      Hello again Xeres. Did the vet say exactly what this was (a bacterial infection or pyometra?)Fever coming down is good, plus the fact that your vet lets you take Julie home. I’m keeping her in my thoughts

      • Jenny said

        A vet would have to operate if it were a pyo wouldn’t they? My friend’s Rough Collie bitch had a pyo and had successful emergency surgery at 12. 5 is relatively young for a pyometra, although I have heard of a 3yr old getting it.

      • xeres said

        It’s Pyometra…but the vet says it’s too risky to operate right now and that she might die cos of the shock that her body might take it as.Moreover she’s a tiny thing…weighs 7kilos with her bulged tummy and too young. So right now they have put her on antibiotics and IV to flush out the pus and all the goo from inside and once she is stable and strong enough they said they’ll operate to spay her.

        she wagged her tail and has started to move drinking milk too.But the crying breaks my heart! It’s nice to be around people who love dogs to death..I am really liking the visits to the vet for the fact that I meet dog lovers and those lovely people who take care of them.Very comforting and great stress buster.
        And oh all those breeds of dogs too…I made friends with a german shepherd and siberian husky 🙂

        I dint realize I was ranting I am going to wind up now.

      • Jenny said

        Thanks for the update, Xeres. I’m so pleased to hear Julie is hanging in there with good care from you [keep up the good work :-)] and your vet, Pyometra is horrible.

      • D.S.G. said

        Hey Xeres—How is Julie doing ? Please let us know.

    • Bettyjane said

      You’re absolutely right Jen about the surgery thing of course. Pyometra is primarily a disease in older bitches but cases in young bitches are known. I guess this makes sense (that younger bitches can get it) since it usually occurs after a heat cycle. I’m glad your friend’s collie did well. Animals are resilient creatures, particularly animals that are well loved.

      • Jenny said

        The young 3yr old was a show Staffie owned by a work colleague, was never bred from, she survived surgery to live a long life. My colleague was able, with the KC’s permission, to continue to show her. The Club will only allow entire animals in the shown ring, [I’m sure it’s the same with the AKC] unless operated on for a life threatening medical condition, ie pyometra or prostate Ca in the boys. It has to be declared or the owner could get into all sorts of trouble.

      • Bettyjane said

        Yes it’s exactly the same here Jen. Which is why through a misunderstanding with my breeder, we didn’t have Henry fixed in as timely a manner. She was thinking of him as a show dog initially so we didn’t think he’d be having the procedure at all.

      • Jenny said

        My Lab and Rob [we’re pretty sure Rob was] were show dogs. Actually, all of our males have been left entire, I’ve never had a problem, they didn’t mate, stray and produce puppies [LOL I can’t answer for Rob, he was 5 when he came to live with us], or exhibit anti-social behaviour, [you know what I mean!] or fight unless set on first and they would defend themselves. Rob is amazing, dogs don’t choose to have a pop at him, he just gives them the ‘Collie Eye’. I’ve only owned one bitch and she was spayed and of course all our cats were ‘attended’ to.

      • Jenny said

        Bettyjane, Am I right in thinking Henry wasn’t a small puppy, like my Rudy, when you first got him? Was his breeder ‘running him on’ [a term used in the show world for late developers] for a show career?

      • Bettyjane said

        Actually we brought Henry home at 9 weeks. When we filled out his paperwork she said was up in the air about him being pet or show, which was sort of odd since she lives 5 hours away and never saw him again. (We’re in constant touch and have become email pals so I could ask her about this but I honestly don’t think she’d even remember what her thinking was, except that a close friend of hers who lives near Bob and myself shows English setters as well. In fact this close friend was who we originally were getting our setter from but her litter died and she referred us to Henry’s breeder instead.

      • Jenny said

        Thnx Bettyjane. I know it’s very difficult to tell how young puppies will develop as far as show potential is concerned, most tend to hang on to show quality female puppies, unless they think they’ve got a male ‘flyer’ on their hands. I wanted a certain old fashioned bloodline for show and a pet and who would be a sensible guard. This particular breeder had no puppies. Funnily enough, she too referred me on to a close friend of hers who had two 9wk old black boys.

  34. claire said

    Hey TP DON’t post above!! I was trying to send my dog pictures and it goes to my E-mail


  35. claire said

    D:\Pictures\Sweet 16 2009, Molly & Fifi\DSCF0083.JPG

    • claire said

      I tried to post pictures of my dogs – didn’t work!

      • STELLA

        1. open Photobucket account.
        2. start an album with them.
        3. transfer the photo you want to use on this siter from your computer file to the Photobucket album.
        4. whwn you look at the photo once it is on the Photobucket site you will see its address in your top browser — it’s the http thing.
        5. click on that address.
        then right click on the address so you get a message box — one of the things in that box is copy.
        6 click on copy.
        7. come to the TP site. write your message in the leave a reply box.
        8when the message is written get your curser to the line below your writing. do a right click. you will get a box where one of the options is paste.
        8 paste.
        9 submit comment.

        it will go to moderation so keep your fingers crossed !!!

      • claire said

        Thanks TP – I’ll try it – my dogs are really cute – especially the one that can jump greater than 4 feet for a treat!!

  36. D.S.G. said

    You know you’ve been doing animal rescue too long when…

    1. You have a mental list of people you’d like to spay or neuter

    2. You stopped at a house with a “Free Puppies” sign in the yard to have an “Educational Chat” and your kids had to post your bail.

    3. Running out of paper towels is a household crisis.

    4. You not only know all the characteristics of a good “stool,” you discuss them at dinner.

    5. Your checks have messages on them like, “Subtract Two Testicles for Every Four Feet.”

    6. You have a bumper sticker on your car that reads, “My Golden Retriever Is Smarter Than Your Honor Student.”

    7. You secretly wonder about such things as how animals can manage without wiping.

    8. You have phone calls forwarded to PetSmart

    9. You absentmindedly pet people on the head or scratch them behind their ears.

    10. Given the choice between having your teeth cleaned or their teeth cleaned, you have their teeth cleaned.

    11. You not only allow pets on the couch, guests have to sit on the floor because the dog has “territorial issues.”

    12. Your husband missed the final game of the World Series because the cat wanted to watch his favorite program, “Birds of North America.”

    13. Your chatroom handle is “Queen of Spayeds.”

    14. You and your vet are on a first name basis and he genuflects when you enter the waiting room. His daughter, at Harvard, refers to you as “Auntie.”

    15. You needed a Xanax prescription to recover from “Old Yeller.”

    16. You’ve forwarded more warnings about the dangers of chocolate, onions,mistletoe, and raisins than the National Center for Disease Control has issued about anthrax and Avian Flu.

    17. You wear white year ’round. Not because you are flaunting a fashion or are a member of a religious sect, but because you have a Dalmation, Great Pyrenees, Samoyed, or white Persian at home.

    18. The world would never guess from your “dog or kitty-speak” that you are indeed the CEO of a major corporation.

    19. You tell your children to “Heel !” in the grocery store.

    20. For relaxation, you went mall hopping with your girlfriends. Your eyes pinpointed and your face turned red when you saw a sign in front of a pet shop: “20 % off all puppies and kittens,” and you slapped three security guards before they got you safely contained in the manager’s office.

    And my favorite:

    21. People are still talking about your spay-neuter holiday greeting from last year,”Deck The Halls with Balls of Collies.”

    • Jenny said

      LOL D.S.G. 😆 We have a pic sign of our breed in the window ‘Can you run faster than me?’, 😈 a clear warning but a novel one.

  37. xeres said

    Dear fellow Dog Crazy Deep South Girl, thanks for asking about Julie. She’s being very selective about what she eats and drinks,not that she isn’t generally like that.
    Her bark sounds like a squeal these days and she cries when she has to pee or poop.She has to take meds 3 times a day and after 2 weeks she has a
    checkup so that the vet can fix a date for spaying her.

    She is back to her playful self but takes a nap every now and then. She’s gorging on fish and meat and milk and biscotti.
    Hoping she regains the strength to withstand surgery. Thanks for all your prayers.

  38. D.S.G. said

    Oh!! I just watched Russell and Kaiser on Youtube!! Kaiser’s teeth look VERY impressive. I love the gentle way they play together. Thanks, Clifford, for putting it on youtube. I would love to do that for Kato, Frances, and Foxie but I’ WAY too computer illiterate to do that.

  39. Stella said

    saw this in a tourist shop in Maine, on a poster.
    1. They live here, you don’t.
    2 If you don’t want their hair on your clothes, stay off the furniture. That’s why they call it “Fur”niture.
    3.I like my pets a lot better than I like most people.
    4 To you, they are animals. To me they are adopted sons/daughters who are short, hairy,walk on all fours and don’t speak clearly.
    1. eat less.
    2.don’t ask for money all the time.
    3.are easier to train.
    4.normally come when called .
    5.never ask to drive the car.
    6.don’t hang out with drug using people.
    7.don’t smoke or drink.
    8.don’t want to wear your clothes.
    9.don’t have to buy the lastest fashions.
    10.don’t need a gazillion dollars for college and
    11.if they get pregnant you can sell their children

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