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Next Wall of Fame contest.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 1, 2010

During his match against Federer at Wimbledon this year, Berdych did something that none of Federer’s previous opponents have done so blatantly. It was Berdych’s way of conveying his firm belief in winning the match. It surely must have bristled Federer given the scoreline.

First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing.

44 Responses to “Next Wall of Fame contest.”

  1. O said

    Conceal a pistol in the under pants.

  2. Stella said

    point one finger to the box and gesture to the box after winning points

  3. Dude said

    Berdy smiles even when he is losing points !!

  4. O said

    Serve to the body.

  5. ricky said


  6. Ricke said

    Challenged Federer’s shot just to tick him off.

  7. kitty said

    Whoever wins against Fed go gaga with celebrations over the win. Berdych was calm and routine after the win as if it was his usual business and he expected to beat him. The loss put Fed in such conundrum that he brought up his injuries for the loss(which he would not have even if he was really injured)

  8. Veglia said

    Play to Fed’s forehand.

  9. Bettyjane said

    —-Tomas never played over-his-head in that match.

  10. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    You remember the man in the black hat who’s always present in the players box? That man has nothing to do with my conspiracy theory; which is Berdych is an advanced android model. The prototype was introduced in 2004-5 in the olympics where ‘it’ beat Federer. The android was created in a government laboratory partly funded by Ivan lendl’s event management company. I’m not privy to the details, but I can tell you that he’s one of 4 Berdychs that exist. Each model is entered to play one of the 4 quarters of the tennis calendar and I’ll just put aside the bottle now…

    • Jenny said

      😆 Your imagination is running riot Sir V! How is the international cuisine cooking?!

    • M said


      • Jenny said

        I know Rafa likes his seafood, not sure whether he’s a paella lover like David. I have no idea what the speciality of the Czech Rep is, similar to Germany/Poland?

      • Bettyjane said

        I only know this because a dear friend just returned from the Czech Republic this year. Vepro-Knedlo-Zelo is Roasted Pork Loin with Red Cabbage and Dumplings.

      • M said

        I know Rafa likes paella too, Jenny — possibly not as much as the Iron Man, whom I think might eat it for every meal, if he could. 🙂

        Bettyjane, thanks for that. My Dad travels on the odd occasion to the Czech Republic for business, but he could never tell me what he ate.

      • Bettyjane said

        You are very welcome M. Sounds like a great country by all accounts. They obviously know how to produce great tennis champions.

      • Jenny said

        Thanks, Bettyjane, I could eat that.

      • Jenny said

        I understand Prague is the place to visit.

    • Jenny said

      LOL Having said that, Tomas lives in Monte Carlo!

    • Somebody Else said

      Sir V (a.k.a. bhudi-pudi), you’re on to something big here! 😉

    • Ricke said

      Wide Smile Here!

  11. Ivan said

    I think I know! He made Fede-who wave his hand meaning something like “gurrrl pleeze!!!”. I never saw him do that before.

    Check the video around 1:42…

  12. Winthrop Corey said

    He patted Roger on the shoulder as if to say “it’s ok, but I won!”

  13. Kitty said

    Many times Berdych was ready to serve while Fed was catching his breath, its typically the other way around with Fed


    That smile wreaked of such blatant and rebellious confidence and belief in his ability to win the match that it may have played a very pivotal role in not just only how he played but what flowed from Federer’s racket too.

    It was conspicuously absent against Nadal.

  15. Bettyjane said

    lol! Good job Dude. Congrats.

  16. Jenny said

    Congrats, Dude!

  17. DK said

    I’d say “Congrats, Dude!”, but I may run afoul of the new Code of Conduct by calling you Dude – not very professional. I’ll just say “Well done!”

  18. Ricke said

    Congrats Dude! Well done!

  19. Dude said

    Thanks guys( and gals) !!

    This is my first win at the HALL OF FAME contest.

    • Dude said

      Apologies ! I meant WALL of fame.

      (Ive been slightly off, ever since Argentina got jacked by the Germans.)

  20. Sol said

    Hey, congrats Dude!
    Welcome to the WOF.

  21. Veglia said

    Bozoljac was also smiling …

  22. Stella said

    congrats Dude. Are you actually a Dude or a Dudette?

    • Dude said

      Stella, Im a dude.

      Surprising you asked that, coz I thought DUDE was self-explanatory.

      • Stella said

        sometimes people don’t like to give too much away on the web.
        My niece has the nickname Dude and she’s definitely a female

  23. ricky said

    Hi DUDE, have fun of the WOF!

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