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Who is this? First right answer = Wall Of Fame listing.

Posted by tennisplanet on November 2, 2008

37 Responses to “Who is this? First right answer = Wall Of Fame listing.”

  1. bigfish said


  2. ricke said

    fabrice santoro

  3. Barbara said


  4. TheHumbleOne said

    SERENA– I mean, Fabrice “Don’t hurt me Roddick” Santoro!!!

  5. Claire said


  6. o.o said

    fabrice santoro

  7. GG said

    Fabrice Santoro???

  8. Jenny said

    Fabulous Fabrice!

  9. Jennifer said

    Fabrice Santoro!

  10. Lisa said


  11. Roger Federer said

    Serena ?

  12. Roger Federer said

    No, I’m kidding. That’s the magician. Serena and Marat’s nightmare. Fabrice Santoro.

  13. bluechyll said

    Fabrice Santoro, aka ”The magician”???
    Not sure about this one…

  14. Jewess Newton said

    Fabrice Santoro.

  15. raf said


  16. Blake said

    fabulous fabrice santoro 🙂

  17. louise said

    santaro even though im goign to be late on this one.

  18. Arjun said

    Fabrice Santoro – The Magician

  19. hugon0 said

    Fabrice Santoro, the Magician

  20. talented27 said

    Fabrice Santoro!!!

  21. Ace said

    Fabrice “The Magician” Santoro

  22. Ace said

    I mean, was this supposed to be difficult?

  23. Just Me said

    Fabrice, the magician…

  24. Adrian said


  25. Fedrinka said

    Fabrice “The Magician” Santoro

  26. ricke said

    Kuddos Bigfish, you are a faster typist than I. I so thought I had it in the bag!!

  27. TuckerP said

    Dang it!!! I forgot!! I went to play tennis…at least I have a life 😀

  28. Jenny said

    Lightening Bigfish!!

  29. bigfish said

    Woo Hoo!!! Wow!! I can’t believe it.. Sorry Ricke!!!

    (TuckerP, I canceled my tennis date to wait for this! I felt like now or never for this wall of fame opportunity. LOL)

  30. TheHumbleOne said

    Congrats, BigFish, well played. You are indeed the Big Fish today, your feats will live in infamy! I will gaze in admiration at your magnificent plaque on TP’s “Wall of Fame”.

  31. TuckerP said

    Hehe! Good for you, lol! You achieved something 😉

  32. Deep South Girl said

    Humble: I have an ironclad excuse so I don’t think this one counts as a point for you.
    I have a doctor’s certificate

  33. bunnee said

    gabriela sabatini

  34. TheHumbleOne said

    Yeah, right. I’ve heard THAT ONE before…
    In fact, I’ve SIGNED that one before…

    Better luck next time! 🙂

  35. Michael said

    Fabrice “The Magician” Santoro

  36. Dalia said

    WoW all this happened while i was in college!!!! :S
    well good luck for me next time and all the others
    congrats bigfish
    and its Santoro

  37. Deep South Girl said

    Humble, I can foresee that I will be needing about 21 doctor’s certificates and you seem like a nice fellow. You could write them all alike:

    “DSG will have to be absent from__________to_____________
    as she isn’t feeling well.To save you trouble, I would write in the date. (and just leave the blank spaces blank–that would also help you)

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